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SUP Holidays in a Motorhome Packing List

What do you need on a stand-up paddling road trip with a motorhome? Apart from the usual camping equipment for motorhome holidays, you need a bit more when you are on the road with a SUP. The great news is that you don’t need quite as much equipment for the SUP holiday as you might initially think. You can still travel light even with SUP on board your motorhome.

To start with, you don’t necessarily need your own SUP board. You can rent boards at many SUP spots, and this will save space inside your camper. Plus, you can try out different board lengths and shapes depending on the conditions. The only thing is that you are not quite as flexible and will have to choose SUP spots with board rentals. For those who have fallen in love with the sport, it is worth investing in your own board.

  • The basic equipment includes the SUP board, paddle, and leash, plus an attachable drybag to keep your valuables and electronics safe and dry. You will need a pump and a bag to transport your board if you are using an inflatable stand-up paddle board.
  • Always have a life jacket with you.
  • You should pack a mobile phone, which should be packed in an additional waterproof bag, food and drink, a towel and sunscreen in your dry bag.
  • It is worth taking a change of clothes with you on the board if you are adventuring out on a longer SUP tour.
  • Otherwise, pack appropriate Stand-Up Paddle clothing for the road trip like a bikini or board shorts and a UV shirt in warmer travel destinations, but a warm wetsuit on the rough Atlantic. If you are a confident rider, you could go Stand Up Paddling in a sports outfit and windbreaker.
  • Also useful are a board repair and a first aid kit, as well as an insect repellent and personal medication for allergies, nausea, pain or fever.

For more helpful tips, read our guide to a SUP board road trip with a motorhome.

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