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Class B RV Rental for Four

Our Liberty Lodge RV (previously Road House XL) is the ideal companion for big adventures and exciting road trips. This model sleeps up to four, it has a pop-up roof, a spacious kitchenette, and a bathroom including a hot water shower. It also includes air conditioning, which provides cool air even when the engine is switched off! Stay flexible and enjoy maximum freedom with our class B RV rental and hit the road today.

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Two people sitting at a table in front of a camper van, enjoying the scenery.

Please note: While the layout of all our Liberty Lodge models is the same, we work with several established manufacturers (Thor and Winnebago), which means the vehicle you pick up might differ slightly from the above images. Models are allocated based on availability and cannot be selected, but differ only in appearance and controls; the equipment is the same.

Why Rent the Liberty Lodge Camper?

The Class B RV models with a pop-up roof from Thor and Winnebago has everything you know from a Class B motorhome, and at only 6.42 m in length, it is as easy to drive as a camper van. The manual pop-up roof can be folded up in no time at all – so four people can sleep comfortably – 2 in the rear bed and 2 in the upper roof bed. The spacious fitted kitchen has a large fridge, a 2-burner gas hob, and a sink. The driver and passenger seats swivel so that four people can also sit comfortably together at the built-in dining table.

The gas-operated air heating and the parking air conditioning provide a pleasant indoor climate at any temperature. Highlights of the Liberty Lodge include the bathroom with a hot water shower and toilet as well as the 190 Watt solar panel. The cold water outdoor shower is especially refreshing in the summer heat or after swim in the ocean. 280 hp, automatic transmission, cruise control, and reversing camera as well as Bluetooth, USB, radio, and Apple CarPlay, Android Car make even long trips a pleasure.

Four sleeping areas

Spacious living room with dining area and kitchenette

Large rear bathroom (hot water shower and toilet)

Parking air conditioner, solar panel, and inverter

280 hp petrol engine, automatic with cruise control

Rent the Liberty Lodge

Your Liberty Lodge Equipment & Features

Seating & Sleeping

✓ 4 Seats
Both front seats swivel

✓ 4 Sleeping areas 
2 adults downstairs in the fixed bed (L 220 cm x W 201 cm) and 2 adults upstairs in the pop-up roof (mattress surface L 200 cm x W 135 cm)

✓ Manual pop/up roof
Extra-large mattress in the pop-up roof (L 200 cm x W 135 cm)

✓ Blinds
For all windows (also for the windscreen)

Eating Utensils & Kitchen

✓ Spacious complete kitchen unit
Spacious interior kitchen area with refrigerator, two-burner gas cooker, sink, cutlery drawer, and storage space

✓ Kitchen box
Includes camping pots, pan, espresso mug, coffee mug, glasses, plates, small bowls & cutlery (for 4 persons), children’s crockery, cooking cutlery, salad bowl, and a washing-up bowl

Water & Electricity

✓ Wet room
A bathroom with a hot water shower and toilet

✓ Outdoor shower

✓ 190-watt solar panel
Attention: While the vehicle comes with solar panels, the batteries are not equipped to last for prolonged periods without being connect to shore power.

✓ Electricity connection and supply battery
120-volt power connection in the vehicle (does not work without shore power) + 12-volt connection + inverter. Socket type: NEMA 5-15R

Summer & Winter Equipment

✓ Air stand heating

✓ Parking air conditioner
With the engine switched off

✓ Flyscreen

✓ One camping table + two camping chairs
For the outdoor area

Technical Details

280 hp Gasoline / Automatic

Length 642cm (21 ft) | Width 270cm (8.8ft) (with exterior mirrors) | Height 287cm (9.4ft)

ALWAYS specify up to 7m (22.9ft) for ferry bookings

Cruise control

Backup camera

Bluetooth, USB, Radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Device for children's car seat

Optional Accessories

optional bookable equipment

Two additional camping chairs

one-time payment of $28 per booking

Additional camping table

one-time payment of $25 per booking

Car Seat for Children (1-3 & 4-12 year olds)

one-time payment of $39 per booking

Bedding for 2 people (sheet, pillow, duvet and covers)

one-time payment of $59 per booking

On the road with the Liberty Lodge?

