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VW California Beach hire

Equipment of the VW T6 California – “Beach Hostel Deluxe”

Campervan hire: Renting a VW T6 California Beach is the best choice for families with three children! Five of you can travel comfortably in this cool camping bus. The 3-seat rear bench has “Isofix fixtures, so you can easily strap in child car seats, and can also be transformed into a bed by simply folding the seat down. Our “Beach Hostel Deluxe” offers space for all your kids! Since the campervan is not equipped with a kitchenette, the bed can be extended over the complete width of the vehicle. Therefore, parents and their kids have a lot of sleeping space. The manually operated roof top offers two additional beds.

VW California Beach hire – here are the benefits!

For one, there is a portable cooler with a capacity of 22 litres to ensure cold drinks during the summer heatFor those who are excited to cook at the camp site, there is a portable gas cooker and two cartridges includedAll T6 California Beach models from roadsurfer are newly purchased from the workshop and promise absolute safety and mobility. In addition, the Bulli is only five meters long – unlike a motorhome – and offers everything for a perfect holiday. VW California Beach hireThis mobile home offers everything you could wish for. 

VW California Beach hire

Rent your VW California Beach – here are the benefits!

For one, there is a portable cooler with a capacity of 31 litres to ensure cold drinks during the summer heat. For those who are exciting to cook at the camp site, there is a portable gas cooker and two cartridges included. All T6 California Beach models from roadsurfer are newly purchased from the workshop and promise absolute safety and mobility. In addition, the Bulli at five meters long – unlike a motorhome – offers everything for a perfect holiday. Campervan hire: This mobile home offers everything that you could wish for.

150 hp diesel / DCT automation

Manually operated pop-top

4-5 beds

Original VW air heater

ACC, Tempomat & Parkpilot

Portable Cooler and mobile gas cooker

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These are the prices for your “Beach Hostel Deluxe”

Low season

16th September - 31st May

Beach Hostel Deluxe

85€ / Night

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High season

1st June - 15th September

Beach Hostel Deluxe

110€ / Night

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Rent your VW California Beach – this is how it will be even cheaper!

If you book your campervan for more than 16 nights, you will get a 5% drop starting at night 16. At night 23 you will receive a 10% drop in price. It gets even better! Starting at night 37 you will be granted a 15% discount.

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Technical data

150 hp diesel / DCT automation

Length 5m | Width 2,3m (with outside mirror) | Height 1.99m

Always specify the length of 6 meters in case you book a ferry


Automatic Cruise Control

Original VW navigational device

Rear view camera & pilot parking system in the front and back

Car Net App Connect

Interface for mobile navigation

Original VW air heater

Multifunctional steering wheel

Isofix system

2 connections on the rear seats

Driver and guest compartment automatic climate control

Bluetooth, MP3, radio, CD

Heated driver- and passenger seat


New Vehicles

First registration this year or previous year

Optional bookable equipment

optional bookable equipment

Bicycle carrier on the tailgate (including a warning sign required for travel to Italy or Spain)

4 € / p. Night

Two additional camping chairs

25 € / p. Booking

Additional camping table

25 € / p. Booking

Car Seat for Children

1-3 & 4-12 year olds

Rack on the roof (two-bar system for surfboards, boxes, etc.)

35 € / p. Booking

Portable camping toilet

35 € / p. Booking

The following is included in the “Beach Hostel Deluxe":

4-5 beds

4 adults + 1 toddler possible; 2 adults on the lower fold-out bed (sleeping space 150 x 190 cm) and 2 adults in the upper roof bed (sleeping space 120 x 200 cm)

5 seats

Including 3-seat rear bench (150 cm wide) and two rotating front seats

Foldable Jerrycan

10 litres


Manual pop-top

Comfort Pad for the Bed

For the lower bed

Blackout blinds

For all windows and additionally the windscreen

Emergency equipment

Safety vests, first aid kit, warning triangle

Two good camping chairs

Stowed in the tailgate

Camping table

Stowed in the side door for use inside and outside

Kitchen Set

Including camping pots and pans, espresso maker, cups & glasses, plates and bowls, cutlery, cooking utensils, salad bowl, corkscrew, sharp knife, and a dishwashing bowl.

