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campervan and a bike on a road in the mountains

The Top Destinations for Cycling Holidays in the USA

Discover the Beauty of the West Coast by Bike and Motorhome

Hire an RV from our Los Angeles station and pick up a rental bike from a local supplier, and set off on unforgettable adventures along the West Coast.

Plan Your USA Cycling Holiday Along the Coast Bicycle Route

The complete route runs for around 2,984 kilometres along the coast from Vancouver in British Columbia to San Diego in California. You can either drive the whole route in four to five weeks or pick out individual sections, depending on how much time you have.

The highlight of this route is the “Oregon Coast Highway 101” section, which is tip number 1 on our cycling tour along the Coast Bicycle Route.

1. The Pacific Coast Cycle Route in Oregon

This stretch of the Oregon coast offers great views of dramatic cliffs and the Pacific Ocean away from the busy highway. It’s worth allowing plenty of time here to take in all of the sights.

The route also passes through charming coastal towns such as Newport, Florence and Bandon, where cyclists can visit local shops, restaurants and attractions. Another highlight along the route is the whale-watching opportunity. If you want to spot whales, plan your road trip between December and May when they are migrating along the coast. Cyclists can stop at one of the many lookouts and keep an eye out for grey whales, humpback whales and orcas swimming in the bay and open sea.

2. From Monterey to San Simeon in California

The route is challenging but beautiful. The roads are mostly winding and hilly, but make up for it with the Cabrillo Highway, which winds through the steep cliffs of Big Sur National Park. The road also passes through the famous Bixby Bridge, one of the tallest single-span bridges in the world and a landmark in the area.

As there are many hiking trails in the area, you can leave your bike at the campsite and spend the day hiking. Trails lead to beaches, bluffs, canyons and hot springs. You might want to check out McWay Falls whilst you are there, an impressive waterfall that plunges directly into the Pacific Ocean.

3. The Pacific Coast Cycle Route From Leggett to San Francisco in California.

From the origin of Highway 1 in Leggett down to San Francisco, the route is considered breathtakingly beautiful. A section of the route runs through the Russian River that meanders through picturesque valleys and forests and passes through some of California’s best wine regions. Cyclists can stop to sample wine or visit local wineries.

The route ends at the famous Golden Gate Bridge with spectacular views of the bay and surrounding hills. It is a good idea to stop in San Francisco and visit local attractions such as Fisherman’s Wharf, the Exploratorium or Golden Gate Park.

4. The Cycle Route From Santa Barbara to Santa Monica

As well as riding through beautiful coastal towns such as Ventura, Oxnard and Malibu, a highlight of this route is the section in the Santa Monica Mountains, which offer spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding area. This also passes through the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk, where cyclists can see local artists and street performers and enjoy some of the best beaches in California. In Santa Monica, cyclists can also visit the Santa Monica Pier, an iconic pier with an amusement park, restaurants and an aquarium.

You can also easily reach the route from LA for a day trip. It’s worth it because the kilometre-long bike path is only a few metres from the sea. As you pass by, you can watch the surfers riding the waves or stop for a dip in the cool water yourself. In addition, the section of the route is less steep and demanding and thus also perfectly suitable for hobby cyclists.

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