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Hire a camper in Toulouse

This beautiful and historical city is the perfect starting point for your road trip to the Midi-Pyrenees. Especially with your own campervan you can explore the idyllic mountain villages, prehistoric caves and medieval towns at your own pace. The alpine air of the Pyrenees is also waiting for you! Whether you are an adventurer, a bon vivant or a culture junkie – rent a campervan in Toulouse and make your dream come true in the south of France!

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You can pick up your camper here in Toulouse

Using public transportation to our roadsurfer station

From the main station: Take metro line A in the direction of “Balma Gramont” – get off at the “Argoulets” station. Then continue by bus 43 (approx. 15 minutes).

From the airport: Take the tram to “Arènes”, then continue by metro as described above.

Parking in Toulouse

There is plenty of free parking in the quiet area around the roadsurfer station.

Rent a roadsurfer campervan in Toulouse now

Longing for an adventure with your loved ones or your beloved dog? Roadsurfer has many different camper models to suit you and your needs. Check out which models are waiting for you in Toulouse:

roadsurfer surfer suite side view
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  • 4

Surfer Suite VW T6.1 California Ocean (Right-hand drive in UK)

  • 150 hp diesel
  • Integrated kitchenette
  • Outdoor shower (cold)
  • Automatic pop-up roof
  • Park-assist and rear camera
  • Cruise and distance control ACC, GPS
roadsurfer beach hostel deluxe side view
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  • 4+1

Beach Hostel VW T6.1 California Beach

  • 150 hp diesel
  • Big bed (whole vehicle width)
  • pull-out kitchen unit
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Park-assist and rear camera
  • Cruise and distance control ACC, GPS
roadsurfer travel home side view
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  • 4

Travel Home Mercedes Marco Polo

  • 163 hp diesel
  • Integrated kitchenette
  • Outdoor shower (cold)
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Hitch
  • Park-assist and rear camera

Top 10 sights in Toulouse

Rent a camper in Toulouse and off you go into the city bustle! The city owes its nickname “La Ville Rose” to its countless buildings decorated with antique terracotta tiles. Depending on the position of the sun, Toulouse shines in shades of copper, sometimes pink. Here is a small overview of highlights in the city on the Garonne that you should not miss!

  • Basilique Saint-Sernin: 900-year-old basilica along the Way of St. James
  • Place du Capitole: the most important square in the city
  • Canal du Midi: links Toulouse to the Mediterranean and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Pont Neuf above the Garonne: the symbol of Toulouse
  • Couvent des Jacobins: Pearl of the southern French Gothic and old Gothic Dominican monastery
  • Hotel d’Assézat: Magnificent patrician house in Renaissance style
  • Pont Neuf: the oldest surviving bridge over the Garonne
  • Jardin de Plantes & Grand Rond: Exciting parks & green spaces
  • Rue d’Alsace Lorraine: shopping street full of historic buildings
  • Cité de l’espace: ESA interactive museum and space theme park for young and old


How to get there: The best way to get to Toulouse from Germany is by plane. The international airport Toulouse-Blagnac is served by German airports in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and Bremen. For those who don’t like flying, there is also the possibility to go to Paris and from there directly by TGV in 6.5 hours from Paris to Toulouse.

Rent a camper and conquer Toulouse

The capital of the administrative region of Occitania is located just north of the Pyrenees and is particularly attractive for a camping holiday for several reasons. Compared to other regions of France, Toulouse can still be described as an insider tip and is less overrun, especially in summer, than, for example, places along the Côte d’Azur. It’s actually surprising when you look at the multitude of charming sights that this city of 500,000 inhabitants boasts! Whether you want to stroll along the paths of history, marvel at magnificent architecture, wander through imaginative parks or enjoy hospitality and culinary delights – you will find all this and more in Toulouse! So get going, rent a camper in Toulouse and start your discovery of the city on the Garonne.

Road surfers’ tip for camping in Toulouse: city campsite “Toulouse Le Rupé”. As the beautiful old town with its winding alleys offers only few parking possibilities, we recommend to leave your VW Bulli in Toulouse at the campsite “Le Rupé” and start your sightseeing day from there. By bus or metro you will be in the city centre in no time and you don’t have to worry about city traffic, parking bans and traffic tickets. Located in the northern outskirts of the city, the campsite offers well secured and separated pitches for all types of motorhomes and modern and clean sanitary facilities. If you have rented your camper in Toulouse, this campsite is also a good starting point to plan your road trip through the south of France.

