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How does the roadsurfer camper tutorial help me prepare for pick up?

Before renting a camper van or motor home , we encourage you to watch our instructional videos on the various functions of the specific camper model you are interested in renting. These videos cover a range of topics, including setting up the bed, extending the awning, raising and lowering the roof tent, setting up the interior table, and using the shower and kitchen.

Once you’ve chosen your camper model and confirmed your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email that includes a link to your customer account. In the top right-hand corner of the overview page, you will find the ‘Camper Tutorial.’ This tutorial provides comprehensive guidance on how to operate your camper van, ensuring you are well-prepared for your journey. Alternatively, you can access your camper tutorial directly here.

We recommend taking the time to thoroughly review the Camper Tutorial to become familiar with the vehicle. Upon completing the tutorial, you will receive a certificate. If you prefer, you can also plan to go through it directly on the day of pick-up.

Lastly, remember to pack all the important documents when you head to pick up your roadsurfer!

On the day of pick-up, two additional sections of the Camper Tutorial will become accessible at our station:

  • Final checks: These checks provide a quick overview of the most vital functions of the vehicle, ensuring you’re well-prepared before hitting the road.
  • Equipment check: This step allows you to verify and confirm that all the necessary accessories and equipment items are present in the RV. You can complete this either through your customer account or by scanning a QR code provided by our on-site staff.

Once you embark on your journey, the final part of the Camper Tutorial will become available. This section contains the return checklist, which will guide through the cleaning process and returning your roadsurfer when your trip comes to an end.

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