If you’re currently traveling with the Liberty Lodge and need assistance, you can find helpful practical tips and video guides on operating your Class B RV here.

Get help now
RV parked in the desert

You will receive a link to your customer account together with your booking confirmation. There, you can view details of your booking, such as the vehicle model, pick-up and drop-off times, and more. Additionally, you can directly adjust the following topics and more:

If you experience a breakdown on the road that hinders your ability to continue driving, you can contact the 24/7 mobility service provider for assistance. Here’s what you need to do:

    • In your customer account, you can locate the telephone number of the mobility service provider responsible for your vehicle. You will find your personal link to the customer account in the email containing your booking confirmation or rental contract. Please note that the mobility service provider can assist you in German or English and only regarding issues related to the vehicle’s driving restrictions. For inquiries about camping functions, refer to the Help Center as the mobility service provider cannot provide assistance in this area.
    • I is important to document the breakdown as thoroughly as possible. Take photos or videos of the situation, including any visible damage or relevant surroundings. Make sure to note down the incident number provided by the mobility service provider. Send an email to assistance@roadsurfer.com with all the documentation related to your breakdown and include the incident number.

Have you had an accident or suffered damage on the road, but your camper is running perfectly? Then please proceed as follows:

  • Take photos of the damage and the surroundings and send an e-mail with a damage report to assistance@roadsurfer.com .
  • In case of an accident, please also fill out the international accident report (in the glove compartment) and send it to the email address above.
  • If you are involved in an accident, it is mandatory to inform the police at the scene. Failure to do so may result in insurance coverage issues.

Our Carefree Packages cover you in the event of an accident or damage. With the “Basic” package, you already have basic coverage with comprehensive and breakdown insurance included. By upgrading to an “Advanced” or “Complete” package, you can insure yourself against additional types of damage and at the same time reduce your deductible, i.e. the costs you have to pay yourself in the event of damage.

Further details on prices and benefits can be found on our Prices page.

When collecting your vehicle, please make sure to bring the following documents:

    • Identity card or passport of all drivers
    • Driving license of all drivers
    • VISA or Mastercard (credit or debit) for the deposit. Please make sure the card has sufficient funds available, and remember to the PIN. If necessary, payment can also be made by EC card at German stations.

For customers with a UK registration, a driver license check is mandatory during the pick-up process at our UK stations. This is necessary to ensure full coverage by our insurance package.

Please note: If you have more than 6 points on your driving license and/or specific past driving convictions, you will not be eligible to drive our vehicles.

For this purpose, if you are renting in the UK you will need to provide the following:

    • Driving license number
    • Address information (as displayed on Driver’s license)
    • National Insurance ID
    • You can enter the required information on the website GOV.UK in advance and generate a check code and show it at the time of pick-up at the station.

If you have a driver’s license from another European country and are picking up our vehicles at any UK station, you are not required to undergo the driver license check.

Our station locations can vary significantly. Some are centrally located, while others are a bit more on the outskirts. Please check the detail pages of our stations to see the specific location of the station where you have booked your camper. Additionally, you will find tips on how to get there and information about on-site parking options on the individual station pages.

Unfortunately, our locations do not offer secure parking facilities, and parking spaces are often limited or unavailable. However, there might be potential to find parking in nearby residential or commercial areas. For the best option, leave the car at home and use public transportation, or take a taxi to our station is recommended.

The equipment of our roadsurfer rentals varies from model to model, but your camper van is always “ready to go” and fully equipped with essential camping equipment!! So start your vacation with peace of mind and travel light! Your roadsurfer rental comes with a kitchen box, a camping table, and two camping chairs for outdoor use. You can add additional camping gear according to your individual preferences at any time during the booking process.

In principle, you can drive your roadsurfer camper van anywhere in the United States. The vehicle may only be used within the continental United States. For insurance reasons, only trips to Death Valley are prohibited in the summer months (June 1st to September 30th).

Is there anything else you’d like to know about your Class B RV or booking?

For all the information you need about your camper adventure, check out our Help Center.

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