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Hire a camper in Berlin

The German capital is hip, trendy, and the metropolis to be for young souls who want to feel special and different than anybody else. Even music superstars think so. Take David Bowie who said: “Berlin, the biggest cultural extravaganza you can imagine”. Rent a camper in Berlin and start your individual road trip. Our roadsurfer campervans are just as crazy as Berlins natives themselves. Get in and feel the difference! This modern metropolis with its 3.5 million inhabitants represents the perfect starting point for your camper journey. Head east and north for the sea. Feel like going south? Stay in the area and explore the exciting surroundings. What are you waiting for? Camper rental in Berlin – start your adventure!

Camper rental Berlin

Bus handover: Nordlichtstr. 11, 13405 Berlin

Approach roadsurfer Berlin

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Parking in Berlin

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Camping in Berlin

Campsite Berlin Gatow | Equipment: playground, table tennis, restaurant, cooking facilities, Wlan, shop, gas sale | Next stop directly in front of the door

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High-end vehicles VW California T6, Mercedes Marco Polo and other models. The first registration of all our camper is less than 24 months.

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Individual vehicle instruction

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Minimum rental of only 3 nights

Rent from 18 years old

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Hire a camper in Berlin

VW T6 California Ocean hire

Surfer Suite VW T6.1 California Ocean

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

105€ / Night

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Mercedes Marco Polo mieten

Travel Home Mercedes Marco Polo

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

99€ / Night

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Mercedes Marco Polo Camper

Travel Home Deluxe Mercedes Marco Polo

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

105€ / Night

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Westfalia Columbus 540D hire

Road House Columbus Westfalia Columbus

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

129€ / Night

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Kastenwagen mieten

Road House Eliseo Bürstner Eliseo

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

129€ / Night

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Ford Nugget with pop-up roof hire

Camper Cabin Ford Nugget with pop-up roof

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

105€ / Night

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Ford Nugget Plus

Camper Cabin Deluxe Ford Nugget Plus with pop-up roof

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

109€ / Night

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Beach Hostel Deluxe VW T6.1 California Beach

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

90€ / Night

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roadsurfer dog suite camper

Dog Suite VW T6 California Ocean DOG

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

105€ / Night

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VW Transporter Campervan mieten

Beach Hostel VW T6 Transporter

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 2 people

75€ / Night

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Campingbus mieten in Berlin

Campervan hire – start in Berlin!

Campervan hire: You have decided to rent your campervan in Berlin and would like to spend a few days there? Go for it! There are amazing camping areas and there are around 50 of them in and around Berlin. Beautiful locations draw you in magically – visit beautiful lakes and deep forests. Examples include “Müggelsee and “Schwielowsee”. At “Tegeler See” there is a great camping ground you should check. Furthermore, right in the center of the city you are able to find a campsite, which is unique for any city. That is Berlin! Always special.

Camper rental in Berlin: first visit the german Metropolis

If you want to give your camper a rest, well, Berlin offers a great infrastructure and makes traveling around town very easy. Do not be afraid and use those trains to get around the city and meet great people. If you are (un)lucky you might meet some natives and get to experience their typical nature. We cannot imagine that Berlin is not for you, but if that should be the case head to the city of Potsdam which is just a stone throw away. Whether you rent your camper in Berlin or visit the metropolis on your trip, try and take some time to experience this crazy world.

Rent a camper in Berlin and experience Berlin

  • Old Museum & “Lustgarten”
  • “Bebelplatz” (Square)
  • Berlin’s East Side Gallery
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Television Tower
  • Memorial Church
  • German Parliament
  • “Gendarmenmarkt” (Market)
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • “Humboldt Box” at Berlin’s “Schlossplatz” (Square)
  • “Kurfürstendamm”
  • “Neue Wache” (Station)
  • “Nikolai” Quarter
  • “Oberbaumbrücke” (Bridge)
  • “Potsdamer Platz” (Square)
  • Sony Center
  • Siegessäule (Column)
  • “Weltkulturerbe Museumsinsel” (World Heritage Sight)
  • “Zeughaus unter den Linden” (Building containing the German Historical Museum)

VW Bulli mieten in Berlin und die Stadt der Freiheit erleben

Deutschlands Hauptstadt ist nicht nur historisch gesehen „die Stadt der Freiheit“, sondern auch vom allgemeinen Lebensgefühl – perfekt für Berlin Camper also! Stell deinen Campingbus am Stadtrand oder in einem der circa 80 (!) Parkhäuser ab oder lass ihn auf dem Campingplatz stehen,  ins Zentrum geht’s mit den Öffentlichen. Und dann? Zu Fuß!  Weite Wege gibt es kaum.

