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Join the roadsurfer Team

Embark on an exciting adventure with roadsurfer, a dynamic and fast-growing team fueled by ambitious goals and a strong team spirit. We thrive on a collaborative and hands-on approach, infusing our work with having fun at work!

Our mission is to shape the future of outdoor travel by creating a sustainable ecosystem. As we experience rapid growth, we invite you to be a part of our journey. We are actively seeking individuals who are motivated and dedicated to join our team. Embrace the roadsurfer spirit and help us spread it worldwide. Join us in making outdoor travel an unforgettable experience!

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Our Values

Free Hugs

We interact with everyone in a friendly, positive, and optimistic way.

All for One - One for All

We work together as a team, promoting an environment of respect, fairness, and helpfulness.

Brutal Hands On

We take action and resolve matters without making excuses.


We build trust within our team by encouraging open and honest communication among all members.

Own Your Ship

We embrace responsibility and have a passion for finding solutions.

The Unique Experience of Working With Us

roadsurfer Mitarbeiter beim flexiblen Arbeiten mit seinem Laptop am Campingtisch, draußen neben einem Camper

Work-Life Balance & Flexible Hours

At roadsurfer, we emphasize the importance of a healthy work-life balance. We value individualized solutions to support the balance between work and family commitments. While in-person collaboration is essential, for positions that allows, remote work is a viable option. Our Flex Work Policy enhances this flexibility, allowing you to work from a European country for up to four weeks per year.

Flat Hierarchies & Transparent Communication

At roadsurfer, we foster a casual atmosphere, encouraging a first-name basis and adopting a relaxed dress code. Equally significant is our commitment to open and transparent communication. Our founders conduct a monthly Town Hall Meeting, sharing all essential company updates and promoting a sense of unity. Together, we celebrate our achievements and successes.

Feedback Sessions

We embody our core value ‘Trustety,’ a fusion of ‘Trust’ and ‘Honesty.’ Trust and open communication are paramount. Through routine feedback discussions with your team lead, we learn from each other, grow together, and collectively accomplish our goals.

roadsurfer Team Bild mit vier Mitarbeitern bei einer Kaffeepause, lächelnde Gesichter

Thriving Team Spirit & Your Benefits

The lively team spirit is the cornerstone of our workplace, and we cherish shared moments together. We unite to celebrate the season kick-off and season end with the entire roadsurfer team. Enjoy complimentary snacks, fruit, and drinks, with the highlight being a free campervan trip every year! For our sports enthusiasts, we provide a job bike when based in Germany, adding an extra perk to our array of benefits.

roadsurfer Hund sitzt vor einem Camper

Dog Friendly Offices & Stations

Dogs are welcome at our headquarters in Munich & Frankfurt, as well as our rental stations in North American and Europe.

roadsurfer Büro in München mit Pflanzen

Our Office in Munich

Applying for a role at our Munich headquarters? Joining our Munich headquarters means stepping into a welcoming and well-lit office space, equipped with everything your heart desires, including a table tennis table and table soccer. Enjoy weekly breakfast and lunch offerings because we believe in making your work environment as delightful as possible.

roadsurfer Mitarbeiter sitzen auf einem Camper und haben Spaß

Employee Discounts

Make the most of our corporate benefits platform, the Travel Industry Card, and enjoy exclusive Family & Friends discounts.

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Most corporate positions at our main office are situated in Germany, specifically in Frankfurt or Munich. It’s important to be aware that if you wish to apply for a position in Germany, a valid working permit is required. Our station roles are spread across North America and Europe.

Business Development

Customer Experience

Fleet Operations


People & Culture

Station Operations

Supply Chain

Our Recruitment Process

We prioritize authenticity, openness, and transparency on both sides.

Step #1: Your Job Application Arrives

Upon receiving your application, we'll promptly screen it and proactively contact you via email or phone.

Step #2: First Interview & Getting to Know Each Other

Let's dive in! This is our opportunity to get acquainted, discuss the details of the role, and, of course, address any questions you may have.

Step #3: Trial Work or Business Case (Optional)

Congratulations on impressing us during the first interview! For certain positions, we may extend an invitation for a work trial or provide a business case assignment, allowing us to further evaluate your skills.

Step #4: Second Interview & Team Fit Evaluation

During this stage, we address any remaining questions and provide you with insights into our company culture and core values as we evaluate the fit within the team.

Step #5: Meet the Team

We're almost there! Alongside your team lead, you'll have the opportunity to meet your future colleagues at a special Meet the Team event.

Step #6: Decision Time

Take your time to reflect on our conversations, and if you're eager to join roadsurfer, let us know! Rest assured, we'll also carefully consider if you're the right fit for our team and will promptly inform you of the outcome.

Introducing Our Recruitment Experts

Meet the driving force behind our recruitment efforts: Janina, Lena, and Julia. These powerhouse recruiters are dedicated to discovering top talent for the roadsurfer team and eagerly await your application.




FAQs: Your Guide to Joining the roadsurfer Team

Visit our careers page, where you can view all our current job openings and submit your application online.

To complete your application, please include your CV along with your preferred salary information. Additionally, we encourage you to provide a brief cover letter, sharing why you believe you are a great fit for the position, what motivates you, and why you aspire to work at roadsurfer. If applicable, feel free to attach relevant references and certificates to enhance your application.

Thank you for submitting your application – it’s on our radar! We’ll carefully review it and strive to provide an initial response within two weeks. Should you have any queries regarding the position or application process, feel free to reach out via email to team@roadsurfer.com

Please note: Our recruiting team, particularly during the busy summer season, might experience a slight extension in response time. Nevertheless, we assure you that we will get back to you without fail.

Certainly! If your role allows, you can benefit from our Flex Work Policy, enabling you to work remotely. Moreover, within the EU, you have the option for a workcation for up to four weeks per year.

It’s important to note that all positions at our rental stations require full onsite presence, and remote work is not available for these roles.

Absolutely! We look forward to receiving your speculative application, along with a cover letter. Click here to submit your speculative application.

roadsurfer: Your Gateway to Global Outdoor Adventures!

With over 70 RV rental locations spanning Europe and North America, roadsurfer GmbH stands as the foremost expert in outdoor travel. Our headquarters in Munich and Frankfurt anchor our commitment to excellence. Specializing in camper van and RV rentals across various European countries, including the UK, Austria, Spain, France, and Italy, we extend our expertise to the USA and Canada, providing unparalleled outdoor adventures.

Elevating travel with roadsurfer rentals & campgrounds

The roadsurfer Experience

Our philosophy is straightforward: rent an RV, hit the road, and discover joy. When you select us, you’ll benefit from unlimited free mileage, RVs in excellent condition, and a free second driver. We also offer a 24-hour mobility service and an optional 48-hour flex booking rate for maximum flexibility. Our ultimate aim is to have happy road trippers on the highways! So far, we’ve sent 100,000 of them on the road worldwide, but this is just the start. With rapid growth, we are building an ecosystem for outdoor travel.

Our Founders

The roadsurfer concept took shape when five childhood friends encountered challenges while trying to rent camper vans for a group holiday on the Atlantic coast. Despite one couple in the group owning a camper, the others found it challenging to secure suitable camper van rental options for their trip. Upon returning home, the persistent idea was, “There has to be an easier way!” Driven by this notion, they formulated a concrete plan, built a website, and developed their groundbreaking online booking system — the first of its kind at that time — and offered the first 25 VW T6 California camper vans for rent.

We’re Hiring!

Browse and apply to open job positions below.

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Any questions? Send us a message: team@roadsurfer.com

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