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Hire a camper in Munich

Munich has a lot to offer, so stay for a while and explore the city with your campervan. Start your holiday right after the handover of the roadsurfer van. Drive and walk around the beautiful Bavarian capital and enjoy the historical and breathtaking sights. The famous chime at Marienplatz, Wittelsbacher residence, the English Garden area with the funtastic surfers spot, the Bavarian State Opera and the multicultural Tollwood Festival, to name but a few. In fact, you could use up a whole vacation if you wanted to discover all Munich has to

Camper rental in Munich

Bus handover: Ingolstädterstr. 172, 80939 Munich, Germany

Approach roadsurfer Munich

From Central Station 1. tram 20 to Moosach → 2 minutes on foot 2. U1/U7 to the Olympic Shopping Centre → U3 to Moosach → 2 minutes on foot 3. S1 to Munich-Moosach → 5 minutes on foot

Parking in Munich

City multi-storey car park (400 parking spaces) | 8 minutes walk to Marienplatz. 6 Euro for 2 hours | Clearance height 2.30 metres

Campsite in Munich

Camping München Thalkirchen (directly at the Isar) | Facilities: snack bar, launderette, children's playground, lounge, disabled access, cooking facilities | 2 minutes walk to the nearest bus stop

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Hire a camper in Munich

Hire Your Volkswagen California in Munich

Camper rental Munich: Further sights in the city include

  • Allianz-Arena
  • BMW Museum / BMW World
  • House of the Arts
  • Königsplatz (Square)
  • Olympiapark & Olympia Tower (Public Park)
  • Odeonsplatz & Feldherrenhalle (Square)
  • Pinakotheken (Pinacotheca)
  • Villa Stuck
  • Viktualienmarkt (Daily Market & Square)

As you can grasp: a trip to Munich is totally worth it! Remember to plan some extra time of your camping holiday for this beautiful city and stay some time either in the beginning or end of your trip! No matter where it takes you on your trip, remember to leave the planned road, get off the van, walk the narrow streets, get to know the country and its people.

roadsurfer tip: Campervan hire in Munich – park your roadsurfer on Munich’s main boulevard, called Leopoldstraße, around Ludwig-Maximilian-University. Start from here and go straight ahead towards the English Garden and enjoy the greenery as well as the internationally famous “Surferwelle” at Eisbach river. Stay, watch and be impressed by the courageous surfers. Once you feel the need to continue, walk across Hofgarten towards Odeonsplatz.

There are numerous coffee shops and cafes where you can take a break. Stroll along the magnificent Ludwigstraße to the Siegestor and Leopoldstraße further up back to your roadsurfer campervan. Though, remember to put in a parking ticket. Munich police is known for their responsible-mindedness. To be on the safe side another tip: put in just enough to cover any possible delays and you will be leaving without a fine.

Culinary delights in the Bavarian capital

The “Weisswurst Metropolis” with its hearty Bavarian cuisine and the numerous beer gardens and breweries is worth a visit and not just for the annual Oktoberfest at the end of September! Whether in the “Seehaus” or the “Biergarten am chinesischen Turm”, in the “Andechser am Dom” or in the “Augustiner Biergarten” near Teresienwiese – everywhere you get fresh “Hax’n” (knuckles), “Hendl” (chicken) or the popular “Sauerkraut with Würschtl” (sauerkraut with sausages).

However, if you want to try the typical “Weisswurst”, you have to be there early because you usually only get some until 12 o’clock in the afternoon. The perfect place to have a delicious beer is “Viktualienmarkt”, which stays open every business day. Although quite expensive, but all the more delicious, you can enjoy the finest specialties here.

roadsurfer tip: Bavarian snacks fresh from the market – go shopping at “Viktualienmarkt” and stock your camper refrigerator with the best delicacies. Keep your budget in mind though – its quite easy to go penniless! If you have more time on your hand: walk around Augustenstrasse. There is a bakery called “Hofpfisterei”, which sells organic farmhouse bread consisting of only natural sour dough. Need some sausage and cheese for your freshly bought bread? Right next to the bakery there are various shops offering regional products.

Another roadsurfer tip: For the slightly tighter budget, we recommend the “CADU”, the café at the university, which, this kind of makes sense, is located very close to the university and very close to your parking lot. Breakfast options such as “Pamela Anderson” and “Franz Josef Strauss” make this first meal of the day quite interesting and they are delicious. The average price accounts for 8.90 € for one of the special breakfast options.

If you are eager to throw yourself into the fray of Schwabing’s in-crowd the so called “Schickeria”, take a break at “Vorstadt Cafe” at Türkenstraße or “Cafe Puck”, which is slightly rustic. Both cafes are located really close to your campervan parking lot at Leopoldstrasse and won’t even take up more than 10 minutes by foot.