Sightseeing in the historic city of Toulouse

In the old town of Toulouse you will be overwhelmed by countless historical treasures and unique monuments. Toulouse has experienced a lot in its more than 2000 years of history. At every corner, a piece of history was waiting for you! Let yourself be captivated by it too!

Saint-Sernin Basilica: One of Toulouse’s most important historical landmarks is the Saint-Sernin Basilica, located just five minutes’ walk from the Place du Capitole. It is the largest preserved Romanesque church in France and one of the largest in the West! Built in the first century from bricks and stones, it impresses with a high bell tower, an elongated basilica and a huge, vaulted nave with over 250 works of art.

Pont Neuf: If you want to stroll from the old town to the Saint-Cyprien district, you will automatically come to another highlight of the city: the Pont Neuf bridge. The translation “New Bridge” is misleading as it is the oldest surviving bridge over the Garonne river. Especially in the evening hours there is a special atmosphere when the Pont Neuf is illuminated in bright colours. You too can enjoy the atmosphere and the view just like the locals!

Couvent des Jacobins: In the western part of the old town, not far from the Garonne, you will find another place that breathes history. The Jacobin convent Couvent des Jacobins! This 13th century Dominican convent is a wonderful place to enjoy peace and quiet and to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Let yourself be enchanted by the medieval halls, cloisters and chapels and wander through the venerable walls like the old monks did back then.

Discover Toulouse: on the trail of art and culture

Rent a camper in Toulouse and explore the city in the south of France – a perfect idea for culture lovers and art lovers too! A large number of museums are spread over the entire city of Toulouse. In the beautiful Renaissance Hotel d’Assézat you will find the Foundation Bemberg, an art collection from the 16th-18th century. You can also admire paintings, sculptures & furniture from the Middle Ages to modern times in the Musée des Augustins in the former Augustinian monastery or the Musée Paul-Dupuy in the Hôtel de Pierre Besson. If you are more interested in the history of science, the Muséum de Toulouse should be on your list! Located in a former monastery, the museum also houses a large natural history collection, a botanical garden and a library.

Feasting in Toulouse: from Cassoulet to Croustade

Of course, your camping holiday in and around Toulouse should not be without its pleasures. Canned ravioli and spaghetti with tomato sauce adé! Make sure you try the regional gastronomy. You will not regret it! Whether hearty or fine dishes, savoury or sweet delicacies – Toulouse impresses with its very varied cuisine.

One of the most traditional specialities of the region is the stew cassoulet. White beans, salted pork and bacon are cooked in a ceramic pot for hours and with great devotion. The typical Saucisse de Toulouse (the “sausage of Toulouse”) can also be found everywhere in the city. This coarse bratwurst, twisted to a snail, is produced according to strict regulations and with only local ingredients and seduces with its hearty taste. But vegetarians also get their money’s worth in Toulouse and can try, for example, Chèvre chaud à la Toulouse, a warm goat’s cheese gratin filled with honey and onions. Sweet gourmets in Toulouse will not be able to resist the typical apple pie with a crispy crust, the Croustade aux Pommes! The apples are marinated in brandy for a while and then garnished with puff pastry. Got a taste for it? Then rent a camper van in Toulouse quickly!

Discover Toulouse with children

Renting a camper in Toulouse with children and exploring the city – sounds like an adventure and will be an unforgettable family holiday! Of course, not every sight is as exciting for children as for adults, but fortunately Toulouse offers lots of fun and variety for the little ones too!

Cité de l’espace: The “Cité de l’espace” museum, a theme park of the European Space Agency (ESA) about the universe and space travel, offers an absolute adventure trip for young and old explorers alike. Located in the east of the city and easily accessible by camper, the whole family can immerse themselves in the world of satellites, solar systems and space stations. There is even an IMAX cinema with exciting films about space and time!

Aeroscopia Museum: Toulouse is the city of Airbus A museum of aeronautics belongs to Toulouse, of course. Discover different real aircraft models from transport to military aircraft on a tarmac and try out your skills as a pilot on board the flight simulator with your children.

Toulouse Botanical Garden: When the weather is nice, children want to romp outside, so why not take a closer look at the huge Toulouse Botanical Garden? With seven hectares of space, there is plenty of room to romp around, discover and learn. Apart from a lot of playgrounds, there is even a small train to explore the park! And this tour is almost like a safari: various ducks, geese and swans, waterfalls and fountains – the kids will be amazed!

