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Eco Camping with our roadsurfer spots

Sustainability is becoming increasingly more important in the camping industry which is why we are experiencing a boom in eco camping –  a great alternative for environmentally conscious campers in countries where wild or nature camping is not allowed. Not sure where to start? Many of our unique roadsurfer spots are suitable for eco camping and we have lots of great tips for being environmentally aware whilst camping.

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What is Eco Camping?

For many people, camping means getting by with fewer things, living in harmony with nature, and having the most sustainable kind of holiday possible. Most of the time, this can be practiced with wild camping, but if this is prohibited, then you should switch to an eco camping campsite.

Our roadsurfer spots are made for eco camping because they offer the perfect mix of wild camping and camping. Our spots are individual, are usually located away from the crows in the middle of the countryside, and focus on sustainability even in the design of the site.

On our roadsurfer spots website, you can choose environmentally friendly campsites all over Europe at your leisure. There are also various filters to help you not only find the right spot for your vehicle and your desired date but also to determine the facilities and activities nearby. You can decide whether you want to go eco camping in the forest or on the beach, whether you need a drinking water connection, a solar shower, or a campfire site, and of course, you can also set your budget.

Eco Camping in Europe

Eco Camping in Germany

Germany has a lot to offer eco-friendly campers! We have a huge selection of great roadsurfer spots for ecocamping in Germany. Short distances are not only ideal if you’re traveling with children or your dog, but also protect the environment.

We also have many beautiful pitches in the countryside, near the city, by the sea and in the mountains.

Camping by the Sea

Do you like spending time by the water? Then go for it, these campsites are just a head’s jump away from the lake!

Campsites Close to the City

Check out the coolest sights during the day, try out the nicest cafés, and relax at the campsite in the evening. These spots are perfect for combining big city life with camping.

Eco Camping in Austria

The local choice in Austria is small but nice, and our spots are located in some of the most beautiful corners of the country. Whether you want to stay on an alpaca farm, on an organic farm, on the shores of a lake, or in the middle of the mountains – in Austria there are environmentally friendly campsites for every taste.

Stellplatz Bauernhof

Campsites on the Farm

Do you want to discover the trails on horseback or milk the cows in the morning? Visit one of our beautiful farm spots.

Campsites in the Mountains

Whether hiking or simply enjoying the magnificent views: Austria and its mountains are your perfect destination. You won’t be able to stop marveling at these spots in the mountains.

Eco camping in Italy

La Dolce Vita meets eco camping in Italy at our roadsurfer spots. Pure enjoyment is the order of the day, and nowhere is that better and more sustainable than in Italy. Regional and seasonal food is eaten all over the country, so it’s fitting that most of our campers are equipped with their own kitchen. Stroll through the weekly markets or stock up on produce from your roadsurfer spot – many farms not only offer a sleeping area, but also wine and olive oil from their own land.

Stellplatz Wandern

Campsites for Hikers

Move your body, get some fresh air and unwind while enjoying nature. These spots are perfectly located to start your hiking route after your morning expresso.

Stellplatz Meer

Campsites by the Water

Attention water lovers! These campsites are located directly by the sea or on Italy’s most beautiful lakes. Here you can experience everything from pure relaxation to action-packed afternoons.

Eco Camping in France

Vineyard, castle, or the Atlantic beach? Eco camping in France leaves you spoilt for choice. If you don’t fancy a regular tourist campsite, then look for one of our charming spots away from the crows. Not only can you spend the night in harmony with nature, but you’ll also get a taste of authentic French life.

Stellplatz Weingut

Campsites on the Vineyard

Unsere Stellplätze auf dem Weingut bieten neben schönen Aussichten auch puren Genuss. Lust auf ‘ne Weinverkostung?

Stellplatz Reiten

Campsites for Riding

Do you want to spend a holiday on horseback? Then visit one of our campsites near the stables.

