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Camping 2021 – Your freedom!

Plan your holiday 2021 & step into camping gold!

Are you looking for a way to travel that is safe, independent and flexible? Do you want to avoid the masses and go your own way? Camping is THE solution. It is the safest way to travel and you can rebook or cancel your trip up to 48h in advance in exchange for a voucher! Campers are all the rage right now … rent yours before it is too late!

Stay updated and safe.

Covid 19 handling & camping news


The best spot for your road trip

Cool camping spots in Europe – private and individual in #roadsurfing style. Check out the most beautiful, unusual and remote places to stay overnight – always sustainable and individually selected!

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roadsurfer – Enjoy your freedom

You are dreaming of the van life but – find yourself short of a camper? You can rent your camper with roadsurfer – according to your own taste and needs. We have campers from VW California, Mercedes Marco Polo, Ford Nugget and Fiat Ducato. We also have campers exclusively designed for dog owners.

You can choose between the “Travel Home” with trailer hitch, the “Travel Home Deluxe” with trailer hitch, all-wheel drive and 190 hp or the classic “Beach Hostel” with a kitchen in the rear – roadsurfer campers come in all shapes and sizes! If you want to rent a van with 5 people, the “Beach Hostel Deluxe” with no fixed kitchen is perfect for you. The “Horizon Hostel Deluxe” is the more luxurious choice for 5 people, with plenty of space for the whole family. For four people, we recommend the “Surfer Suite” with a fully-equipped kitchen, an outdoor shower and pop-top roof as well as the “Surfer Suite Deluxe”.

The “Camper Cabin” is ideal for 5 people and will win your heart thanks to its two-room concept with a rear kitchen and plenty of space to cook while standing. It also has a separate space for sleeping. The “Camper Cabin Deluxe” is equipped with a fixed toilet on board. Both “Road House” models offer you the comfort of a bathroom at home – a warm shower and a toilet. Take a look at our models and get to know them better. You choose!

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The Best Price

We offer the most affordable price on the market.

Every Mile Included

A campervan hire with us means, driving as far as your heart carries you.

Book Online – Comfortably and Safely

Payment via PayPal, credit card and transfer – all payment methods are free of charge.

Ready-To-Go-Camping Package

Kitchenette with a stove, sink and a refrigerator. Pots, cups, plates, cutlery, cookware and much more included.

Buses Specifically for Dog Owners

Rent a VW camper, book your DOG SUITE oder DOG HOSTEL DELUXE and bring your four-legged friend along on the trip.

Comprehensive Insurance

Full and partial comprehensive insurance, as well as mobility services and roadside assistance in an emergency are included in the price.

More Drivers to Register?

If you choose our "Complete" package, you can register more drivers and reduce your deductible to 0 Euro.

Long-Term Discounts up to 15%

Rent a campervan, travel more than 15 nights and the price will be cheaper starting at night 16.

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Feel free ...

Spectacular passes, cliffs, coasts

A road trip over the Alps to Portugal.

Don't drink and drive - Whisky Tour

3 guys with their roadsurfer through Scotland

Girls Tour - Girl trip through Spain

2 girlfriends in the van always leads to fun!

roadsurfer locations

Campervan hire – Your advantages at roadsurfer

Renting a camper at roadsurfer offers numerous advantages. Registering a second driver is always included, as well as every single mile you drive. The minimum rental is just three nights even during high season. Also included, a one-on-one detailed instruction for every vehicle that will explain everything you need to know about your campervan. Camping table, chairs, kitchen supplies, crockery and cutlery are also included and free of charge.

No Fixed Cleaning Rate

Individual briefing for your campervan

24 hour roadside service

All miles included

Only 3 nights minimum rental

Renting starts at the age of 18

Check availability

Climate friendly camper vans

We are aware of our responsibility to the environment. For this reason, our camper vans are climate-neutral. By offsetting our CO2 emissions, we support an environmental project in Brazil with a social impact that benefits both nature and the local population, as well as our planet!

