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Mercedes Marco Polo hire

roadsurfer “Travel Home Deluxe”

We guarantee you want to hit the road as bad as our new campervan model! Rent your Marco Polo and you will always feel at home even on the bumpiest road. With its colorful roadsurfer foliation, this campervan is always ready for an individual roadtrip. In addition to its thirst for an adventure, Mercedes has established a very distinct campervan with a very noble design. The interior is painted black and white and astonishes anyone who steps inside. On this page you will find many further details about our “Travel Home Deluxe” as well as pictures, prices and tips.

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“Travel Home Deluxe” Advantages

You will most likely be the fanciest, most hip camper on the road cruising in the Marco Polo. A sleek exterior design, of course, with our individualized roadsurfer foliation and a noble interior powered by 190 hp. These are just a few qualities that makes the “Travel Home Deluxe” with 4 wheel drive and trailer hitch our personal roadsurfer top model and a real eye-catcher among all other campervans. Many other advantages of renting the Mercedes campervan are listed below, have a quick glance.

190 hp diesel / 7-G Tronik Automation

4 wheel drive & trailer hitch

4 beds

Outdoor shower (cold water)

ACC, cruise control & parkpilot

Camping kitchenette

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This is what the “Travel Home Deluxe” will cost:

Low season

1st October - 31st May

Travel Home Deluxe

105€ / Night

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High season

1st June - 30th September

Travel Home Deluxe

129€ / Night

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Mercedes Marco Polo hire: This is how you get even cheaper prices!

Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo. If you book your campervan for more than 16 nights, you will get a 5% discount starting at night 16. At night 23 you will receive a 10% drop in price. It gets even better! Starting at night 37 you will be granted a 15% discount.

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Technical Details

190 hp diesel / 7-G Tronic Plus Automation

Length 5.14 m | Width 2.25 m (with outside mirror) | Height 1.98 m

Always specify the length of 6 metres in case you book a ferry

4 wheel drive

Trailer hitch

With a capacity of up to 2.500 kg

ACC & Tempomat

Automatic Distance Control

Integrated Navigational System

Rear view camera & parkpilot system front / rear

Electro-foldable mirror

Heated driver- and passenger seat

Isofix system on the rear seats

Air-Stationary Heating

Multifunctional steering wheel

Bluetooth, USB, Radio, CD

Climate control

All-season tyres

New vehicles

First registration this year or previous year

Additional Equipment you can book

optional bookable equipment

Bicycle carrier on trailer hitch including a warning sign for Italy/Spain

4€ / per night

Two additional camping chairs

25€ / per booking

Additional camping table

25€ / per booking

Car Seat for Children

1-3 & 4-12 year olds

Rack on the roof (two-bar system for surfboards, boxes, etc.)

35€ / per booking

Portable camping toilet

35€ / per booking

Bed linen 1 person (pillow, sheet, blanket)

29 € / per booking

The following is included in the “Travel Home Deluxe”

4 beds

Two people on the unfolded seats with a lying area of 113x203 cm and two people in the upper roof compartment with a lying area of 113x205 cm.

Complete kitchenette

In an elegant piano lacquer, the kitchenette includes a 42 l volume cooling box, two flame gas cooker, stainless steel sink, storage space, cutlery drawer and water tank.

Outdoor shower

manual pop-up roof

Fresch water tank

38 litres

Wastewater tank

40 litres

Foldable Jerrycan

10 litres

4 Seats

The two front seats are rotatable

Kitchen Set

Including camping pots and pans, espresso maker, cups & glasses, plates and bowls, cutlery, cooking utensils, salad bowl, corkscrew, sharp knife, and a dishwashing bowl

Fly screen


220 V socket inside and a 220 V power plug on the outside with extension cable and “Schuko” connection plug for electricity at the campsite

Mesh pockets

As additional storage space on the backrests of the front seats

Table in the vehicle

Blackout blinds

For all windows (also for the windscreen)


For sun protection (a handle and two poles for set up)

Double glazing

With heat protection and closing aid

Two good camping chairs

For the outside

Camping table

For the outside

Emergency equipment

Safety vests, first aid kit, warning triangle

Level ramps

For adjusting the campervan on uneven terrain

Yes. We offer many models with towing hitch and a load capacity of up to 2,500 kilograms:

Yes, dog-owners are in luck! We have campers that we offer solely to those who want to travel with their dog. Choose between the “Dog Suite” or the “Dog Hostel Deluxe”. All other vans do not allow dogs.

Every roadsurfer client is different and might have allergies. That is why it is important for us to offer specific models to dog-owners. All other clients can choose between the rest of our models and don´t have to give additional information.

Yes, the minimum rental period is of three days, in every season.

Of course! The longer you rent your roadsurfer, the better the price. As of 16 nights you will receive a discount of 5%. 23 nights and longer will get you a 10% discount and as of 37 days we will take as much as 15%  off your rental price. Long-term is the way to go!

No. The bike rack is an optional extra which can be booked for 4€/day. In some cases, the bike rack might still be mounted on your van from the previous renter  and cannot always be removed right away. This is the only way we can guarantee a quick and smooth transition between rentals. Mounting and dismounting is unfortunately quite time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, we ask you to ALWAYS indicate 6.15 metres as the length of the vehicle – even if the bike rack was not booked – when making reservations for ferries. All vans have rearview cameras and/or a park pilot system so that you will not have to worry about an obstructed view out the back window.

Hire your Marco Polo campervan – your perfect “Travel Home Deluxe”

Marco Polo mieten Küche

The Marco Polo is almost like a travelling hotel suite. It’s moving ability and compact size makes the Marco Polo very practical. The perfect vehicle for a perfect holiday! Renting the Marco Polo also means travelling in a real powerful car as it has a horsepower of approximately 163 hp. Meanwhile, you can cruise easily through stunning landscapes and the countryside with its automatic transmission.

Mercedes Marco Polo hire: enjoy the freedom of a roadtrip.

From now on roadtrips will become more comfortable with the Mercedes campervan

Marco Polo Travel Home Roadsurfer

While you cruise along the streets of various European cities, this camper offers you a perfect night’s sleep so you’re ready for your next destination. It is super cosy thanks to the tinted windows and practical blinds. Curious glances from the outside are no issue anymore. With the pop-top roof, our Marco Polo is the perfect suite for any traveller. It has four beds, two in the upper compartment and the other two below. If it gets a bit chilly in the evening, you also are provided with a mobile heating system to warm yourself back up.

All that’s left to do is decide where your journey will take you!

If you love to take your bike with you on vacation, the Marco Polo is especially practical. The rear bicycle carrier is mounted on the trailer hitch. As a result, the wheels are at knee height when attached. All you have to do now is decide if you prefer two e-bikes or four regular bikes strapped to the back. By the way, you can always open the tailgate of the Marco Polo – even when bicycles are mounted to it. This makes independent travel a lot more fun. After hiring the “Travel Home Deluxe”, there is only one decision left for you to make. And that is, where are you heading next? Don’t wait! Mercedes Marco Polo hire – start your roadtrip!