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A roadtrip in safety

Camping in times of the Coronavirus

The Corona-pandemic is still going strong and has made every travel-related decision a question of risk. However, there is an exception. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the great outdoors seems to be the safest place to be. Getting out of the house and spending time surrounded by nature is a good antidote to all the stress we have been building up these past months. And you know what that means, right? Exactly! Camping is our greatest ally. Here you can find some expert tips on how to camp safely during the Covid-19 crisis. However, we also recommend you do some research of your own before going on a trip. Restrictions might change in the blink of an eye, therefore, better to be safe than sorry!

Measures at the roadsurfer stations
Travelling during Covid: why camping might be the best idea
►Camping in 2021 and how to succeed at it
Which campsites and pitches are currently open?

Individuell Reisen

Measures at the roadsurfer stations

Even though we are known for our high interest in personal contact with our roadsurfers, we have to limit it in times of the Corona-crisis. This reduction is however a great contribution towards our common goal of feeling the wind on our skin while we drive towards a sunset. Of course, we are still here for all your inquiries. To make sure these two don´t clash, we have made some changes in our working process.

Always “clean & ready” – our roadsurfer campervans

We do everything to ensure that your campervan is hygienically clean and ready at anytime. This way, nothing stands in the way of your carefree and safe roadtrip! What do we do, exactly? Just keep reading!

Clean and well-kept campervans

All of our campers are extensively prepared and cleaned, both inside and out. For each vehicle, we use freshly washed (min 60 °) cloths and specialized branded products from Sonax for interior cleaning. 90% of all surface germs are already removed and we guarantee absolute cleanliness without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Hygienic deep cleaning

After cleaning, all contact surfaces (e.g. steering wheel, door handles, controls, etc.) are also carefully treated with skin-friendly disinfectants. Our staff wears disposable gloves and face masks during the entire cleaning process.

Safety at the roadsurfer station

Our team is required to comply with all local safety regulations. This includes keeping a safe distance, washing hands, wearing face masks and regular disinfection of all contact surfaces (including vehicle keys etc.) at our roadsurfer stations. There is sufficient disinfectant available. We count on you to implement these requirements as well in order to protect our staff.

clean and ready

Stay flexible: rebooking instead of cancelling

Positive mindset during the quarantine: If you have to stay at home for weeks, there is quite a chance that this will have a negative impact on your mood. That’s why it helps to think positive thoughts and get the best out of the situation. A pretty effective way to do this is to see light at the end of the tunnel: the well-deserved vacation afterwards. Although we all don’t know when that will be, the time will definitely come, and we can all look forward to it.

You can avoid organizational stress by rebooking your existing reservation: It is quite possible that the situation will have improved by the summer. If you rebook instead of cancelling, you can start right away instead of having to restart at zero with a new booking later on.

Currently we offer free rebooking or cancellation for everyone who booked a camper in 2020-2021. This means: If you are unable to start because of the severely limited travel options, you can rebook or cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of your trip. In case of a cancellation or if you do not feel like choosing a new travel date yet, we will issue you a voucher in the amount of the deposit, or the full amount already paid. You can then book your camper van again until the end of 2021.

You have further questions? Please contact our hotline from Monday to Saturday between 9 and 18 o’clock: + 49 (0)89-2154 1673

Give away a ticket to freedom

We are all eagerly waiting for good news and hope that we can soon live our Vanlife dream again. Especially in these times, the anticipation of future roadtrips is even greater! After all, the current crisis not only means staying at home for everyone, but also heavy financial losses for many companies. Especially the travel industry is hit hard. If, like us, you can hardly wait to set off again and still experience the vacation our dreams, support us in the meantime by buying a roadsurfer voucher, which you can redeem anytime later. The “time after” will come and we will do our best that you can start carefree into your well-deserved freedom.

Buy your roadsurfer voucher now

Traveling during Covid: Why camping might be the best idea

While planning a holiday is a lovely task, most of us are unsure on how to do it during this pandemic. Our advice? Choose the most flexible type of travel, the van life of roadsurfer. Why? Let us entice you:

1. Destination and travel period remain flexible

Your travel destination is not set. Only on the day of departure, you decide which region you want to visit. No reason to worry there will be still restrictions at your vacation destination: simply drive to the direction where the coast is clear!

2. Vacation away from the crowds

You avoid crowds, such as in hotels, trains or airplanes. Maybe you are still a little uneasy about getting back into the hustle and bustle, even though the restrictions have already been lifted. No problem. With a camping vacation you can take the time to slowly get back to re-socializing.

3. You can cook for yourself

You can even stay away from the touristic bustle when it’s coming to meals, because you have your own kitchen. Aditionally, you don´t have to worry about others not keeping to the safety guidelines. You are your own boss.

4. Disconnect

If you really want to keep clear of any crowds in campgrounds, we recommend trying out dispersed camping (camping on a national forest or national park). That way, it´s only you and the wilderness.

Are campsites open?

In the UK, restrictions are based on a Tier system. You can find your Tier here.

As for Germany, there is currently a general ban on tourism, meaning no campsites will be open until, at least, January 31. 

We recommend you check the restrictions in your area and in your destination before starting the trip. Violation of the restrictions can result in a heavy fine.

If you´re up for some wildcamping, you´re also in luck. Rent a camper with shower and toilet, which allows you to travel independently from campsites and to avoid crowds.

Step #1: Don’t worry be happy

Even if your planned vacation is in danger or you have already had to cancel it, moping doesn’t make things better. To get in a good mood, think positive and get your mindset back on track. Italians sing on their balconies and we sweeten the wait by planning the next vacation, which will surely come one day.

Step #2: Avoid trains and planes

Even if the situation will ease at some point, one or two people may still feel uncomfortable using public transport again as usual. Maybe train and air traffic will only gradually pick up speed again. Thus, what could be better than a camping trip with your loved ones? Here you have your own private space and you can decide flexibly on the direction and duration of your trip.

Step #3: Find an alternative and travel individually

If your planned trip to Italy falls through, you can simply go for grabbing a camper and head for a new destination. It’s best to keep yourself regularly informed about how the situation is developing in the individual countries. And if one country stays closed, you can steer flexibly in a different direction. Or take the opportunity to explore your own home country a little more closely, provided there are no curfews or other restrictions. At home and almost around the corner there are also plenty of beautiful places to discover.

Step #4: Take it easy

With the necessary hygiene measures and as little contact with crowds as possible, the danger of infection can be contained. Therefore: No panic. Even if you have been restricted in your travel plans, there are cool alternatives waiting for you. If we all stick to the measures and hold together, the chances of a carefree vanlife summer will increase.

Which campsites and pitches are currently open?

(Update on 14.12.20): There is a general ban on tourism in Germany. Therefore, no campsites and pitches are currently open and will remain closed until the end of the lockdown on the 10 of January.

As for the UK, the availability of campsites will depend on your location. All campgrounds within a Tier 3 area are now closed. Check out in which Tier you live (or wish to travel to) here.

Campsites are closed, what now?

Rent a camper with shower and toilet and camp self-sufficiently thanks to your own living, cooking, sanitary and sleeping facilities. This means that you can also respect any distancing rules when travelling within your country and keep contact with other people to a minimum. However, always check before you set off on your roadtrip, wheter there is a ban on tourism or not, which is currently the case for Germany and until the 10 of January. Stay home, stay safe and start planning for 2021. We are not going anywhere.

As soon as the campgrounds reopen and camping tourism gradually resumes, you can find out here which sites you can visit.

We belief in the vanlife-summer 2020!

rent a campervan and stay flexible !