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Hire a campervan in Switzerland

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a history lover, Switzerland has something to offer for everyone. Switzerland also serves as an excellent starting point for road trips in Europe. Hire a campervan in Zurich (Wetzikon) and travel through the captivating landscapes of Germany, Italy, or France. So pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready for an unforgettable campervan journey in Switzerland!

roadsurfer campers in Switzerland

  • 5
  • 4+1

Beach Hostel VW T6.1 California Beach campervan

  • 150 hp diesel
  • Big bed (whole vehicle width)
  • Extendable kitchen unit
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Park-assist and rear camera
  • Cruise and distance control ACC, GPS
  • 4
  • 4

Surfer Suite VW T6.1 California Ocean campervan

  • 150 hp diesel
  • Integrated kitchenette
  • Outdoor shower (cold)
  • Automatic pop-up roof
  • Park-assist and rear camera
  • Cruise and distance control ACC, GPS
  • 4
  • 2+2

Family Finca Motorhome with a fixed high roof (600)

  • 177 hp diesel
  • spacious kitchen area
  • Indoor shower/wet room (warm)
  • WC
  • Fixed high roof
  • Parking assistance, rear camera, Tempomat, etc.

Your roadsurfer perks

Unlimited mileage

Free 2nd driver included

Rebook or cancel with the Flex option up to 48 hours before departure

Roadside assistance

Free camping equipment and kitchen utensils included

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Your road trip in Switzerland

With its crystal-clear air, snow-capped peaks, and sun-soaked alpine pastures, Switzerland allures visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty. The country boasts an impressive forty-eight four-thousand-metre peaks, offering a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. For many, Switzerland promises a perfect blend of peace, tranquillity, charming towns and villages, and delicious food. Rent a roadsurfer campervan near the Swiss border, and embark on an extraordinary outdoor adventure and discover the true meaning of freedom during your camper holiday.

Driving rules in Switzerland

Navigating Switzerland’s compact size and well-connected road network is a breeze when traveling by motorhome or campervan. Here are some essential facts and traffic rules to consider during your journey:

  • The maximum speed on motorways is usually 120 km/h, on country roads 80 km/h and in built-up areas 50 km/h. However, in some areas, there are lower speed limits.
  • In Switzerland, overtaking is only permitted in the left lane.
  • At unmarked intersections, the rule is “right before left”. At intersections with stop signs or traffic lights, you must stop and give way to other vehicles before proceeding.
  • When turning right, watch out for pedestrians and cyclists and give them the right of way. There are special left turn lanes at many intersections for left turns.
  • Parking in Switzerland is often limited or subject to charges. Watch out for parking bans and observe the parking duration to avoid high fines.
  • In Switzerland, winter tyres are required by law from November to April. Snow chains must also be used in winter road conditions.
  • In the event of traffic jams or traffic accidents on motorways and motorways, an emergency lane must be formed so that emergency vehicles can reach the scene of the accident quickly and safely.
  • There are many cycle paths in Switzerland and cyclists have the right of way when they are on a cycle path or cycle lane. When overtaking cyclists, a safe distance must be maintained.

Camping in Switzerland

Switzerland is a popular destination for camping fans and offers a wide range of camping holiday options, from lakeside camping to idyllic spots in the mountains. When selecting your ideal campsite or pitch, you have a range of options to choose from. Consider the following possibilities:

  • Wild camping: wild camping is generally not allowed in Switzerland, but there are a few exceptions. For example, you can try your luck in remote areas that are difficult to access but you will need a special permit from the relevant authorities. When camping in the wild, you should always be careful not to make any noise so as not to disturb wildlife and always leave no trace.
  • Official Campsites: there is a wide range of campsites in Switzerland, from simple to 5-star camping with spa areas and pools. Most campsites offer electricity hook-ups, sanitary facilities, playgrounds and activities for children, as well as free Wi-Fi. Prices usually vary depending on the season, location and facilities of the campsite. In Switzerland, there are various camping associations that control and evaluate the quality of campsites. These associations ensure that campsites meet certain standards and offer travellers guidance in finding the right campsite.
  • Independent Campsites: a great legal alternative for those who enjoy the wild camping feeling is camping overnight on private pitches. You can find campsites run by private hosts away from the crowds and in beautiful locations with roadsurfer spots. Depending on the location, the offer ranges from pitches in private gardens, at the edge of the forest, on a farm or in the vineyards, to more unusual spots, such as in the private ground of a castle or on an alpaca farm.
girl walking two alpacas on a farm, roadsurfer campervan in the background

Camping on the farm

A white campervan parked by a lake in the mountains

Camping by the lake

A cute dog looking at the camera in the mountains, a roadsurfer campervan in the background

Camping in the mountains

Events & festivals in Switzerland

Embarking on a campervan road trip through Switzerland is a truly rewarding experience with all the awe-inspiring scenery that awaits you. However, if you happen to be traveling by campervan during specific times of the year, you have the opportunity to enhance your road trip with some remarkable annual events:

  • Art Basel, June, Basel: one of the world’s largest fairs for modern and contemporary art. It takes place every year in Basel and attracts art lovers from all over the world.
  • Fête des Vignerons, July-August, Lake Geneva: this wine festival takes place only once every 20 years in Vevey, on Lake Geneva, so it’s a real highlight for its rarity value alone. There is a huge stage with more than 5,000 actors performing traditional dances, music and theatre shows.
  • Züri Fäscht, July, Zurich: the largest folk festival in Switzerland and takes place every three years in Zurich. There are numerous attractions such as fireworks, concerts, water sports and much more.
  • Fireworks Festival, August, Lucerne: a special event, especially for campers, which takes place every year in Lucerne. You can stay at a campsite near Lake Lucerne during the festival and enjoy the spectacular fireworks.
  • Christmas Markets, December, throughout Switzerland: many towns and villages in Switzerland in December are transformed into a winter wonderland with Christmas markets, mulled wine and gingerbread. The Christmas markets in Basel, Zurich and Lucerne are particularly spectacular.

Hire a campervan in Switzerland

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