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Hire a campervan in Ireland

Charming villages, storied castles and idyllic landscapes – Ireland boasts all these and more. Exploring this dreamy island country with a campervan hire is a must-do experience. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover or just someone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, road tripping is definitely the best way to see it all. Hire a campervan in Ireland from our station in Dublin and discover the Emerald Isle. No matter where you drive, its locals will always welcome you with Céad Míle Fáilte (a hundred thousand welcomes).

roadsurfer campers in Ireland

  • 4
  • 4

Road House Motorhome with pop-up roof (540)

  • 140 hp diesel
  • spacious kitchen area
  • Indoor shower/wet room (warm)
  • WC
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Parking assistance, rear camera, Tempomat, etc.
  • 3
  • 2+1

Cozy Cottage Semi-integrated motorhome (700)

  • 177 hp diesel
  • spacious kitchen area
  • large bathroom
  • WC
  • without pop-up roof
  • Rear view camera, cruise control, spacious rear garage, etc.

Your roadsurfer perks

Unlimited mileage

Free 2nd driver included

Rebook or cancel with the Flex option up to 48 hours before departure

Roadside assistance

Free camping equipment and kitchen utensils included

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Your road trip in Ireland

Rent a campervan in Ireland and hit the road to explore the stunning coastal landscapes along the Wild Atlantic Way, with its panoramic views of endless ocean meeting rugged cliffs. Don’t miss the Cliffs of Moher either – a scenic spectacle stretching five miles and towering over 200 metres above the sea. Plan a detour to the spectacular Ring of Kerry, home to some of Ireland’s most dramatic scenery. Then, finish with a trip to Blarney Castle to lie down, lean back and kiss the Blarney Stone!

Driving rules in Ireland

Driving in Ireland offers a unique and thrilling experience. The open roads unfold before you, revealing rough-hewn stone farmhouses, majestic landscapes and rugged coastline vistas. If you rent a motorhome in Ireland, the experience of driving in the Emerald Isle is similar to driving in the UK. There are a few points to keep in mind though.

  • Sheep and shepherds: Like the UK, Ireland drives on the left-hand side of the road, which should be a familiar comfort. Just remember to always keep one eye out for the occasional sheep crossing your path on country lanes (and the other eye on the shepherd who generally follows).
  • Speed limits: Speed limits are displayed in kilometres per hour, not miles.
  • Narrow country roads: It’s worth noting that Ireland is much more rural than most of the UK, and many roads can be quite narrow and winding, requiring a bit of patience and plenty of caution. Go slow, take your time and remember that navigating these picturesque lanes is part of the charm. Look for safe passing points in the lanes when another vehicle approaches.
  • Traffic light sequence: Traffic lights in Ireland go straight from red to green without an amber light in between. The amber light in Ireland is only to warn you to stop (unless it’s unsafe to do so).

Camping in Ireland

Want to enjoy the best of Ireland’s lush countryside in your motorhome rental? Good news! Ireland is replete with serviced campervan and caravan sites, and the easiest way to find them is by checking out The Irish Caravan and Camping Council website. Other than that, it’s important to keep a few camping etiquettes in mind:

  • Take care of the environment: Ireland is blessed with breathtaking natural landscapes, so remember to leave them as you found them. Take all your rubbish away and dispose of it at designated areas.
  • Respect the locals: Be mindful of local communities and respect their privacy when staying somewhere in your motorhome. Don’t be loud or rowdy at night and keep noise to a minimum.
  • Make use of facilities: When camping at designated sites, make use of all amenities provided. This helps reduce any impact on the environment and keeps campsites clean for others to enjoy.
  • Wild camping is illegal (with exceptions): Because most of the land in Ireland is privately owned, it’s difficult to wild camping without also trespassing on someone’s property. Fortunately, some landowners will let you camp on their land for a small fee. Just be sure to ask first!
  • Be prepared for all weather: Ireland is known for its unpredictable weather, so make sure to pack accordingly. Bring rain gear and warm layers even in the summer months… just in case.

Events & festivals in Ireland

This is a country that loves to celebrate, and its calendar is peppered with events and festivals throughout the year. If you plan on renting a campervan in Ireland during your stay, try to time your trip with these few events:

  • St. Patrick’s Day (March): One of the most famous Irish festivals worldwide, St. Patrick’s Day turns the country into one big party. Featuring parades, green attire, music and dancing, it’s a celebration of Irish culture and heritage that you won’t want to miss.
  • Galway International Arts Festival (July): This renowned event showcases a diverse range of performances, exhibitions and installations from both Irish and international artists. The festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, making it a must-visit for any art lover.
  • Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann (August): The world’s biggest and best traditional Irish music festival, this week-long event features music sessions, concerts, competitions, and street performances. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of Ireland.

Popular travel regions in Ireland

  • Ring of Kerry: This picturesque 179-kilometre-long circular tourist route in County Kerry, South-Western Ireland, features pristine beaches, quaint villages and panoramic ocean views.
  • Connemara: Known for its wild, romantic landscapes, Connemara is a blend of rugged mountains, sprawling beaches and clear blue lakes.
  • Dingle Peninsula: Home to Ireland’s highest mountain range and some of its most beautiful coastal scenery, the Dingle Peninsula is a paradise for outdoor adventurers.
  • The Burren: This unique karst-landscape region in northwest County Clare is known for its remarkable assemblage of plants and animals, and rich archaeological heritage.
  • County Donegal: A gem in Ireland’s North West, County Donegal boasts stunning sea cliffs, golden sandy beaches and a rich Gaelic culture.

Best time to hire a campervan in Ireland

Summer in Ireland offers the most consistent weather and longer days, but it’s also when the country is at its busiest. Spring and autumn offer mild weather, fewer crowds and lower prices, making them great times to hire a campervan in Ireland and hit the road. Winter in Ireland can be cold and wet, but it’s also the perfect time to cosy up by a pub fire and watch live traditional music sessions with a bunch of friendly locals.

Hire a campervan in Ireland

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