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Our roadsurfer models in comparison

Choose your roadsurfer now!

Rent a camper – roadsurfer has the right model for every taste. Besides the VW California Ocean (Surfer Suite) we have the VW California Beach (Beach Hostel Deluxe) for 5 travellers and the casual budget model, an extended VW transporter (Beach Hostel).

Our Mercedes Marco Polo (Travel Home) has a trailer hitch, all-wheel drive and 190 hp. The Ford Nugget with pop-up roof (Camper Cabin) convinces with a two-room concept and offers space for 5 travellers with a great rear kitchen and a separate bedroom/living room.

At the Westfalia Columbus 540D (Road House) you have a full bathroom on board – plus a warm shower and toilet. For dog owners we also have the dog friendly VW California Ocean (Dog Suite).

Just have a look at all details of the different models in the overview. Have fun with your campervan!

Comparison table

Our different campervans for hire: which campervan is right for you?

Your mum always told you to go play outdoors. And so you’ve decided to go camping. All well and good, but do you know which campervan is actually the one for you? Or perhaps you’ve been using the same model for years now and fancy trying something new? We can help you decide. Hire a campervan: read on to find out about our different roadsurfer models and the differences between them:

5-person family camper

The Ford Nugget with rear kitchen and pop-top roof


  • 5 metres long | 2.3 metres wide (including wing mirrors) | 2.06 metres high
  • 185 hp / automatic
  • Sleeps 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children
  • Rear kitchen with headroom
  • Towing hitch
  • Air heater
  • Outdoor shower

If you like your breathing space, then a family camper is the one for you, with room for five people, a rear kitchen and pop-top roof. Our “Camper Cabin” has enough space for a family with up to three children, or four adults. Its compact size makes it easy to drive, but despite appearances, there’s also ample space, with plenty of room for storage too. If roads are steep or icy, it’s no problem thanks to the 185 hp and automatic transmission. The built-in kitchen at the rear of the camper is another crowning feature. The living/sleeping area is separate, almost like a small apartment, and creates that all-important homely atmosphere. And thanks to the rear-opening pop-top roof, you can even stand up in the kitchen.

Hire a campervan: your “Camper Cabin”

The 2-by-1.4-metre bed is situated in the roof and provides enough space for two. It features a cold foam mattress placed on top of a sprung base.  Another two to three sleeping spaces can be created by folding down the seats below (including comfort sleeping cover, 1.31 metres x 1.91 metres). The towing hitch also means that you can bring a bicycle trailer or any recreational equipment along with your Camper Cabin. There’s also an air heater for holidays in the mountains and snow.

►Hire your Camper Cabin here – the Ford Nugget with pop-top roof

Are mobility and flexibility top of your list?

Then the VW T6 California Ocean is the wheels for your adventure


  • 5 metres long | 2.3 metres wide (including wing mirrors) | 1.99 metres high
  • 150 hp / automatic
  • Sleeps 4
  • Automatic pop-top roof
  • Camping kitchen
  • Original VW air heater
  • Outdoor shower

The look of the VW T6 California Ocean is sure to capture the heart of VW camper fans and, thanks to its excellent manoeuvrability, the camper is also perfect for adventure seekers who want maximum flexibility from their trips. At just 1.99 metres in height, the camper is the optimal size for fitting in any underground carpark and is also classed as a normal car in every country. The interior of the Surfer Suite is minimal in design and the vehicle stands out from the crowd thanks to the hidden storage space and array of practical features. The combination of the roof bed and comfortable sleeping surface in the inner space mean that the camper can easily sleep four. The upper bed features a slatted frame and comfy mattresses. Windows run around the pop-top roof to offer a 360-degree view and they are also fitted with mosquito nets – don’t endure that pesky buzzing around your ear. Adventure seekers need their sleep, after all. A plug socket and lights are located directly next to the roof bed for the more modern travellers among us: low batteries and nighttime disorientation are a thing of the past.

Hire a campervan: your “Surfer Suite”

The fitted kitchen features a gas stove so you can whip up tasty meals for family and friends to enjoy around the camper’s built-in table.  Driving in the Surfer Suite is also a pleasurable experience thanks to the multitude of technical features. The GPS system, rear-view camera and adaptive cruise control allow you to spruce up your adventure with a dash of comfort. Well, it can’t hurt! The only thing it can’t do is travel through time, well, not yet anyway. We’ll have to wait for the flux capacitor to be invented first.

►Find the VW T6 California Ocean here – your Surfer Suite

Escape into nature, but feel like you’re staying in a hotel:

The Westfalia Columbus 540D is the glamping queen of the campervans


  • 4 metres long | 2.7 metres wide (including wing mirrors) | 2.6 metres high
  • 140 hp / 9-gear automatic
  • Sleeps 4, no conversion needed
  • Wetroom (hot-water shower and WC)
  • Spacious kitchen area
  • Air heater (with hot water)

Our Road House does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a compact campervan which channels the character of a mobile home and is almost like a small house on wheels. The Westfalia Columbus 540D with pop-top roof provides plenty of space and storage room, easily enough for four people. There’s a large double bed at the rear of the camper, with an additional two sleeping spaces in the roof thanks to the pop top. At 5.4 metres in length and 2.6 metres in height, it’s hardly any bigger than a van, meaning that it’s great for any kind of trip. There’s no parking space too small – thanks to the integrated rear-view camera and park assist system. No more lugging a bulky mobile home around trying to find a campsite – with the Westfalia Columbus 540D, you can experience the joys of flexible travel without totally foregoing the luxuries.

