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Rent an RV in Ireland

When it comes to exploring the Emerald Isles, an RV rental in Ireland is the only way. With its magical landscapes, incredibly hospitable locals and unique Gaelic history, this charming country is a must-visit destination for any avid traveler. Rent a camper van in Ireland and explore the cobblestoned streets of Dublin where our main station is located or discover its rural villages and fairytale castles at your leisure.

Explore Ireland RV Rentals

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Road House Class B RV | Sprinter

  • 140 hp diesel engine
  • Large kitchen area
  • Indoor shower/wet bath (hot water)
  • Toilet
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Rear parking sensors with camera, cruise control, etc.
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  • 2+1

Cozy Cottage Class C RV

  • 177 hp diesel engine
  • Spacious living-kitchen area
  • Large wet bath (hot water)
  • Toilet
  • Without pop-up roof
  • Rear view camera, cruise control, spacious rear compartment, etc.

Your roadsurfer Benefits

Brand new, fully equipped camper vans & RVs

Unlimited mileage & free 2nd driver

Rebook or cancel with the Flex option up to 48 hours before departure

Camping equipment & kitchen utensils included

Roadside assistance

Your Ireland Road Trip

Embarking on a road trip with your RV rental in Ireland? You’ll be captivated by its stunning landscapes – from the towering Cliffs of Moher on the Wild Atlantic Way to the mysterious Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim. The Guinness Storehouse or Book of Kells library in Dublin are must-see, while a drive to the historic city of Cork promises a rich cultural experience. Finish with a visit to the iconic Blarney Castle – don’t forget to kiss the fabled stone for the gift of eloquence!

Driving rules in Ireland

Venturing out on the picturesque roads of Ireland is a riveting experience. However, for anyone booking a camper van rental in Ireland from North America, driving could present some unique challenges. Here’s a short guide and a few key points to remember:

Driving on the left: Unlike in the US, traffic in Ireland flows on the left hand side of the road. It may take a bit of time to adjust to this change, especially at roundabouts and junctions.

  • Roundabouts: Speaking of roundabouts, they’re a common feature on Irish roads. Remember to approach them in a clockwise direction and give way to traffic coming from your right.
  • Gas stations: Gas stations (called “petrol stations” in Ireland) are smaller than gas-pump-and-convenience-stores in North America.
  • Country roads: Ireland’s rural roads can be narrow and winding, often flanked by stone walls or hedgerows. Drive cautiously and use passing points where available. If you’re uncomfortable driving a large motorhome in Ireland, you might find it easier to book one of our smaller camper van options.
  • Speed limits: Speed limits are indicated in kilometers per hour, not miles. Ensure to stay within the limit to avoid fines.
  • Alcohol limit: Remember, when you rent a camper van in Ireland, the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit is lower than many US states, so it’s best to avoid alcohol if you plan to drive<

Camping in Ireland

There are numerous public camper van sites equipped with modern amenities, nestled amidst the country’s stunning landscapes. These sites offer a great opportunity to socialize with fellow travelers and locals alike.

For those who crave solitude and serenity, camping on private lands is an ideal choice. Many farms and estates provide this opportunity, allowing campers to enjoy the tranquility of the Irish countryside. There’s also the option of overnight parking (unless signage says otherwise), which entitles you to stay for one night in certain public places and move again in the morning.

Wild camping, on the other hand, is illegal but generally accepted. So if you’re thinking about booking an RV rental in Ireland and staying in the wilderness, bear in mind that you might be asked to move on or be issued a ticket.

Travel requirements for traveling to Ireland

A valid passport is mandatory for US citizens if you want to travel to and rent a camper van in Ireland. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your expected departure. While a visa is not required for tourist or business stays of up to 90 days (three months), you may need one for longer visits or other purposes. You’ll also need a valid US driver’s license to both pick up and drive your motorhome rental in Ireland.

Popular events & festivals in Ireland

  • St. Patrick’s Festival (March): Held annually in honor of Ireland’s patron saint, this festive event sees the country awash in a sea of green.
  • Bloomsday (June): This unique event celebrates the life and works of James Joyce, specifically his novel ‘Ulysses’.
  • Galway International Arts Festival (July): One of the biggest cultural events in Ireland, the festival features a mix of theater, dance, music and visual arts, attracting artists from all over the world to perform and display their works in Galway City.
  • Rose of Tralee International Festival (August): Held in the town of Tralee, this event features a contest where women of Irish descent from around the globe compete for the title of the ‘Rose of Tralee’.

Beautiful places to visit in Ireland

  • Dublin: The capital city of Ireland, Dublin offers a mix of history, culture and modern amenities. Must-visit attractions include the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College and St. Stephen’s Green.
  • Ring of Kerry: This picturesque 179-kilometer-long circular tourist route in County Kerry, Southwestern Ireland, is known for its captivating landscapes and rich archaeological sites.
  • Killarney: Renowned for its national park, lakes and stately homes, Killarney offers a glimpse into Ireland’s natural beauty and historical heritage.
  • Galway: Galway, known as Ireland’s Cultural Heart, is famous for its vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals, events and Gaelic celebrations.
  • Cork: Besides being the second-largest city in Ireland, Cork is a hub of cultural and historical sites. Don’t miss the chance to ring the Shandon Bells in the 300-year-old tower of St. Anne’s Church.

When to visit Ireland

While summer offers longer days and warmer weather, spring and fall can be the best time to embark on a trip with your motorhome rental in Ireland. The crowds are fewer, the landscapes are greener and campground prices are lower. Winter in Ireland can be chilly but also magical with Christmas markets, festive decorations and cozy pubs. So whether you prefer warm or cold weather, there’s always something special to look forward to when booking a camper van rental in Ireland.

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