Camper rental in Munich: Rent the Mercedes Marco Polo!

A design as if from a single mould: rent the Mercedes Marco Polo and experience a real premium camping bus! It has an absolutely noble look – the interior is black and white. A real eye-catcher on every camping site. In addition there is the colourful foil typical for road surfers. The other equipment of the Mercedes Marco Polo does not have to hide: Trailer hitch, all-wheel drive and 190 horsepower. You want all the information about this great camper? This way: Marco Polo Camper rental in Munich!

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Camper rental Munich: Elope with your roadsurfer van

Campervan hire in Munich: now that you experienced the major sights, the warmhearted people and the delicious Bavarian specialties, your good to continue your journey. The largest city in the south of Germany is not only a spectacular spot for a few days off, it serves as the perfect getaway point for a road trip through southern and eastern Europe. Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia are just round the corner. It will take you a few hours across serene landscapes, impressive architecture and beautiful forests. It is difficult to stay focused on your destination with all that beauty, but remember: get off the campervan, walk around and explore!

Off to Italy with your camper rental Munich

On your way to Italy, take your first break after around half an hour drive at “Irschenberg” – even if you don’t want to, you might be forced to take a break because there are usually traffic jams. Do not worry about anything though. This roadhouse provides anything you could wish for. A great restaurant with the same name offers great deals on delicious meal. For the less daring of you: a McDonald’s is there to fill your tummy in case you forgot to stock your campervan with food and drinks. If you travel with kids, let them roam freely around here.

To continue you will have to pass Innsbruck and the “Brenner” towards South Tirol. At the “Autogrill” you can get the first taste of Italy. Take in the amazing taste of their espresso. roadsurfer tip: take in as many as your heart will allow. Traveling can be exhausting especially with a campervan. Wait! Enjoy every minute because no matter how exhausting you will feel remember that the journey is the reward for a true roadsurfer.

roadsurfer tip: Remember the toll! Buy the so called “Videomaut” at the Austrian border together with the vignette for the roads, in order to save time at the “Brenner”. If you are traveling during the main holiday season, sometimes very long traffic jams can occur. Good thing: If you drive around the highway, you will pass beautiful mountain villages and get great insights into the South Tirolean country life. If you are lucky enough you are traveling during the time of the apple and grape harvest. Look out for the fruit farmers and winemakers at the side of the road. You get the most delicious and cheap fruits and vine there. In any case, get off the road for a while and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

From Munich all the way to South Tirol with your campervan hire Munich

Once you have passed the “Brenner” highway and the Alps you will be surrounded by a fresh breeze coming right from the Mediterranean. Open the window and enjoy the air! We highly recommend a stroll around Bolzano and while you are around get some refreshing drinks and snacks. If you have enough time, dare to jump into the cool waters of “Montiggler See” in Überetsch, South Tirol.

Camper rental in Munich – the Lake Garda is nearby

The great beach and the blue waters are magnificent! After a break continue towards Lake Garda, which is a hot spot for natives of Munich to get away from the noisy city. Though it will feel like Munich at times, due to the huge German population and travelers there, around the lake you will find great campsites, especially if you take the road towards Bardolino. The south-eastern shore between Garda and Lazise present you with various 3-4 star campsites.

You feel more adventurous? Well, then leave early and head for the Riva. The cool breeze of the sea will invite you for an amazing break. Get a surfers board and head towards the sea! Thanks to the tunnels it is an easy ride to the west coast of Lake Garda, Gardone, Gargnano and Salo. Mind the curvy road though! On your way you will come across little villages deep in the mountain range. Stop and enjoy the breathtaking view!

roadsurfer tip: Off to the south bank! Our favorite campsite at Lake Garda is the 4-star campsite “La Serenella”, which is located at Bardolino right at the lake, which has a wide meadow beach with a nice dock. Additionally, the site offers a restaurant, a swimming pool and a surfing school. At the adjacent promenade you can stroll around and eat well. There are also some beach bars with live music in the evenings.

Turning back the clock: Returning the roadsurfer camper rental Munich

Before you do, enjoy the roadtrip ahead. No matter where your heart will lead you, southern Italy, Croatia or France, it will be an amazing road head. We hope you will be having a great journey until you return to our beloved Bavarian capital. Here you can hand over the campervan. We are looking forward to seeing you and listening to the exciting stories you will hopefully share. In this sense: “Mia san mia!”, happy travels and cheers! Now, start planning your trip and go to the camper rental in Munich!

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