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Your roadsurfer Camper Van & RV Camping Equipment

Ready for your road trip adventure? Great! Then let’s head to the next step of your booking process. We’ve made the start of your #roadsurfing adventure easier with our camping equipment essentials. But we know that no road trip or camper is alike, which is why you can add on any camping extras to make your journey personalized to your needs. Find out the prices and available extras below:

Included for Free

With our ready-to-go RV camping equipment, you can start your vacation at any time without much preparation! All roadsurfer camper vans and RVs have at least 4 seats, and we’ve got the essentials covered:

  • Navigation system (some may be accessible through Apple CarPlay / Android Auto)
  • Air conditioning
  • Stationary heater
  • 2x outdoor camping chairs
  • 1x outdoor camping table
  • Roadsurfer kitchen box
  • Dustpan and brush, power cord and adapter (20m), water canister

Exclusively in our European camper rentals

  • Awning or sunshade sail
  • Gas bottle(s)
  • Leveling ramps

The roadsurfer Kitchen Box

Each RV and camper van includes a free kitchen box with essential utensils such as pots, pans, a coffee machine, mugs, glasses, plates, cutlery (for 4 people) as well as plastic tableware for kids, a salad bowl, small knives, and a bowl to clean the dishes.

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Bookable Extras for Your Camping Trip

If you’ve got big plans to soak up the sun or cook up a storm and host your neighbors, we’ve got the right accessories for you. Choose from additional camping chairs and tables, cozy bedding for a good night’s sleep, or additional bike racks for those seeking an adventure. Discover all our bookable extras here:

outdoor camping chairs

(In addition to the one in the RV) Extra camping chair

Your roadsurfer RV already includes two camping chairs but you can add one more for exterior use to your booking.

One-time fee for one chair: $12.50

camping table

(In addition to the one in the RV) Additional camping table

Your roadsurfer RV already comes with table, but you can add another one for exterior use.

One-time fee: $25

roadsurfer campervan two bikes rack

Bike rack for two bikes

This bike rack has two bars suitable for two bikes. Depending on your roadsurfer, the available racks will be different. You can view this during the booking process.

Price per night: $7

roadsurfer bed linen

Bedding for one person

Our colorful camper van bedding set includes a bed sheet, a pillow, and a duvet, each with a cover. Please note that you can add multiple sets to your booking.

One-time fee in Europe (for 1 person): $35
One-time fee in the USA (for 2 people): $59

Rent your RV camper van and choose your extras!

Bookable Extras Only Available in Europe

Have you booked a road trip in Europe? In addition to the items above, here’s the extra items that you can add to make your adventure extra-enjoyable! Please note that some items are not available depending on your campervan model. You can find this information out during the booking process.

campervan roof rack

Roof rack

The roof rack has two bars and is meant for the transport of surf boards, canoes or your own roof box.

One-time fee: $49

roadsurfer campervan four bikes rack

Bike rack for four bikes

This bike rack has four bars and is suitable for four bikes. Depending on your roadsurfer, the available racks will be different. You will see them during the booking.

One-time fee: $7

child seat in a campervan

Child seat ages 1-12

Suitable for children ages 1-12. You can adjust its height, and it has a backrest and headrest. It has a strap with Isofix. You can book up to two for each booking.

One-time fee: $35

porta potti camping toilet

Portable camping toilet

Be even more self-sufficient on the road with the portable camping toilet. You can store it easily, it’s odorless and the chemical substances is included.

One-time fee: $39

safety net in a pop up roof of a campervan

Safety net

Safety net for the bed in the pop-up roof.

One-time fee: $12.50

Start your roadsurfer adventure today!

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