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Hire the Off-Road 4x4 Motorhome

Leave the well-travelled paths behind with your off-road roadsurfer! With 190 hp, raised chassis, and four-wheel drive, the Couple Cottage Offroad will help you tackle even the most challenging roads. Be independent on your adventure with our 4×4 motorhome for up to one week at any time of the year with a built-in kitchen and wet room with a hot water shower and toilet, as well as thermal insulation glazing for those colder nights.

Starting from £155 / night

Why hire the Couple Cottage Offroad motorhome?

The 5.93 m long off-road Couple Cottage has 2 berths and 3 seats (the back seats have an Isofix system for a child seat), a built-in kitchenette with 90-litre refrigerator, sink and 2-burner gas cooker. The two front seats swivel and there is a fold-out dining table in the living area.

Stay flexible and be independent on the road thanks to the motorhome’s wet room with a toilet, washbasin and hot-water shower (can also be used as an outdoor shower), as well as a second camping toilet. The extra-large water tank in your off-road motorhome can be filled with fresh water for up to 1 week and you also have 2 additional batteries in the rea, so you can be even more self-sufficient for longer. Thanks to the inverter, you don’t have to rely on shore power! In total, you can plan for up to 1 week of independent camping with this vehicle.

Thanks to the thermal insulation glazing, front seat heating, and the 6kW diesel air heater with a hot water boiler, this vehicle is also ideal for winter use (except in extreme temperatures). And those looking for a real adventure can travel off-road thanks to the four wheel drive.

There is plenty of storage space for luggage under the bed and bulkier items can be stored in the rear.  You can also look forward to cruising the roads in comfort thanks to the ACC, cruise control, navigation system, reversing camera, Bluetooth, USB, radio, and the multifunction steering wheel,

Off-road motorhome for two adults with additional outdoor equipment

Spacious interior kitchen with a large refrigerator, 2 gas cookers, etc.

Wet room with hot water shower and toilet

Four-wheel drive and raised chassis

Be self-sufficient on the road for up to 1 week (extra batteries, inverter, large water tank, etc.)

Hire the Couple Cottage Offroad

Your Couple Cottage Offroad equipment & features

Sitting & Sleeping

✓ 3 Seats
Both front seats can be rotated.

✓ 2+1 Sleeping Berths
2 adults downstairs in the fixed bed (L 1,95 m x B 1,35 m).

✓ Blackout Blinds
For all windows (including the windscreen).

Maximum vehicle load weight

The maximum vehicle load weight for this model is 260 kg.
Already taken into account:

  • A full fuel tank
  • Our basic camping equipment
  • A driver weighing 75 kg

This leaves you with 260 kg for passengers, luggage, your camping equipment, and the fresh water and black water tanks.

Recommendation: Avoid a full water tank while driving, as the permitted total weight may be exceeded and your fuel consumption will increase.

More information on the vehicle load weight

Cooking & Eating

✓ Complete Kitchen Unit
Spacious interior kitchen with a large refrigerator and freezer compartment, sink, two burner gas cooker and storage space.

✓ Kitchen Box
Includes camping cooking pots, a pan, espresso mug, coffee mug, glasses, plates, small bowls & cutlery (for 3), children’s crockery, cooking cutlery, salad bowl, a small knife and a washing-up bowl.

Water & Electricity

✓ Wet Room With Toilet and Shower
A complete bathroom with a small washbasin, hot water shower, and a toilet.

✓ Second Camping Toilet
In addition to your toilet, you have an extra camping toilet on board.

✓ Power Connections and Battery Supply

230-volt power connection in the vehicle, extension cable and Schuko plug for power at the campsite + 12-volt connection.

PLUS Two extra batteries in the rear and an inverter! This means you remain flexible and self-sufficient for up to 1 week with your 4×4 motorhome, even without shore power.

Summer & Winter Equipment

✓ Heated Seats
For driver and passenger

✓ Air Heating
Diesel powered, up to 2 days of self-sufficient operation

✓Air Conditioner
While the motor is turned on and running

✓ Fly Screen

✓ Awning

✓ Camping Table + 2x Camping Chairs
For outdoors

Technical Details

190 PS Diesel


Four-wheel drive

Max. Speed: 120 km/h

Length 5,93 m | Width 2,43 m (with wing mirrors) | Height 2,85 m

Always specify the length of 6 metres in case you book a ferry

Driving assistance package

Integrated navigational system

Cruise control

Bluetooth, USB, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Levelling ramps

For adjusting the motorhome on uneven terrain

Emergency equipment

Safety vests, warning triangle and first aid kit

Optional bookable equipment

optional bookable equipment

1 additional camping chair 

one-time payment of 12,50€ per booking

Additional camping table

one-time payment of £22 per booking

Car Seat for Children (1-3 & 4-12 year olds)

one-time payment of £30 per booking

Bed linen 1 person (pillow, sheet, blanket)

one-time payment of £30 per booking

On the road with the Couple Cottage Offroad?