Das Herz Berlins bildet natürlich der Alexanderplatz mit dem Fernsehturm. Von hier aus ist es nicht weit zum historisch relevanten Brandenburger TorÜber die berühmte Straße Unter den Linden mit all ihren Geschäften und Cafés spazierst du gemütlich zwischen diesen zwei Orten. Beim Brandenburger Tor richtest du natürlich deinen Blick gen Himmel, auf die Quadriga. Die Siegessäule befindet sich dann auch gleich um die Ecke, genauso wie das Holocaust-Denkmal.

roadsurfer-Tipp: Keine Lust zu laufen? Kein Problem, Segwaytouren sind in Deutschlands Hauptstadt mega angesagt. Schnell genug, um sich ein paar Minuten zu sparen, langsam genug, um die Umgebung wahrzunehmen.

Berlin: The city of Freedom! Feel free to rent a camper at roadsurfer!

Campervan hire Berlin: the German capital feels like the city of freedom ever since we can remember. History taught us that Berlin was always a little more open-minded than any other city. Nowadays, this remains and the attitude is quite relaxed and you can do whatever you want to without anyone even interested. Kind of the perfect destination for some camping holidays with your campervan hire. Do not want to stay in the middle of the masses? Leave for camping van somewhere on the outskirts or one of the approximately 80 garages and use public transport to go into the center. Walk! Work out! There are so many ways to explore the city.

Alexanderplatz and its amazing surrounding including the television Tower are the heart of the city. Start here and its short walk to one of the most important sights: the Brandenburg Gate. “Unter den Linden” ranks among the most popular streets with its cosy cafes and various shops. Stroll along until you reach the historical sight. Once you reach the Gate, look up and take it all in including the “Quadriga”. Around the corner you will also find the “Siegessäule” as well as the Holocaust Memorial.

roadsurfer Tip: You don’t feel like walking? Take a tour with a bus. They are frequently offered. Just hop on and enjoy the capital this way. It is fast enough to safe a few minutes, but slow enough to visit all the important sights and take some pictures.

Attention, Berlin campers: “Uff’n Kiez!” as the saying in Berlin goes

Camper rental in Berlin – but classic sights may not be your thing. Go for the crazy stuff! Franz Suppé already said: “You are crazy my child, you have to go to Berlin”. Experience Berlin – enjoy the “Kiez”! Friedrichshain, Charlottenburg, Neukölln and Prenzlauer Berg could hardly be any more diverse. These are the areas where you should go for some crazy nightlife. The party never stops and goes on day and night!

Friedrichshain is the former GDR workers and industrial district, which is one of the main attractions of Berlin. This neighborhood is very popular among youngsters. Despite extensive resotrations, the neighborhood preserved its special charm. It’s quite alive and still unfinished. Have some influence and explore the area with your campervan rental.

Charlottenburg on the other hand is located in the western part of the city. Whether you choose to visit “Waldbühne” or any bar around – you will not experience a culture like this anywhere else. The neighborhood is the glamorous soul of the city with a certain authentic charm. Roadsurfer Tip: The “Monkey Bar” close to the Zoo on the 10th floor is worth a visit. Enjoy a gin tonic and observe the animals. You do not even need to buy a ticket!

Neukölln: Known as one of Berlin’s ghettos, this area represents so much optimism and happiness. The newly awakened scene and its culture draw young people and impress them so much, most want to remain here. Roadsurfer Tip: The 48-Hour Festival – music, theater, readings and much more for 2 days. Also, check out the many clubs at “Reuterkiez” and the pubs around the area. Cheers to that!

Prenzlauer Berg is another disctrict with many pubs, galleries and shops. It is also best known for its crazy nightlife, which you should definitely experience. “Kastanienallee” is often referenced as the sight in the neighborhood in tourist guides. Visit and enjoy the many cafes and shops. In addition to the “Kulturbrauerei” (brewery), which is a traditional German thing – the “Schultheiß” brewery” – you can grasp some Mediterranean flair around here.

roadsurfer tip: “The Secret Tours Berlin” offer sightseeing trips of the beaten track. If you choose, you can take one in the evening as well. Try out the “Wannsee – Villas & Agents” tour or the “Charlottenburg – Olympic Stadium & Spies” tour. Additionally, take a look at “Stasi Gefängnis Hohenschönhausen” tour and the “Atombunker Harnekop” special tour. Everything imaginable is available with these guides. Another highlight: the underground tunnel hike. Enjoy one of the special tours.

