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yellow campervan with three bikes in a landscape in Tuskany

Cycling Holiday Packing List

When travelling with a classic campervan or spacious motorhome, it is generally better to pack lighter. However, depending on the model, the bicycle itself can be relatively heavy and bulky. That’s why the storage space in the camper needs to be used cleverly. Read on for our top tips for packing for your cycling holiday in a motorhome.

  • Let’s start with the most obvious, which is, you will need a bike. You can rent one, but if possible, it is best to bring your own so that you can use it for the duration of the trip.
  • You will need a repair kit, bicycle helmet, air pump, saddle bag, spare inner tube, bicycle lock and toolset. Keep track of your mileage and get directions with your bike GPS tracker and your smartwatch. You will also want to pack a small wash kit for your bike after a muddy day on the trails. If you are storing your bike outside, you must have a heavy-duty lock and a cover to protect it.
  • Bring energy-supplying snacks and enough water, but also some sports electrolytes powder and gels. Don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Make sure that your front and back lights are fully charged before you set off, and if you have the space, carry a small portable charger. That way, if your phone or lights run out of battery, you won’t be caught off guard!
  • A small first aid kit belongs in the saddle bag. The larger version goes in the campervan, with all the medicines you might need.
  • For your clothing, pack cycling jerseys and padded cycling shorts, as well as a cycling cap to protect you from the sun or a wind-proof headband to protect your ears from the wind. A selection of sunglasses for different types of conditions, such as yellow lenses for cloudy days or gray lenses for brighter days. It’s best to have a change of clothes when you ride, or at least something warm to put on. For the evenings, you will need warm and cosy clothes.

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