If you’re currently travelling with the Couple Cottage Offroad and need assistance, you can find helpful practical tips and video guides on operating your motorhome here.

Get help now
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You will receive a link to your customer account together with your booking confirmation. There, you can view details of your booking, such as the vehicle model, pick-up and drop-off times, and more. Additionally, you can directly adjust the following topics and more.

Our station locations can vary significantly. Some are centrally located, while others are a bit more on the outskirts. Please check the detail pages of our stations to see the specific location of the station where you have booked your camper. Additionally, you will find tips on how to get there and information about on-site parking options on the individual station pages.

Unfortunately, our locations do not offer secure parking facilities, and parking spaces are often limited or unavailable. However, there might be potential to find parking in nearby residential or commercial areas. For the best option, leave the car at home and use public transportation, or take a taxi to our station is recommended.

Our Carefree Packages cover you in the event of an accident or damage. With the “Basic” package, you already have basic coverage with comprehensive and breakdown protection included. By upgrading to an “Advanced” or “Complete” package, you can protect yourself against additional types of damage and at the same time reduce your deductible, i.e. the costs you have to pay yourself in the event of damage.

Further details on prices and benefits can be found on our Rates page.

The following basic camping equipment is included in your rental for free:

  • Navigation system
  • Air conditioning
  • Stationary heater
  • Awning/marquise
  • 1 outdoor camping table
  • 2 outdoor camping chairs
  • Kitchen Box (with the most important utensils: camping pots and pans, espresso machine, coffee cups, glasses, plates, cutlery for 4 persons, plus plastic children’s crockery, kitchen cutlery, salad bowl, small knife and a folding washbasin)
  • 1 brush
  • Levelling wedges
  • Cable for recharging your camping battery

The individual model features and all extras can be found in the comparison chart of all roadsurfer models. Please note that our vehicles do not have internet or WiFi.

Would you like any extra equipment?

You can rent a variety of camping accessories from roadsurfer. We offer various camping equipment, ranging from roof racks and bike carriers to portable toilets. Just take a look at our equipment page, where we have listed all the extras available for rent.

Please remember to bring the following documents when you come to pick up your roadsurfer camper:

    • Identity card or passport of all drivers
    • Driving license of all drivers
    • VISA or Mastercard (credit or debit) for the deposit (with sufficient funds and please do not forget the PIN). If necessary, payment can also be made by EC card at German stations. You can find more information here.

For all UK registered renters, a driver licence check is compulsory at the time of pick-up at one of our UK stations in order to be fully covered by our travel protection package.

If you are registered in the UK and have more than 6 points on your driving licence and/or with specific past driving convictions you will not be able to drive our vehicles.

For this purpose, if you are renting in the UK you will need to provide the following:

  • Driving licence number
    Address information (As displayed on Driver’s license)
    National Insurance ID
    You can enter the required information on the website GOV.UKin advance and generate a check code and show it at the time of pick-up at the station.

Drivers with a driver’s license from other European countries picking up our vehicles in any UK station are not subject to the driver license check.

If you have a breakdown on the road that restricts your mobility, you can contact the 24/7 mobility service provider around the clock.

  • You can find the telephone number of the mobility service provider responsible for your vehicle in your customer account. You will find your personal link to the customer account in the e-mail with your booking confirmation/rental contract. Please note: The mobility service provider will provide assistance in German or English and only in relation to the vehicle’s driving restrictions. If you have questions about the camping functions, you can find help in the Help Centre, because unfortunately the mobility service provider cannot help here!
  • Document your breakdown as best you can and note down the incident number of the mobility service provider. Send us everything by e-mail to assistance@roadsurfer.com.

Have you had an accident or suffered damage on the road, but your camper is running perfectly? Then please proceed as follows:

  • Take photos of the damage and the surroundings and send an e-mail with a damage report to assistance@roadsurfer.com .
  • In case of an accident, please also fill out the international accident report (in the glove compartment) and send it to the email address above.
  • Inform the police on site (obligatory, otherwise there may be issues with your travel protection coverage!)

Please note that the minimum rental age requirements vary depending on the rental country. Here’s an overview:

United Kingdom: Drivers must be at least 25 years old and have two years of licensed driving experience (driver´s licence class 3 or class B)

USA, Canada, and Ireland: Drivers must be at least 21 years old and have one year of licensed driving experience (driver´s licence class 3 or class B)

Europe (not including Ireland): Drivers must be at least 18 years old and have one year of licensed driving experience (driver´s licence class 3 or class B)

Is there anything else you’d like to know about your motorhome or booking?

For all the information you need about your camper adventure, check out our Help Centre.

Visit our Help Centre