Hire a campervan: your “Road House”

And if you shudder at the idea of just having a quick wash at the sink, this is the campervan’s crown jewel: there’s a small bathroom! Nighttime trips to the campsite toilet block are so passé. After an action-packed day filled with hustle and bustle, you’ll be singing the praises to having your own private space under a nice, hot shower.

Another crowning feature is the fully-equipped kitchen, where you can leave the sliding door open to get that outdoor feeling. It’s a great space to cook and spend time together. The air heater means that it’s not an issue to take longer trips in cold temperatures and the driver and front passenger even have the luxury of heated seats – cosy holiday vibes are guaranteed.

► Hire your Road House here – the Westfalia Columbus 540D

Camping in style

The Mercedes Marco Polo with chic interior, four-wheel drive and towing hitch


  • 14 metres long | 2.25 metres wide (including wing mirrors) | 1.98 metres high
  • 190 hp / 7 G Tronic Plus automatic
  • Sleeps 4
  • Four-wheel drive and towing hitch
  • Fitted kitchenette
  • Air heater
  • Outdoor shower

Sleek on the outside – just like all our campervans with their roadsurfer design – and chic on the inside, with 190 hp under the bonnet, four-wheel drive and towing hitch: the Marco Polo is our top roadsurfer model.

The Travel Home accommodates up to four people, both sitting and sleeping. The fitted kitchenette is a crowning feature – equipped with a two-burner gas stove, water tank and 42-litre cool box. It has everything you need to whip up a meal. All you have to do is add the ingredients and nobody goes to bed hungry. Speaking of bed, one can be found in the automatic pop-top roof whereas the other can be made by folding down the seats, and both sleep two.

Hire a campervan: you “Travel Home”

With 190 hp and a height of 1.98 metres, the Travel Home is your trusty companion, perfect for accommodating any road or weather conditions. Thanks to the four-wheel drive, you can get on your travels whatever the weather. The 360° rear-view camera makes parking in tight spaces a walk in the park. If you’re taking your bikes on holiday, simply attach the rear bicycle carrier to the towing hitch and the tour can get underway.

On colder days, you can fire up the built-in air heater and make the camper cosy warm. And on those hotter summer days, give yourself a spray with the outdoor shower to cool yourself down when there are no real lakes in sight.

► Hire your Travel Home here – the Mercedes Marco Polo

A holiday for 5

The VW T6 California Beach sleeps five and drives just like a normal car.


  • 5 metres long | 2.3 metres wide (including wing mirrors) | 1.99 metres high
  • 150 hp / automatic
  • Sleeps 5
  • Manual pop-top roof
  • Air heater

The Beach Hostel Deluxe does without the kitchen to offer more space for sleeping. With enough space to accommodate five people, the VW T6 California Beach is perfect for family holidays or road trips with the crew.  No need to fret about the lack of kitchen – we found a solution. You can still enjoy a lovely meal in the open air thanks to the 31-litre compressor cool box and portable gas stove with two gas cartridges provided. What’s more, there’s a kitchen box filled with camping pots and pans, an espresso maker, cups and glasses, plates and bowls, cutlery, cooking utensils, salad bowl, corkscrew, sharp knife and washing-up bowl – there may not be a kitchen, but we’ve made sure you have everything else. The front seats can be rotated to create a space where everyone can eat or play games together.

Hire a campervan: your “Beach Hostel Deluxe”

The Beach Hostel Deluxe is perfect for families with three children, as all three places on the backseat are equipped with Isofix for attaching child seats and can be folded down to make a roomy sleeping space. And this is where the extra space gained from the lack of kitchen comes into play: the backseat can be folded down into a wide bed, providing enough space even for two adults to get a comfortable night’s sleep together with their small child. The pop-top roof opens manually and provides room for two more sleeping spaces.  When the children get tired, they can nestle down and make themselves comfortable in the pop-top roof. All you have to do is pull the safety screen shut to make the roof into its own room and the adults can carry on chatting below – just like a 2-bedroom apartment, only on wheels.

