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Hire a camper in Stuttgart

The city serves as the perfect starting point for a roadtrip with the VW California. Located in the south of Germany, you do not need to wait around that long and head straight towards the Mediterranean sun! You have already rented your campervan Stuttgart? Well done! That was a really good choice. In addition to its proximity to Switzerland, France and Italy, Stuttgart and its surroundings have a few exciting sights to offer. You will be surprised by its beauty! Camper rental in Stuttgart!

Camper rental Stuttgart

Bus handover: Stuttgart/Zuffenhausen – Rotweg 9 – 70437 Stuttgart

Approach roadsurfer Stuttgart

From the main station: U7 to Kelterplatz → 7 minutes on foot to roadsurfer (about 21 minutes) or U15 to Zuffenhausen Rathaus → 6 minutes on foot to roadsurfer (about 20 minutes)

Parking in Stuttgart

Galeria Kaufhof (250 parking spaces) | 5min walk to the town hall (Stuttgart Mitte) | 5€ for 2 hours | Clearance height 2.10 metres

Camping in Stuttgart

Camping site Cannstatter Wasn (directly at the Neckar) | Facilities: playground, kiosk, gas sales, table tennis, bistro | 15 minutes walk to the nearest S-Bahn station

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Hire a camper in Stuttgart

Camper rental Stuttgart: Friends of the VW Campervan – be aware!

You have already rented your campervan in Stuttgart? Do not hesitate and take on the world right now. The most stressful part is behind you. It is time to plan your adventurous roadtrip. If you are in Stuttgart already, take a look around. The city and its surroundings is very visitor friendly. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of landscapes. Take a city tour with your campervan or drive outside the center and walk through the beautiful vineyards. You love fresh air, wine, and a vibrant city? Then you will feel at home here. Rent a camper in Stuttgart now!

VW Bus rental in Stuttgart

The surroundings offer up to 50 RV sites and many smaller campsites, where you can stay with your campervan. They are subdivided into three categories: 1. Comfort – centrally and comprehensively equipped, 2. enjoyment – parking spaces for guests of farmland and vineyards  and 3. nature – simple, astonishing and beautiful countryside. So there should be something for everyone. If you have parked your camper at one of these places, you can immediately start exploring the capital of Baden-Württemberg. There are a few things you should discover before you continue on your journey! Rent a camper in Stuttgart!

Camper rental Stuttgart – its surroundings at a glance:

  • Burg Teck Owen (Castle)
  • Burgruine Hohenstaufen (Ruins/Castle)
  • Cannstatter Wasen (Traditional Festival)
  • TV Tower
  • Markthalle Stuttgart (Marketplace)
  • Neues Schloss (Castle)
  • Neue Staatsgalerie (Gallery)
  • Planetarium
  • Ruine Hohenneuffen (Ruins)
  • Schlossplatz (Square)
  • Zoo Wilhelma
  • Zahnradbahn (Cogwheel)

The perfect spot to experience with your family!

The best example serves the “Höhenpark Killesberg”. Here you will experience action and relaxation at the same time. The park is really close to the city center. The mountain is a former quarry that has been transformed by gardeners into a magical idyll of flowers, trees and shrubs. The playful water systems even include a flamingo pond. In addition, the “Killesbergbahn” crosses the area – a special highlight for kids. On the mountain there is also a high-altitude outdoor pool, an adventure playground, large enclosures with llamas, goats and many other animals, a fair and the unique “theater in the bathtub”.

If your legs are tired after this visit, there is still a reason to leave the campervan for a bit. Go for a Neckar cruise with the Neckar-Captain Stuttgart and marvel at the vineyards from the water. The pier is just opposite the Wilhelma in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt.

roadsurfer tip: Your children will love it! For you it might be a little pain. The Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart will please kids and well, some adults. Here there are 8,000 animals and almost 1,000 species – and this in the midst of a former royal garden with the flair of 1001 Nights. The water lilies in the 650-square-meter pond in the Moorish Garden are the largest in the world and can carry a weight of up to 70 kilograms on a single leaf.

Camper rental Stuttgart: Get a Mercedes Marco Polo!

A premium camper with a noble character: rent the Mercedes Marco Polo and start your personal trip through Europe. The Marco Polo is a real eye-catcher on every campsite – for example the interior was designed in black and white yacht look – of course also with the typical colourful foil of roadsurfer. And what else? 190 hp, all-wheel drive and trailer hitch and much more. You can find all information about the Marco Polo here: Rent a Mercedes Marco Polo Camper!