Electricity and 2nd camping battery in reserve

230 V socket inside and a 230 V power plug on the outside with extension cable and “Schuko” connection plug for electricity at the campsite

Double glazing

With heat protection and closing aid


For sun protection (handle with two poles to set up)

Mobile gas cooker including 1-3 gas cartridges

Portable Cooler (31 l)

2 Sliding windows in the passenger compartment

In the sliding door

Level Ramps

For adjusting the campervan on uneven terrain

All of our locations are centrally located close to the city centers and easily reachable via public transport. Therefore we do not have private, secured parking at any of our locations. In Frankfurt the surrounding industrial park offers free and easy on-street parking. The parking situation is a bit more limited in Munich but possible in the surrounding residential area. The best option is – when and if possible – a second driver who can take your personal car home again.

Well, we are afraid there is no way around it, as accidents can unfortunately always happen. A security deposit in the amount of 800€ will have to be provided either by debit or credit card. It will be refunded within 14 days after returning the van, provided that everything is in order. If a credit card is used for the deposit, the amount will only be reserved and then released automatically after 30 days. Cash deposits are not accepted. However, the deposit may be transferred to our account in advance with a short notification to us via email. If you have booked our delivery service the deposit must be transferred in advance for technical reasons.

“Best price option” means that we offer the best price available. The universe of camper rentals is not very transparent and offers are hard to compare. We will adjust our price, if you find a better offer for the same vehicle with the same equipment in the area within 24 hours after booking with us. More info here!

Hire the VW California Beach for the whole family!

roadsurfer Camper Vermietung VW California Beach mieten

Renting the VW T6 California Beach is the right choice for travels with five people. The Beach Hostel Deluxe is equipped with five seats that can be transformed into a bed at nightThe “The Beach Hostel Deluxe” is one of our most spacious campervans because storage and sleeping space is not lost to a kitchenette. Instead, we offer you a portable cooler and a gas cooker for freeRent your VW California Beach and enjoy the ride. Campervan hire: Rent a campervan and enjoy the full flexibility of a VW Bulli!

Rent more campers at roadsurfer!

You like the VW California Beach? Well, that is great, but you might want to have a look at our other models too. Mercedes Marco Polo hire – is a noble, premium and a luxurious camper which will make your trip even better. This bus will give off the impression that you are on a spa holiday at every camp site.

VW T6 California Ocean hire at roadsurfer. This classic from VW will offer just about everything you could want and need. This is the perfect model for fantastic camping nights. Here you can find all the information about our “Surfer Suite”.

VW California Beach hire – Your campervan. Your roadtrip

A thoughtfully developed design that has been improved throughout the years, makes this classic camper your holiday hit. With sophisticated features and a minimalist appearance, the T6 goes far beyond the equipment of previous models. Cleverly installed, hidden storage spaces, an easy-to-use commendable manual pitch-top, a safety roller-blind as a fall protection for children, height-adjustable storage in the rear, a comfortable lying surface in the lower compartment and much more are available to you. The T6 provides all amenities and possibilities camper fans need to feel at home, while on the road. One of the best parts is the bed in the upper-roof compartment with a slatted frame. Campervan hire – you will not find a luxurious hotel suite as comfortable as this camper. We promise!

Park and ride! Comfortably!

Other advantages when travelling with this camper, is the ease in which you can enter any car park and navigate small and narrow roads in beautiful European cities. You won’t be afraid of getting stuck anywhere. Our campervan will deliver you to your destination quickly, comfortably and safely. With its 150 hp you will always be a stones throw away from your next destination. Another bonus for camping lovers, is the nostalgic feeling this classic “Bulli” will give you. Nevertheless, whether you are parking or driving this classic, you will stand out from the rest.

The traditional family dining experience is preserved because all five people can sit comfortably in the interior. For these special moments, the rotating front seats really come in handy. On top of that, the integrated folding table makes dinner and game nights that much more possible. And don’t worry about the lighting because the camper is furnished with LED lighting. Cooking is also not an issue; you have all the space you need to prepare various meals. If you want even more space, with the click of a button, you can extend the roof-top for extra head room. Your campervan has suddenly transformed into a walk-in room with a height of 1,99 m. Finally, tall people can stand comfortably without hitting their heads.

If your children get tired after dinner and board games, simply put them to bed in the upper compartment. Our campervan includes comfort and safety features for your children in the upper compartment, such as a fly and mosquito net and a safety blind. By closing the safety blind, you will feel like you are in a different room. Cuddle up and make yourselves comfortable. The roof seems a million miles away and the adults can enjoy chatting and drinking wine in the lower compartment. Renting a VW T6 California means having a two-bedroom apartment – almost like a hotel suite!

Campervan hire – we hope you will have a “camptastic” vacation with our roadsurfers! Feel Free and head out on new adventures.