► Find the Beach Hostel Deluxe here – the VW T6 California Beach

Camp out on the roof

You can sleep under the stars in the pop-top roof of the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon


  • 14 metres long | 2.25 metres wide (including wing mirrors) | 1.98 metres high
  • 190 hp / DSG automatic
  • Sleeps 5
  • Manual pop-top roof
  • Air heater

Similar to the VW T6 California Beach, the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon is also an ideal campervan for holidaying with friends or family. This model also lacks a kitchen, but provides enough sleeping space for five people. But don’t fret – you’ll have everything you need to whip up a meal with the kitchen box, portable gas stove and compressor cool box. In just a few quick steps, the backseat can be transformed into a comfortable bed which sleeps up to three people (two adults + one infant). And you don’t have to give your luggage much thought either – practical storage room can be found under the folded-down bed. There are also two compartments under the seats which provide additional storage space.

Why settle for 5 stars when you could go on an 1000-star holiday? Make your getaway unforgettable by enjoying a night under the stars in the manual pop-top roof which provides two additional sleeping spaces. The four-wheel drive makes the Horizon a trusty companion on steep mountain or snowy roads and, thanks to the towing hitch, there’s also the option of attaching a bicycle carrier or trailer. If your eyes are getting heavier and the route seems endless, then Attention Assist comes into play. It immediately detects fatigue and sends a visual and audible signal to tell you that it is time to take a break. This prevents you from momentarily falling asleep, meaning that you stay safe on the road. Driving through the night is never a popular choice, but you can take the worry away with the sophisticated LED lighting system in the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon which automatically adjusts the headlights to the driving situation.

Hire a campervan: your “Horizon Hostel Deluxe”

You no longer have to choose between a city break and nature getaway. With the Horizon Hostel Deluxe, you can have both and travel flexibly – either with family, or perhaps when it’s impossible for you and your friends to agree on one single holiday destination. At just two metres in height, the agonising search for a suitable parking space is a thing of the past and your camper will fit in any underground carpark. The Park Assist system with rear-view camera is a huge help when trying to pull into or out of a parking space. And so not only are you in good hands when it comes to exploring nature, but you can also use your camper to trip around the city.

► Find the Horizon Hostel Deluxe here – the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon

Your hostel on wheels, no-frills and with a real camper vibe

The VW Transporter-cum-campervan


  • 5 metres long | 2 metres wide | 1.99 metres high
  • 150 hp / automatic
  • Sleeps 2
  • Rear kitchen
  • Original VW air heater

In addition to its low price, our renovated VW Transporter also wows with its individuality. With the Beach Hostel, you can hit the road almost like you would with a self-renovated camper, but the roadsurfer edition differs from standard models, with a focus on practical, sleek design to give you as much flexibility as possible. If you prefer to keep things simple and would rather have a more authentic camping experience without the technical extras, then the Beach Hostel is the one for you.

Hire a campervan: your “Beach Hostel”

The camper fits five people as passengers, with space enough for two to sleep on the folded-down backseat. Curtains and black-out blinds mean that you can get a restful night’s sleep. The front right seat can be rotated to create a pleasant space for spending time together. As for outdoor living, a camping table, two chairs and awning are also provided free of charge. And you can even cook for yourself in the Beach Hostel: you can find everything you need in the kitchen box and the rear kitchen is equipped with a compressor cool box, portable gas stove, washing-up bowl and storage compartment – a great space for preparing your very own feast. Just like in a real hostel, there are no extravagant extras. You simply have exactly what you need for a successful camping trip. But with the luxury of having it on wheels. No real hostel can offer such flexibility!

► Hire the VW Transporter as a campervan – your Beach Hostel

The VW T6 California Ocean

For the most loyal travel companion: your dog


  • 5 metres long | 2.3 metres wide (including wing mirrors) | 1.99 metres high
  • 150 hp / automatic
  • Suitable for dogs
  • Sleeps 4-5
  • Electric pop-top roof
  • Camping kitchen
  • Air heater
  • Outdoor shower

Road tripping without your beloved dog? Possible, but pointless. Don’t leave your loyal, fluffy companion at home to eat your trainers: hire the VW T6 California Ocean and hit the road together. Our Dog Suite comes with a licence to bring your dog along, as a matter of course. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has other friends besides your dog, they can also join the trip. There’s space for up to five people in the VW T6 California Ocean. With its modern fittings and handy features, the Dog Suite is the perfect pad for man and dog. Simply hire the campervan and off you go!

With 150 hp, the campervan has enough power to fuel an adventure, but, at just under two metres in height, it still fits in any underground car park. The electric pop-top roof provides sleeping space for two people. For the remaining three, the backseat folds down to make a comfortable bed.

Hire a campervan: your “Dog Suite”

The fitted kitchen has all the equipment you need and invites you in to while away the hours and cook together. You can cook up some tasty grub on the two-burner gas stove and then enjoy it together at the built-in dining table. Or do you think that there’s nothing better than enjoying a sunny day with good friends by eating out in the open? No worries – a camping table and chairs come as part of the package. Now that’s how a camping holiday should be!

The Dog Suite also has the following equipment to guarantee a safe trip: cruise control, rear-view camera, front and rear Park Pilot system and adaptive distance control. The 3-zone air conditioning unit and air heater mean that you can hit the road in both summer and winter, whenever and however you like.

► Find the Dog Suite here – the dog friendly VW T6 California Ocean