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Rent an RV in Gothenburg

Does your dream road trip include relaxing by the sea, immersing yourself in nature, trying delicious food, and a dash of city sightseeing? Then rent a camper van or RV in Gothenburg and explore the natural beauty in the Bohuslän archipelago, or stroll through the charming old town with its old wooden houses in the Haga district. Rent one of our roadsurfer camper vans and enjoy culinary highlights like Swedish lobster or take a fika coffee break and try the famous cinnamon buns!

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Where can I pick up my RV rental in Gothenburg?

Gothenburg has a great public transportation system, so finding your way to our rental station from the airport or central station is easy! Look below for the Gothenburg rental station address and directions.




Beatrice Lesslies Gata 8
421 31 Västra Frölunda

Getting to the station

From Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (GOT): From the airport, board the airport coach toward Gothenburg to “Gothenburg Korsvagen”. Change to tram 7 toward “Tynnered Opaltorget” to “Göteborg Marklandsgaten”, then transfer to bus 82 toward “Lillövägen” to “Beatrice Lessiles Gata”. From here, it’s a 1-minute walk to the roadsurfer station.

From Gothenburg Central Station: From the station, walk to tram stop ‘Göteborg centralst Drottningt’ and take tram 7 toward “Tynnered Opaltorget” to “Göteborg Marklandsgaten”. Transfer to bus 82 toward “Lillövägen” to “Beatrice Lessiles Gata”. From here, it’s a 1-minute walk to the roadsurfer station.

Parking information

There is a small paid parking area located at “Antenngatan,” which is about a 5-10 minute walk from the roadsurfer station.

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Explore Gothenburg RV Rentals

  • 4
  • 4

Surfer Suite Class B RV | VW T6.1 California Ocean

  • 150 hp diesel engine
  • Integrated kitchen
  • Outdoor shower (cold water)
  • Automatic pop-up roof
  • Rear parking sensors with camera
  • Cruise and distance control ACC, GPS
  • 4
  • 2

Couple Cottage Class B RV | Sprinter

  • 130 hp diesel engine
  • Large kitchen area
  • Indoor shower/wet bath (hot water)
  • Toilet
  • Without pop-up roof
  • Parking assistance & tempomat
  • 4
  • 2+2

Family Finca Class B RV | Sprinter

  • 177 hp diesel engine
  • Large kitchen area
  • Indoor shower/wet bath (hot water)
  • Toilet
  • Fixed high roof
  • Rear parking sensors with camera, cruise control, etc.

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Rent a roadsurfer Camper Van or RV in Gothenburg

Discover the west coast of Sweden, world-class cuisine, and the second largest (and most sustainable!) city in Sweden when you rent a camper van or RV in Gothenburg. We’ve compiled the top tips on how to get your road trip off to the best start in the section below. From where to find fresh water and groceries, to the perfect spot for a coffee before you hit the road – you can start planning today!

Camper vans & RVs with ready-to-go camping gear

Our roadsurfer camper vans and motorhomes are equipped with everything you may need or want on your Gothenburg road trip. Enjoy a seamless road trip experience with built-in navigation, relax and unwind on a big and comfortable bed, and make use of a fully stocked kitchen box that includes a pot and pan, tableware, glasses, utensils, mugs, and a French press for your morning coffee, allowing you to prepare your favorite meals. Additionally, we provide an outdoor table and camping chairs so you can enjoy your time outside. The only thing you need to bring is a comforter or sleeping bag and your sense of adventure. You can also reserve a comforter when you book your camper van rental in Gothenburg, along with many other items that you can find on our equipment list.

Best time of year to visit Gothenburg

The best time to rent a camper van or RV in Gothenburg is between May and September when the temperatures are between 60° and 70°. The warmest months are July and August. In August, the annual music festival Way Out West takes place in Slottsskogen Park (Castle Forest). Fans of heavy metal music should visit in June and July as there are many interesting metal festivals taking place such as Metal Town Festival.

Fall to spring is not the best time to visit in terms of weather due to rain. On the other hand, this is a great time to visit Sweden from a culinary point of view because it’s the best time to enjoy freshly caught delicacies from the sea, including crabs, mussels, or oysters. Tip: Lobster from western Sweden is considered some of the best in the world!