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Campervan hire: enjoy the “Bulli-feeling”!

roadsurfer campervan hire germany

Rent your campervan, break out of your daily routine and go wherever your heart desires. Recapture your freedom! We call that the “Bulli-feeling”. That feeling has fascinated our clients for a long time. Rent your VW California now and enjoy. Rent a camper and discover both nature and beautiful landscapes. Bring your kids along and share with them the beautiful campsites. We consider that relaxation for the soul.

Experience gives you pleasure and makes you happy. The VW T6 California will satisfy your idea of a perfect family adventure, that is our promise. Make the best of your campervan’s many features. When it’s warm enough, let the refreshing air blow through your camper’s sliding doors and protective window screens. Listen to the sound of nature while you fall asleep – in very comfortable sheets. For those who do not own a campervan, the feeling of freedom doesn’t have to stay a dream. Make it a reality! Our solution: simply rent a T6 camper.

Rent a VW camper and start your journey!

roadsurfer campervan hire germany

Your personal holiday can start immediately. The stylish VW campervans are everything you need for an amazing trip. There is the legendary pop-top, sleeping space for up to four people, a camping kitchen and on request a camping toilet as well. Want to be equipped for any situation? Book one of our buses that includes an outdoor shower. Basically, all you need to worry about is packing enough clothes and food. We take care of everything else. It is quick and easy to lend your camper. Just pick it up at any of the offered locations and drive off.

Campervan hire – get started!

Most people fall for our portable homes on wheels at the start of their trip and so will you. Our campervans represent freedom! You can do whatever you want, wherever you want. Stay as long as you want, be spontaneous and go wherever the road leads you. You want to head to Italy after breakfast? Go! That “Bulli-feeling” were talking about, which is so addictive, will make you want to hit the road all the time. Your kids will love the holidays and they’ll probably want to move in permanently. For side effects of this kind, we assume no liability whatsoever. So what’s next? Rent your VW California Beach!

#roadsurfer Magazine

The magazine for real campers and those who wish to become one of us. Is it your first trip with a “Bulli”? On our Roadsurfer blog you will find numerous tips such as packing lists, campers “Do’s & Dont’s” and much more information.

Furthermore, you can read about various camping trips, routes, recommendations and tips from our camper community. Rummage through the pages and you’ll find yourself immediately planning your next roadtrip. High anticipation and the holiday feeling guaranteed.

To roadsurfer Magazine

A campervan is more than just a motorhome

roadsurfer campervan hire germany

Sooner or later every camper will ask themselves: What kind of camper am I? You can decide whether you want real adventure or moveable luxury with all conceivable amenities. A campervan offers absolute freedom from the go, and it’s easy to explain: You just rent your campervan, drive off and have fun! Whether you drive through small Italian villages with their cute narrow towns, or driving via the pass towards the Mediterranean Sea. Rent a T6 camper and enjoy this pure pleasure at a height of 1.99 meters.

The VW California will set you free!

roadsurfer campervan hire germany

Let the road determine your destination! Easily remain in any car parking lot if you feel like it. This is another reason to rent a campervan. Even in big cities the van is very convenient. You remain flexible and can even use the van as a shopping device. Drive to the supermarket or mall and carry your groceries straight home.

There are many times when a VW van is the only thing that feels right. Picture yourself parked in a large motor home alongside an amazing beach. Your luxurious motorhome is flexible and can be taken anywhere you could ever imagine. All this is included in our camping experience. Decide to rent with Roadsurfer and you won’t regret it.

Your roadtrip with one of our campervans will be different!

roadsurfer campervan hire germany

Apart from the practical benefits already mentioned, it’s the experiences and memories that truly count. Have you asked yourself, why do you want to road trip with a campervan? Most people would simply argue: freedom. People want to leave behind the chores of everyday life and take on the simplicity that comes with living on the road. This is the most basic trip you can plan. Just take the necessities and head out into the world. Enjoy life to it’s fullest.

See how easy it is to experience happiness. Anyone who thinks they might need a dishwasher, a microwave or anything else to be happy, should plan a road trip with a campervan. If you accidentally landed on our homepage, this is a sign. You might fall in love with the idea, book a trip and enjoy our cozy, colourful, and stylish campervans. Our vans are always ready to hit the road. Rent your campervan now and start a camping adventure.