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Glamping? Luxurious camping

Glamping – What’s that? Actually quite simple: The term is a combination of camping and glamorous. So it’s glamorous camping – simply luxury camping. Sounds funny? Yes, somehow it is a contradiction in terms, isn’t it?

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Glamping Camping

Glamour camping with luxury guarantee!

In fact, glamping has been booming in recent years and many campsites have dedicated themselves to this concept. Thus, they offer their guests exclusive experiences such as wellness and spa areas in addition to the standard offers.

Glamping – Is that really necessary?

Yes, somehow camping and luxury are a contradiction in terms. After all, camping is a simple and freedom-oriented form of holiday without any compulsion and especially – without chic etiquette!  You still want relaxation and recreation – of course, but can’t you do that without an expensive spa area on a luxury campsite? We say: If you want luxury on your camping trip, create your own glamorous experience! How does that work? We’ll tell you!

5 star food and whirlpool completely without hotel

Room coffee service

Nobody can resist an exquisite coffee in the morning – especially when a longer drive is still ahead of you. But why stop at a luxury barista? Where is the camper feeling here? Our tip: Take your favorite beans and a coffee grinder with you and freshly brew your coffee every morning – your neighbors will certainly be driven out of bed by this morning ritual.

Exclusive bubble bath

A Jacuzzi? Who needs something like that? An inflatable swimming pool is enough! The extra fun is provided by foamy bath additives – A truly luxurious experience which is even under the open sky! Small tip: The colorful bath tablets, e.g. from Tinti, provide many “ohs” and “ahs” when the water suddenly turns red or pink.

Animation program

You take care of the children’s animation yourself – A radio with lively music and your own as well as your neighbor’s children pulled together. Let’s go! Together they rehearse a play, smash their favorite song or make up a masquerade. In the evening, you use the campfire guitar and the private concert is already set up! Guaranteed, this is going to be a blast on any campsite!

Deluxe Dinner

Exquisite food – fish smoked in beech wood or bread baked in a stone oven? Mmmh, yes, that’s delicious. But to be honest, does it need a gourmet restaurant? Stick bread and sausages grilled over the open campfire also have a great smoke aroma and are clearly homemade – not elaborate and yet delicious: Pure relaxation! The alternative: Swing fresh Scampi from the market with some olive oil in the pan – they succeed better on the gas cooker than at home. In addition, a glass of good rosé wine and the 5-star dinner is boned!

Spa & Wellness

Aromatherapy and Kneipp cures? Yes, that’s very nice. You want to do something good for your loved one? Then why should she be pampered by a masseuse? The man is himself! Massage oil can be bought in any drugstore and your hands are certainly much better on her back and you will surely get some yogurt and cucumber slices somewhere. This will turn your luxury camping holiday into a romantic journey! Instead of the Kneipp basin you simply use an unplanned downpour. When was the last time you danced in the rain? That must have been a while ago. Do it and turn a rainy day into one of the most beautiful and funniest moments!


A gym is a great thing: You burn calories, challenge your body, sweat like an animal and don’t have to move around. Exactly, that’s pretty boring! Why don’t you just sit down on your bike, climb mountains, row a boat or play with your kids? The training success is the same – but the fun factor is much higher!

Exclusive ambience

The presidential suite in an overpriced 5-star hotel: Wow, what a bed, what a view! 50 square meters just for you two! Yes, hopefully you’ll find each other at all. That can’t happen to you in your camper. Here it’s just cuddly, you hold each other tightly in your arms and when it gets cold you get even closer together. A sparkling ambience is included. Where? Take a look at the wonderful starry sky!

Tip: Park your VW Camper so that you can see the beach or the mountains when you wake up. Especially when camping in the wild, you are sure to have it exclusively for yourself!


The real luxury of a holiday is to do those things for which there is not enough time left in everyday life: Spending a few carefree days with your loved ones, experiencing nature in its purest form, growing beyond yourself with small challenges and finally being able to tell your relatives about great experiences! Haven’t you heard that somewhere before? Yes, that’s camping! We can simply save ourselves the “Gl”!

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