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Camping and Surfing in Europe

Surfing Road Trip in France, Portugal, and Spain

Camping and surfing don’t just happen in the dream destinations of California, Australia, or Hawaii. Europe also has a host of surfing spots that offer a great deal of fun and awesome swells. Grab your keys, start your camper van’s engine and let’s go carve some waves in Europe!

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Camping & Surfing France

Surfers get their money’s worth in France with plenty of swells. The fresh baguette and the picturesque landscape are an added bonus.

camping and surfing in europe

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Surfing Surf vibes are in abundance in Lacanau-Ocean. The relaxed resort on the French Atlantic Coast offers sandy beaches, beach breaks for everyone, and plenty of sunshine. When it comes to surfing, whether you are a beginner, advanced, or pro, the conditions are ideally suited to every level. The local surf schools support you in developing your skills and pursuing the art of surfing.

Our camping tip: Want to camp right on the beach? Not a problem, your roadsurfer will be very welcome at the Les Grands Pins campgrounds. The choice of camping spots is vast and the campground is right on the beach. Camping and surfing can be perfectly combined here and there are plenty of leisure activities on the campground. You can find some post-surf relaxation in the spa area with a sauna or in the inviting pool.

Moliets et Maa

Surfing with the motto “small but powerful”, Moliets et Maa in the Southern French Basque region offers superb conditions for surfers. Wind and wave riders have made the surf spot what it is today: the French epicenter of watersports. In the main season from June to September, the water becomes a little busier, but there are perfect conditions for your ride.

Our camping tip: Le Saint Martin is located directly on the beach and is, therefore, the perfect spot for you and your roadsurfer. The campground has a large pool and plenty of entertainment for children and adults. From volleyball tournaments to aqua aerobics, to vibrant dance evenings, the program has plenty on offer. You will be offered a wide range of parking spaces for your RV camper van. Fancy a shady spot or would you prefer to be in the sun? Pas de problème! Park up your camper van wherever you wish and just enjoy your camping and surfing vacation.


Each year Quiksilver invites the international elite of the surfing scene to Pro France and shows them how it’s done. Hossegor is famous for the best waves in the country and is an absolute hit among surf enthusiasts. Beginners should try surfing here in the summer months, as the waves can reach up to 26ft high in the winter months which is better left for the experienced big wave surfers.

Camping & Surfing in Spain

Whether in northern or southern Spain, this beautiful country offers a wide choice of sandy beaches and perfect swells.

surfing in spain

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Northern Spain

A harsher climate awaits you in northern Spain than in the south, but you still get to admire the breathtaking landscape.


Langre is a real insider tip among surfers. You won’t find crowded line-ups and masses of people here – just the right place for outdoorsy types and watersports enthusiasts. If you fancy a bit of an adventure and don’t just want to admire the view of the dreamy landscape during the day, with a little luck you’ll find a parking space on the cliffs of Langre Bay. Staying here overnight is free of charge and nothing stands in the way of your camping and surfing trip.

San Sebastian

If in addition to your passion for surfing, you also fancy the hustle and bustle of the city and great food, then head to San Sebastian. The place to be for wave riders is Playa de la Zurriola. Thanks to its wide exposure to the Atlantic, waves are guaranteed at the bay. In autumn and spring, you can look forward to perfect beach breaks here. You’ll get the real San Sebastian feeling when you park up your roadsurfer for just seven euros at one of the parking spaces at the university. But be quick, this popular camping spot books up quickly. If you would prefer a campground with electricity, the Igueldo campground is located near San Sebastian and with an area of five hectares, it offers plenty of space. An excellent view is guaranteed here, as the site is on a hill and you can take in the panoramic view.

Southern Spain

Southern Spain is characterized by its heavenly sandy beaches and wonderful surfing conditions. Despite the fact, it attracts more tourists than the north of the country, a road trip with your VW camper van is an absolute must.


This prosperous town in southern Spain has the most surf schools in the country. If you are wanting to get involved with the surfer scene, then you’ll definitely find it here. Casual surf shops, quirky cafés, and plenty of good vibes. Due to its location, a strong wind blows all year round at Tarifa, offering perfect conditions for wind and kite surfers. Camping at the Valdvaqueros campground in Tarifa offers spots right next to the beach and therefore has perfect access to it. If you fancy giving watersports a whirl, then you are in the right place here.

El Palmar

A less well-known spot for surfers is El Palmar, a small coastal resort with around a five-mile-long beach break. The line-ups are empty and you have plenty of space to surf. It is particularly good for beginners here as the waves are small and you can make quick progress into the whitewater. You’ll definitely find a pitch at El Palmar campground which is only a convenient half a mile from the beach. Otherwise, you can look for a nice spot in the wild countryside and relax in the beautiful surroundings.

Camping & Surfing in Portugal

Portugal has an incredible amount of surfing spots to offer. The country guarantees constant waves, although they are slightly smaller in summer than in winter. If you’re a beginner, then the summertime conditions will be perfect for you. Your camper will enable you to get to know Portugal inside out and see wonderful places that are worth the visit.

portugal algarve surfing

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Urban life in Lisbon can be wonderfully combined with surfing. If you fancy a bit of the city and the beach, then you should drive here with your roadsurfer. Portugal’s capital city is surrounded by legendary surfing spots. Caxias is just one of them that allows you to ride waves on the edge of the city. A bit further north of Lisbon, you’ll find the most legendary surfer town in Portugal: Ericeira. As a World Surfing Reserve, the small town is a real hit among surfers. You’ll find the best beach breaks at Foz do Lizandro. Here is ideal for beginners, advanced and professional surfers alike. In the low season, Portugal is also an interesting place for wild camping. While wild camping is prohibited in the high season, some places allow it in spring and autumn. If you want to play it safe, park up your camper van at Ericeira Camping and enjoy your surfing and camping vacation.


With rugged rocky landscapes and fascinating countryside, the Algarve has something for everyone, for surfers and campers. On the contrary, you are in the right place with your roadsurfer, as otherwise, you wouldn’t get to visit the beautiful corners of the region so easily. The rocky bays form powerful waves in the southern part of the region. Decent surf skills are an absolute must here. The western Algarve is a hit with beginners. The waves in Amado are perfect for those learning to surf and don’t scare you off right away. When it comes to camping, you should definitely take your rv camper van to Yelloh! Village – Algarve Turiscampo! Not the cheapest prices, but you get a lot included. The bathing area with a lagoon, a wide range of sports, dance evenings, and the well-kept grounds are just a few of the highlights.

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