Mercedes Marco Polo hire

Rent a camper in Stuttgart: Campers in Costumes?

If you love Oktoberfest in Munich, you will love “Cannstatter Wasen” as well. The festival offers quite a specific experience and is held annually from mid-September until early October. Sounds familiar? Yes, the Oktoberfest is held simultaneously. As a visitor you can expect colorful parades, plenty of drinks and exciting folk music to dance to.

roadsurfer tip: Even if you do not have a costume: Go! Have fun. Get some drinks and remember in Stuttgart as well: Do not drink and drive!

Rent a camper Stuttgart! Exquisite wine and steak! That is what you could get.

Hire a campervan Stuttgart, park it somewhere safe and continue by foot – that is how it is done around here. And we advise you too, because you might actually miss some great sights. There are numerous staves – small and winding pinnacles that are spread around town – as an example, which you do not want to miss out on. Once you are on top of the many surrounding hills you will also be rewarded by an amazing view on the city.

Once you are done with that and willing to continue head towards the “Bohnenviertel”. Antique shops, artist studios, cozy cafes and taverns will be waiting for you. You will get a nice insight into Stuttgarts history. The taverns are reminiscent of the vineyards and the meals in the small restaurants at least as good as back in the days.

Camper rental in Stuttgart and off you go

Exploring Stuttgart with your newly hired VW T6 California is a real pleasure. Wash the city dust off your skin at Max Eyth Lake. Take a bath and relax! Hang on the sandy beach or grab your skates and drive around the lake. If you are up for some pedaling on the water, there are boats available. Around the corner lies a bird sanctuary, which is a great past time as well.

If you continue further you will get to the “Urach” waterfall. It is said to be the most beautiful waterfall in the area. It is around 37 meters of height and so clear that you can drink from it. On the meadow right next to it, there is a hut that provides visitors with regional products and some refreshing drinks.

If you have been to the Zoo and you are still not full of all the animals visit “Althütte”. There will be Alpacas waiting for you to feed them and have fun around the farm. For a few pennies you can take walks with them and even a short ride is in for the money.

roadsurfer Tip: You have seen enough? You do not feel like viewing anymore animals and being in the countryside? What about a flight simulator? Get out of your campervan and hop onto a plane! You can take a seat next to the pilot and become the co-pilot. Sit down in your own, at least for a few moments, Boeing 737. Enjoy your flight!

Camper rental Stuttgart and ride across the mountains!

Many castles and palaces are awaiting you up there in the Swabian Albs. For example “Schloss Hohenneuffen”. It is the largest of its kind in the are and stands out on the 743 meter high rock of “Hohenneuffen from Albtrauf”. The castle served as the palace of the Lords of Neuffeen until it was passed on in 1301 and went to the family of Württemberg.

Another castle, Teck Owen, rises on a 774 meter massif. It was probably built around the mid-12th century on the “Zeugenberg”. This was the first castle built by the royal “Zähringer” family.

Yet another castle is “Hohenstaufen”. It has been the home to the “Staufer” family for centuries. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the Peasents War in 1525. The remains were uncovered decades after its destruction and only the foundation can be admired nowadays.

Start road trip in Stuttgart

The campervan hire Stuttgart provides you with the opportunity to head towards France on the highway A8. Go via Pforzheim and Karlsruhe and you will end up in Strasbourg sooner or later. Kidding! It will take you less than two hours from Stuttgart. Start your trip into western Europe and life the van-life to the fullest with your Volkswagen California. On your route though, definitely stop by the Black Forest. It is a must on every travelers list. Your van will take you! Rent a camper in Stuttgart!

Hire a campervan Stuttgart and head South!

Campervan hire in Stuttgart: It will take you only 2.5 hours to get to Zurich if you use the motorway A81. On the way there, stop at Konstanz to take a dip in the big natural pool, which is also one of the greatest lakes in Germany and its breathtakingly beautiful. Once your in Zurich, southern Europe is your oyster. Head to Milan, Florence, Rome. Any further ideas? We bet you have. Because the nice thing about renting a campervan Stuttgart: We are not telling you where to go. Just hinting at a few nice places.

Back in Stuttgart? roadsurfer is eagerly waiting for the stories you will tell!

Rented a campervan in Stuttgart? Well, it would be nice to return it here. We will pick the van up at a location that is most convenient for you, because that is who we are: trying to make your travels as easy and enjoyable as possible! So what is stopping you? Rent your own campervan Stuttgart now!

Camper rental Stuttgart!

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