Eco Camping in Spain

Long-term camping is particularly environmentally friendly, and in Spain, it is also possible in winter. On Costa Cálida, summer temperatures still prevail when it’s already cold and grey here. This saves electricity and energy because you can turn down your roadsurfer auxiliary heating in winter!

You’ll also find great organic farms, ecological olive oil farms, and authentic fincas for camping all over Spain.

The House of Straw in Spain

The House of Straw in Spain is located in the middle of the mountains and you are surrounded by wild nature. The great thing is that you can learn a lot about sustainability here and then enjoy the homemade dishes with organic food.

Campsites by the Sea

If you want to enjoy the sea breeze while having breakfast, we recommend a spot directly by the sea.

Eco Camping in Portugal

Fancy a spot of golfing, surfing, or warm weather to escape the winter? Then Portugal should definitely be on your list. Our spots are spread all over the country and offer you the possibility of eco camping from the Algarve to the Douro Valley.

What they have in common are great views, unspoiled nature, and Portuguese hospitality.

Landstory Ecolodging

Looking for relaxation and tranquillity on your next holiday? At Landstory Ecolodging you’ll find just that and more. Vineyards, forests, orchards, and vegetable gardens are right on your camper’s doorstep, and you can discover beautiful Portugal along the way.

Stellplatz Hund

Dog Friendly Campsites

Holiday without your faithful furry friend? No way! These spots are perfect for your next holiday with your beloved dog.

Eco Camping in Croatia

If you want to do eco camping in Croatia, it’s best to come in the low season, when the tourists are gone. We have many great spots for camping directly by the sea or in the Plitvice National Park. Especially in spring or autumn, you can explore the area on foot.

You can also take advantage of our low off-season prices – which is definitely more sustainable for your wallet!

Stellplatz Familie

Vita Mia Camp

Our exclusive Vita Mia camp is located in the heart of Istria, on the top of a hill with spectacular views of the surrounding nature. Here you will stay in a unique location with lots to discover around you: swim under waterfalls, discover Istria hiking or take a bike ride!

Campsites for Adrenaline Junkies

When relaxing on holiday just isn’t your thing,  you’ll find awesome amusement parks in the immediate vicinity of these spots. An adrenaline rush and a lot of fun are guaranteed!

Eco Camping in Slovenia

National parks, dramatic panoramas, tradition, and ecotourism await you in Slovenia. Our roadsurfer spots in the country are no exception. Wine drinkers can sleep in the middle of an organic vineyard, animal lovers in a beautiful sanctuary, and adventurers in the middle of the exciting Triglav National Park.

Camping at an Animal Sanctuary

Camping like something out of a picture book. At the sanctuary, you can cuddle over 90 rescued animals and end the evening roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Eco camping has never been more beautiful than here in Slovenian nature.

Campsites by the River

These beautiful campsites are all located directly on the river in the countryside and you can even take a kayak or canoe along them.

Our Tips for a More Sustainable Camping Experience

A holiday with a roadsurfer is already one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. In contrast to a plane or cruise ship, you generate significantly fewer CO₂ emissions. We also support selected companies and organisations that are committed to climate protection. Being Environmentally conscious is also important to us and we regularly launch campaigns such as “Clean Up Journeys” to show our commitment to the environment. We want eco camping to become the norm and not a passing trend. Of course, we can’t do this alone and rely on our roadsurfer customers to join in too. In addition, when eco camping, you should not only look for a sustainable pitch, but also for the following:

  • Even though travelling in a campervan is relatively environmentally friendly by comparison, it’s best not to travel alone. Take your friends or family with you – it’s more fun anyway and reduces CO₂ emissions per capita!
  • Use biodegradable detergents and soaps (bar soaps are best, they also save on packaging), and make sure you dispose of your water tanks properly.
  • Avoid waste! Take refillable bottles and reusable Tupperware so you don’t need disposable plastic packaging.
  • If waste (including organic waste) is unavoidable, take it all back and recycle what you can.
  • Whether you’re staying in the wild or at a roadsurfer spot, check that you’re not harming the surrounding nature before parking.

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