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#1 RV rental company in Europe

70+ stations across Europe and North America.

Unlimited mileage + free 2nd driver

Stay flexible and spontaneous.

Quick & easy booking

Peace of mind with secure payment options.
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4,6 / 5,0

  • #1 RV rental company in Europe 70+ stations across Europe and North America.
  • Unlimited mileage + free 2nd driver Stay flexible and spontaneous.
  • Quick & easy booking Peace of mind with secure payment options.

RV rentals from the outdoor company

Sit under the star-filled sky, watch the sunrise from your bed, and get closer to what really matters. Book your RV or camper van with roadsurfer today and start planning your next adventure.

The Early Bird 2024 Discount is Here!

Be one of the first to choose from the biggest selection of camper models and get the best price of the year with our Early Bird discount! Save $160 on your camper van or RV rental of 5-night or more in 2024 with the code EARLY24. Your next adventure is just a few clicks away!

RV driving along the desert

New Locations Opening Spring 2024!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’re taking our adventure to three new countries and locations in the upcoming year. Our exciting new camper van and RV rental locations will be open in Canada, Ireland, and Norway as well as various locations across existing countries in Europe! And in the US, we’re opening in San Francisco and Las Vegas!

Our newest locations

Find the perfect destination to start your road trip with an RV. Our newest locations are bookable now for trips starting in spring 2024!

Find the perfect RV for your adventure

RV Rentals in North America

Choose from our selection of fully equipped RVs available at our stations in the U.S. and Canada, perfect for an epic road trip or a weekend getaway.

Couple Condo Sprinter camper van

Liberty Lodge Pop up camper van sprinter

New at roadsurfer

Family Freedom Class C RV

New at roadsurfer roadsurfer Horizon Hopper 4x4 off road RV

Horizon Hopper 4×4 Four-wheel RV

Camper Van & RV Rentals in Europe

Our large selection of European roadsurfer models offer you maximum flexibility while abroad: Our camper vans are perfect for city trips through historical towns and for navigating small winding roads, while our RVs ensure space and comfort for longer trips in beautiful nature.

Surfer Suite VW T6.1 California Ocean pop up camper

Beach Hostel VW T6.1 California Beach pop up camper

Travel Home Mercedes Marco Polo pop up camper

Camper Cabin Ford Nugget pop up camper

Camper Cabin Deluxe Ford Nugget Plus pop up camper

Road House Pop up camper van sprinter

Family Finca High roof sprinter camper van

Cozy Cottage Class B RV

Van Villa Class B RV

Couple Cottage Sprinter camper van

Couple Cottage Offroad Off-road RV

Camper Castle Class B RV

Road trip inspiration from our blog

Unique experiences with fantastic hosts The best European camping spots

Are you planning a road trip in Europe? Find exclusive campgrounds and solo camping spots all over Europe with the roadsurfer spots app, and book the ultimate camping experience!

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RV rental with roadsurfer

Your adventure starts here

In an era where travel is synonymous with freedom and adventure, the allure of hitting the open road has never been stronger. With over 50 rental locations in Europe and the USA, roadsurfer is your RV rental expert and outdoor adventure partner. We firmly believe that an RV is more than just a mere mode of transportation, it offers the unique fusion of mobility and accommodation, enabling you to embark on a journey where the journey itself becomes the destination.

Gone are the days of adhering to rigid itineraries and fixed accommodations. Camper van and RV rentals empower you to plan your voyage at your own pace, allowing for spontaneous stops at hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations that traditional travel might miss. Imagine waking up to the gentle whisper of waves crashing on the shore one morning, and the rustling of leaves in a tranquil forest the next. With your home on four wheels, you can seamlessly switch landscapes, crafting an ever-evolving narrative that suits whatever your travel plans may be.

Embrace the minimalist lifestyle with our compact yet fully equipped mobile abodes that provide all the essentials for a comfortable road trip. Equipped with sleeping quarters, kitchenettes, and bathroom facilities (depending on the model), our RVs grant you the freedom to savor the comforts of home while relishing the splendor of nature.

Rent your RV, camper van or motorhome with roadsurfer and start planning your next adventure today.


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