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How do I return my rental RV?

To ensure a smooth vehicle return experience, please take note of the following:

  • Return your vehicle to the same station where you initially picked it up. Be punctual and arrive at the designated return time to avoid incurring a late fee. You can check your return time in your customer account.
  • Return the interior of your camper van or RV in the same clean condition as when you received it.
  • Additional cleaning fees may be applicable if you return the interior excessively soiled or if you violate any prohibitions, such as smoking in the vehicle or bringing animals without a corresponding booking.
  • On your way back, please visit a waste disposal station to dispose of waste water and empty the toilet.
  • A visit to the car wash is not necessary as it could potentially damage the pop-up roof or the film coating.
  • Please ensure the fuel tank is topped up shortly before returning your camper van or RV rental. In North America, depending on the camper model, gas or diesel and DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) are required. Please check in advance which fuel your camper requires. In Europe, you must fill up with diesel and AdBlue. Failure to return the tanks full may result in a service fee.

When returning the vehicle, simply hand the key to one of our employees. They will conduct a brief inspection to check for any damage and ensure all equipment is accounted for. After a short wait, the process will be complete.

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