Camper mieten und Berlin erleben

Camper rental in Berlin – but never stay hungry in any case!

Try the food. You will be amazed on how amazing it really is. “Döner” and “Currywurst” do not ring a bell? Well, then it is about time you tried. Everyone should at least try it once in their life. You don’t like it? Well, that is not even possible. “Ku 195” on Kurfürstendamm, “Konnopke’s” in Prenzlauer Berg and “Curry 36” in Kreuzberg are the hotspots for some delicious sausages. Don’t think twice and get something nice!

That is not it though. You still got dinner ahead. Treat yourself and get the famous “Döner” (kebap). Berlin is home to more than 1,000 restaurants that serve the dish. The basically serve it anywhere around town. Looking for the best kebap in the world? Try “Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap” at Mehringdamm. You will never want to have anything else.

Camper rental Berlin: At roadsurfer you get the Mercedes Marco Polo!

Campervan hire in Berlin: Rent the Marco Polo and let your wanderlust run wild! Mercedes has given the Marco Polo a very noble design – as a roadsurfer of course with a colorful foil. The interior comes in black and white piano lacquer – a real attraction on any camping site. Marco Polo and have even more advantages: 190 horsepower under the hood, all-wheel drive and trailer hitch – to name but a few. All further information can be found here: Rent a Marco Polo Camper!

Mercedes Marco Polo hire!

Rent your campervan in Berlin – But, try out one of the nice boat rides

Now that you just hired your roadsurfer campervan in Berlin we suggest that you turn away from it right away? Sounds crazy? Well, Berlin took over. Robert Gilbert once said that the River Spree flows through the city. Why walk? Why drive? Why use public transport when you might as well take a boat and see one of the coolest German cities from another perspective.

Starting at 12 Euro, there is the “City Spree” tour. You can watch the highlights of Berlin including the governmental district from the boat, relaxing and having a coffee on deck while the sights just pass by. The cruise on the River Spree starts close to the station “Hackescher Markt” and ends at the main station. Besides this one-hour journey on the boat, there are other options available. Learn more and visit Berlin! What’s better than renting your roadsurfer campervan then?

Berlin by Boat: further tours include

  • Festival of Lights in October
  • Historical City Tour
  • Bridge Trip: 23 kilometers cruise
  • World Heritage Site between Wannsee and Potsdam

roadsurfer Tip: The “Hop-on-Hop-Off” combination tour by bus and ship. It offers many opportunities to get off and on whenever you feel like it. Tired? Bored? Get off the cruise and explore another area for your liking. Found something interesting? Get off the boat quickly to enjoy the beautiful neighborhoods.

Start your camping trip in Berlin and explore the world

You have seen the most important parts of the capital in all its beauty? Start discovering surrounding areas and leave. Go somewhere else! Explore different destinations. Camper rental in Berlin: There are so many things around that you should discover.

You don’t want to go? We can’t force you! You just love Berlin? Stay then

The VW California serves you as your portal to the most amazing trips and destinations you will ever experience. Suits everyone with a car: the motorway A10. It surrounds the capital and you get a quick and easy in and out of town. You want to visit Potsdam? Go towards the south-west and visit this city and its many lakes around “Havelland”. You don’t like swimming or lakes in general? Head south across the motorway A9 to Leipzig and Dresden and even further down to Thuringia and Bavaria.

The motorway A24, A11 and A20 should be used by those of you who wish to go north. How about a trip to the Baltic Coast? What about Rostock, Stralsund and Lübeck? Even Hamburg is quite close. Done with Germany? Then go up north and head towards Denmark, Sweden and Norway. There are so many options once you hired your roadsurfer campervan in Berlin.

Campervan hire in Berlin: next destination Poland and the Baltic States

Take the motorway E65 and E30 to travel to Poland. Visit Warsaw, visit Gdansk, visit whatever you feel like visiting. Done with Poland as well? Want some more? Head up to Lithuania, which is one of Poland’s neighboring countries. Experience the charming eastern European mentality and its rich history with your campervan renatl.

Once you are finished: it would be nice to see our campervan rental back in Berlin

Head back to Berlin and return your campervan rental to your favorite rental company roadsurfer. The important thing to us is, that you have had an amazing experience with your campervan rental and a brilliant trip with the Volkswagen “Bulli”. We are looking forward to welcoming you again. Come back to Berlin anytime. Come back to roadsurfer anytime. And rent your campervan Berlin anytime!

Camper rental Berlin!

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