Filling and emptying water tanks in Gothenburg

When you rent a camper van in Gothenburg, you’ll need to find somewhere to fill your fresh water at the beginning of your trip and empty the grey water at the end.

Gas stations often have a fresh water tap where you can fill up, although we recommend not using the hose provided, as it’s not guaranteed to be free of contaminants. Instead, use a water canister to fill the fresh water tank. You can also buy large bottles of water from grocery stores for this purpose.

Unlike the U.S. and other European countries that have plenty of RV service sites, Sweden has fewer camper van services where you can empty your grey water. It’s best to do this at your campground after the final night of your road trip.

Gas stations near our Gothenburg station

Before you return your roadsurfer camper van, you can refill with diesel and AdBlue at one of these convenient gas stations near our location here:

  • Bilia Sisjön Tanka, Norra Långebergsg. 1, 421 32 Västra Frölunda

Please note: The AdBlue service station information provided is for guidance only and is provided without warranty of any kind; customers are advised to check the information for accuracy on their own responsibility, as roadsurfer assumes no liability for the accuracy or timeliness of the information.

Parking in Gothenburg

Excellent public transportation in Gothenburg means that wherever you park, it’s easy to get around. If you’re camping outside the city, it may be easiest to head to your local station and take the train into Gothenburg, but if you’d like to drive into the city, here are some options for parking during the day:

  • Ullevigatan Parking, 411 40 Göteborg
  • Parkgatan, 411 38 Göteborg

Paying tolls in Sweden

There are no highway or freeway tolls in Sweden. However, there is a city toll in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Essingeleden, and your license plate number with be automatically recorded. The fees depend on the time and date. The same happens at the Motala and Sundsvall bridges. EPASS24 takes care of the billing. The exception is the Oresund Bridge, where you can pay directly before crossing. The best solution for the electronic fees is to create an EPASS24 account at the start of your journey so that you can make automatic payments. Important: When creating the EPASS24 account, click on “Rental” and carefully enter your travel time with your roadsurfer. We are not responsible if you incur additional costs due to a subsequent driver.

Last-minute essentials in Gothenburg

Stock up on food and supplies for your road trip from Gothenburg at one of the grocery stores close to the roadsurfer station. There is a Maxi ICA, a Lidl, and a Coop, all within a 5-minute drive. If you’re looking for anything else, including clothing, electronics, blankets, or a pharmacy, these can all be found at the 421 shopping center in which the Maxi ICA is located.

  1. Maxi ICA grocery store, Lona Knapes gata 1, 421 32 Västra Frölunda
  2. BaraBraMat (zero waste and health foods), August Barks gata 30A, 421 32 Västra Frölunda
  3. 421 Shopping Center, Lona Knapes gata 1, 421 32 Västra Frölunda
  4. Lidl grocery store, Distansgatan 40, 421 72 Västra Frölunda
  5. Coop grocery store, Hantverksvägen 2, 436 33 Askim

Coffee shops near our Gothenburg station

If you need to refuel yourself after picking up your camper van rental, there are a couple of cafes near the roadsurfer station where you can get a hot drink and something to eat. There is also a cafe in the Maxi ICA grocery store listed above, which is convenient if you’re going there to buy food.

  1. Espresso House, Frölunda torg, 421 44 Västra Frölunda – 7-min drive
  2. Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters, Varholmsgatan 12, 414 74 Göteborg – 8-min drive

Campgrounds near Gothenburg

If you rent a camper van in Gothenburg and want to stay close to the city for a few days, here are two wonderful campgrounds with amazing facilities to give you a little taste of luxury:

  • Lisberg camping area, Skatåsvägen 25, 416 55 Göteborg
  • Lisberg Askim Strand campsite, Marholmsvägen 124, 436 45 Askim
  • For those setting off on a longer road trip, use roadsurfer spots to find unique camping experiences in Europe. You can book online quickly and easily, in advance or spontaneously while you’re on the road. You can also search for camping locations along your route using the routes app feature.

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