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Rent an RV in the UK

There’s a reason so many people flock to the UK to spend time road-tripping around the country! Whether you’re looking for history, adventure, cozy towns and villages, or just to fill your camera roll with beautiful pictures, the UK has so much to offer. Rent a camper van or Class B RV in the UK and explore ancient castles, relax on the beach, hike the hill country, and fall in love with the regional differences that make it such a diverse and interesting place to travel. Fuel yourself at traditional village pubs or stock up on local produce and whip up a culinary masterpiece in your camper van rental. Book today and set off on your dream road trip around the UK!

Explore UK RV Rentals

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Surfer Suite Class B RV | VW T6.1 California Ocean

  • 150 hp diesel engine
  • Integrated kitchen
  • Outdoor shower (cold water)
  • Automatic pop-up roof
  • Rear parking sensors with camera
  • Cruise and distance control ACC, GPS
  • 4
  • 2+2

Family Finca Class B RV | Sprinter

  • 177 hp diesel engine
  • Large kitchen area
  • Indoor shower/wet bath (hot water)
  • Toilet
  • Fixed high roof
  • Rear parking sensors with camera, cruise control, etc.
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  • 2

Couple Cottage Class B RV | Sprinter

  • 130 hp diesel engine
  • Large kitchen area
  • Indoor shower/wet bath (hot water)
  • Toilet
  • Without pop-up roof
  • Parking assistance & tempomat
  • 4
  • 4

Road House Class B RV | Sprinter

  • 140 hp diesel engine
  • Large kitchen area
  • Indoor shower/wet bath (hot water)
  • Toilet
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Rear parking sensors with camera, cruise control, etc.

Your roadsurfer Benefits

Brand new, fully equipped camper vans & RVs

Unlimited mileage & free 2nd driver

Rebook or cancel with the Flex option up to 48 hours before departure

Camping equipment & kitchen utensils included

Roadside assistance

Your UK Road Trip

The UK is an excellent choice for a road trip in a camper van rental, especially in the Spring or Summer months. Camping is a popular vacation choice, meaning campgrounds are well established and come with a wide range of offerings, from laundry and playgrounds to a private camping spot in the forest with nothing but the sound of nature around you. Driving in the UK is easy (as long as you remember to stay on the left!), and you won’t have to spend hours on the road if you’d prefer to stick to one region as there’s so much to do. If you’d like a taste of tradition, find out what local events are on during your stay and experience cheese rolling, fire festivals, and the best food and drink the region can provide.

Driving rules in the UK

Road rules are the same across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland:

  • The key to driving safely in the UK is to drive on the left-hand side of the road! If you can stick to that rule, you’ve got 90% of it correct. Drivers turning left have priority, and make sure to turn left and drive clockwise around roundabouts. On these, drivers coming from the right have the priority, and so will you once you’re in the roundabout.
  • The speed limit is generally 60 mph on undivided highways, 70 mph on highways and freeways, and 30 mph in urban areas, although always pay attention to the speed limit signs (circular with a red border) for localized differences. A white circular sign with a black diagonal line means that the current speed limit has returned to the previously mentioned national speed limits.
  • Don’t pass on the left on the highway! Only pass on the right, and make sure to use the left-hand lane as much as possible. The middle and right-hand lanes are for passing slower vehicles.
    The UK is home to some very narrow roads, usually leading somewhere special. There will be passing spaces at regular intervals, make sure to only pull into those on the left side of the road

Camping in the UK

You’ll find almost every type of campground in the UK. Wild or dispersed camping is allowed in Scotland, but there are plenty of campgrounds in England and Wales that are as close to nature as they come.

  • Wild or Dispersed Camping – Legal in Scotland only. Don’t set up camp for the night along the side of the road or at rest stops, fields, or access roads, and pay attention to signage about camping in other places.
  • Camping and Caravanning Club Campgrounds – These campgrounds are run individually but are all part of the Club and therefore have a similar standard of facilities. They might not be as quirky or as hidden in nature as some truly independent campgrounds, but you know you’ll be getting good bathrooms and laundry facilities when you stay at one. They’re not member-exclusive, anyone can stay at a Club Campground, but membership provides discounts if you’re a frequent camper, or will be camping around the UK for a prolonged period.
  • Independent Campgrounds – There are thousands of campgrounds across the UK, and what you get varies from place to place. Facilities differ if you’re not staying at a campground that is under a membership like Camping and Caravanning Club. Some offer a more glamping experience, some are themed and have events and food on the weekend, and some are extremely basic to give you a wild camping experience in a place where it isn’t legal.

Popular events & festivals in the UK

There are plenty of events and festivals in the UK that are perfect for camper van enthusiasts!

  • London Marathon (April), London: One of the six world marathons majors, and one of the most prestigious marathons in the world. Run for charity or come and support the thousands of runners tackling the course on the day.
  • Highland Games (May – September), Scotland: Traditional Scottish “Olympics” held across Scotland throughout the summer. The British Royal Family usually attend the Braemar Games in September.
  • Chelsea Flower Show (May), London: The world’s greatest flower show takes place in Chelsea London.
  • The Big Retreat Festival (June), Pembrokeshire: One of UK’s top Wellbeing and adventure festival.
  • English FA Cup Final (June), London: The oldest Football Competition in the UK.
  • Trooping The Colour / The King’s Birthday Parade (June), London: Celebrate the King’s birthday with a parade consisting of over 1400 officers with two hundred horses, over four hundred musicians from ten bands, and corps of drums.
  • Isle of Wight Festival (June), Isle of Wight: Music and art festival which began in 1968.
  • Stonehenge Summer Solstice (June), Wiltshire: Music, Dancing, and Culture near Stonehenge.
  • The Royal Ascot (June), Ascot: The most prestigious Horse Race in the UK.
  • Glastonbury (June), Pilton: The UK’s most well-known Music Festival.
  • Tennis Grand Slam: Wimbledon Championship (June), London: Most prestigious International Grass Court Tennis Tournament.
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival (August), Edinburgh: Over 4000 shows, consisting of music, theatre & performances across the city.
  • Boardmasters Festival (August), Newquay: Surf competitions, music, art & cuisine, headlined this year by Florence + The Machine and Liam Gallagher.
  • BusFest (September), Reading: The world’s largest VW bus festival.

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