A boat trip on the Garonne or on the Canal du Midi: have your kids been dreaming for a long time about being captain and being at the helm with a loud ahoy? Then grab one of the round boats and take a boat trip on the Garonne or the Canal du Midi! You and your family can enjoy the old historic buildings as well as the beautiful nature of Toulouse from the water!

Rent a camper in Toulouse and travel the Midi-Pyrenees region

Have you visited all the sights in Toulouse? Then off to new paths! Because of its location, Toulouse is a particularly attractive starting point for a varied road trip with your camper! Whether it’s just for a weekend or longer – idyllic villages and impressive natural sites await you in the surroundings of Toulouse. We have put together some ideas for you on how to make the most of your road trip through the Midi-Pyrenees region. So let’s get going: rent campers in Toulouse and live in the south of France.

Fascinating excursion destinations around Toulouse

Town of Albi: You only have to drive north-west in your camper for about an hour to reach the small town of Albi. The old town of this place (also called bishop’s quarter) will leave you speechless! The urban ensemble with the Sainte-Cécile Cathedral and the Palais de la Berbie have even been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010!

Village of Cordes-sur-Ciel: Not far from Albi, make sure you stop off in the village of Cordes-sur-Ciel! You’ll feel like you’re back in the Middle Ages when you see this jewel.

Foix Castle: At about the same distance to the south, on the foothills of the Pyrenees, you will find the fascinating village of Foix. The castle of the Count of Foix, which is a listed building, and the former abbey church of Saint Volusien are outstanding sights. They overlook the whole village and plain from high up on a rock and give an impressive picture from everywhere.

Medieval city of Carcassonne: No insider tip, but the city of Carcassonne with its medieval Cité is equally worth seeing. Also to Carcassonne you don’t need more than one hour with your camper and you will be rewarded with a very well preserved medieval citadel with a fabulous atmosphere.

Caves of Niaux: Many prehistoric caves await you around Toulouse. Besides the cave of Mas d’Azil and the caves of Limousis, one of the most famous is waiting for you – the caves of Niaux. In addition to the caves of Lascaux, you can also see world-famous murals from the time of the Cro-Magnon people. Especially for young and old archaeologists, this is an excursion that will leave you with great memories.

Cirque de Gavarnie: A stone amphitheatre south of Lourdes. Framed by steep granite walls, you will also find the second highest waterfall in Europe in this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site! Rent your camper in Toulouse and immerse yourself in this fascinating alpine world!

On a road trip with your camper through the south-west of France you will soon notice that small, idyllic villages, historic sites, medieval towns and impressive mountain villages are teeming with people! So don’t waste any time: Rent a camper in Toulouse and start your adventure.

The mountain calls: drive with the campervan to the Pyrenees

What could be better than a road trip to the mountains? From Toulouse you can reach Andorra, the mountain state and centre of the Pyrenees, in just about two hours with your camper. But you don’t have to drive that far to experience the mountain range between France and Spain up close! Already in the foothills of the Pyrenees you will be welcomed by beautiful nature. The nature park “Pyrénées Ariégeoises” offers you everything your outdoor heart desires after only 1 hour drive from Toulouse.  Are you drawn to the alpine regions of the Pyrenees? Then you can climb around 200 peaks of more than 3000 metres and compete with the mountain chamois, enjoying pure wilderness and solitude. High mountain valleys like the Vall de Núria or Vall de Camprodón invite you to go hiking – just like the Parque Nacional de Ordes. Breathtaking canyons, grottos, extinct volcanoes and even old Romanesque architecture await visitors here.

Tips for camping in France

If this is your first time in Toulouse and you are renting a camper in France, we have put together some important information about camping in France:

  • Toll: On motorways you pay for each kilometre depending on your camper, but they are faster and usually relatively empty; free national roads often run parallel to them.
  • Travel time: With the camper, best in April, May, June, July and September! Avoid August, then it’s summer holidays in France!
  • Parking: in France you are allowed to park your camper for one night to get it back on the road. However, camping is prohibited!
  • Campsites and pitches: You can find them with our roadsurfer spots app
  • Wildcamping: Is forbidden in France, there is a penalty of 1500 Euro!
  • Speed: 50 km/h in built-up areas; 80 km/h on country roads; 100-110 km/h on express roads and 110-130 km/h on motorways
  • Where to park? It is allowed everywhere where you see a white dotted line! Blue line means parking with a parking disc; yellow line: ban!

In our magazine you can find your favourite spot among our top 10 campsites in France.

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