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Hire a camper in Bochum

Bochum is the perfect starting point to explore Germany, because from here you can reach wherever your camper heart desires in no time. Would you like to eat a fluffy waffle in Belgium or gaze at a sea of tulips in front of one of Holland’s countless windmills?  Then Bochum is the perfect location for you to rent your camper.

already from 65 € / night

You can pick up your camper here in Bochum

Using public transportation to our roadsurfer station

From the main station: Take the U5 to the station “Unter den Linden” and then change to the U6 to “Kurt-Schumacher-Platz”. This underground station is only a 2-minute walk from our location.

From the airport: Take the train to “Bahnhof Berlin Friedrichstraße” and then continue with the U6 as described.

Parking in Bochum

There are parking options in the Nordlichtstraße as well as fee-based parking spaces in the parking lot of the covid testing centre next to the roadsurfer station.

Rent a roadsurfer camper van in Bochum now

Longing for an adventure with your loved ones in Germany? Roadsurfer has many different camper models to suit you and your needs. Check out which models are waiting for you in Bochum:

roadsurfer surfer suite side view
  • 4
  • 4

Surfer Suite VW T6.1 California Ocean (Right-hand drive in UK)

  • 150 hp diesel
  • Integrated kitchenette
  • Outdoor shower (cold)
  • Automatic pop-up roof
  • Park-assist and rear camera
  • Cruise and distance control ACC, GPS
roadsurfer travel home side view
  • 4
  • 4

Travel Home Mercedes Marco Polo

  • 163 hp diesel
  • Integrated kitchenette
  • Outdoor shower (cold)
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Hitch
  • Park-assist and rear camera
roadsurfer beach hostel deluxe side view
  • 5
  • 4+1

Beach Hostel VW T6.1 California Beach

  • 150 hp diesel
  • Big bed (whole vehicle width)
  • pull-out kitchen unit
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Park-assist and rear camera
  • Cruise and distance control ACC, GPS
roadsurfer camper cabin side view
  • 5
  • 4+1

Camper Cabin Ford Nugget with pop-up roof

  • 170 PS Diesel
  • Integrated kitchenette (2-room concept)
  • Outdoor shower (cold)
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Hitch
  • Park assist
roadsurfer camper cabin side view
  • 5
  • 4+1

Camper Cabin Deluxe Ford Nugget Plus with pop-up roof

  • 150 hp diesel
  • Integrated kitchenette (2-room concept)
  • Outdoor shower (cold)
  • WC
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Hitch, Parking aid
roadsurfer Road House with pop up roof
  • 4
  • 4

Road House Van with pop-up roof (540)

  • 140 hp diesel
  • spacious kitchen area
  • Indoor shower/wet room (warm)
  • WC
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Parking assistance, rear camera, Tempomat, etc.

Your roadsurfer advantages

Unlimited mileage

2nd driver included

Free rebooking and cancellation up to 48h before the trip

Road assistance and comprehensive insurance

Ready-to-go package

Discover all your advantages

Hire a campervan and enjoy Bochum

Have you ever been to the Ruhr Valley? If not, it’s time to go! Grab the keys to your roadsurfer and head off to Bochum. Once you get to know the city, you’ll never want to leave. Ditch any preconceptions about it being a dreary industrial city! We’ll show you the most beautiful spots in town.

Herbert Grönemeyer, one of the most popular musicians in Germany, wrote a declaration of his love for Bochum in the form of a song. When you think of Bochum, you might just think of collieries, mining and a grey environment, but we want to show you that Bochum can keep up with the biggest cities in Germany. Let’s start with the Chinese garden, which covers around 1,000 square metres in a loving design that transports you straight to China. Handmade bricks, straw and plenty of wood make the garden a haven of peace in the city. Here you can simply lean back and completely switch off.

Must-sees in Bochum

  • Kemnader See
  • Rathaus Bochum
  • Jahrhunderthalle
  • Zeiss Planetarium Bochum
  • Tierpark in Bochum
  • Deutsches Bergbaumuseum
  • Der Chinesische Garten
  • Das Bermuda3eck
  • Bismarckturm
  • Schauspielhaus

Ruhrpott” is a mixture of the German words for “Ruhr Valley” and “coal pot”. Known for its concentrated industry and inhabitants who know nothing but “slog”, Bochum is not a city of the world at first glance. But when you look a little closer you’ll notice that the city in the heart of the Ruhr area has plenty to offer, so put those dusty clichés back in their drawers. Grab the keys to your roadsurfer and take a weekend to really get to know the city.

Take the camper to Bochum

Bochum is an excellent choice if you want to have the maximum Ruhrpott experience. Warm-hearted locals and a wide range of attractions await you here.

The city hall in Bochum is considered the representative heart of the city and is a real eye-catcher. Built in 1926, it is now a listed building. Karl Roth was the town hall’s architect and attached great importance to a symmetrical floor plan. The two fountains are real treasures, and in the courtyard you will find a carillon, the first of its kind made of cast steel. While you are letting the building sink in, you can park your camper in the multi-storey car park behind the town hall. Thanks to the camper’s height of less than 2 metres, it will fit perfectly.

A visit to the Jahrhunderthalle serves as a clear illustration of how Bochum, once a grey industrial city, has transformed into a hip and culturally vibrant city. The former gas power station now hosts music events and festivals. Another must-see in Bochum lies on Königsallee. The Schauspielhaus is one of the best German-language theatres, with directors such as Hans Schalla and Peter Zadek ensuring its popularity. Since 2018, director Johan Simons has been enchanting audiences with a modern approach to art, theatre and dance.

And action!

Are you a water sports enthusiast to the core, but just don’t have time to nip off to Australia? Well, how about a road trip to Bochum? Lake Kemnade is convenient to reach and demands high levels of athletic energy. Everything is possible here, from surfing to fishing, sailing to rowing. It’s also great to play tennis or go for a cycle ride here. If this is a bit too much nature for you, the Heveney Leisure Pool is right next to the lake. You can recharge your batteries at the spa and swim a few laps indoors and outdoors.

Hire a camper and admire the starry sky

If the clouds are blocking your view of the stars, you can go to the Planetarium in Bochum, one of the most cutting-edge planetariums in the world. You can admire over 9,000 shining stars on the huge dome thanks to the planetarium projector. It is a unique experience by day or by night, and if you go with a partner it’s incredibly romantic. There are shows that bring you closer to the sky and stars every day except Mondays. In the “Magnificent Universe” exhibition you can also let yourself be transported to Chile. Telescopes were set up in the Chilean Atacama to capture fascinating images of the oddities of outer space every night.

Now it’s getting wild

You only have to drive 1.5 kilometres in your roadsurfer from the Planetarium to reach the Zoo in Bochum. Here you can watch around 4,000 animals relaxing and playing across an area of 1.9 hectares. You can feed goats and visit the alpacas Gerolf and Rosi at the petting zoo. But be gentle – they are not cuddly toys after all! By the way, there are some other cool destinations very near to the park, such as the German Mining Museum. This demonstration mine is a faithful reproduction offering deep insights into the world of mining.

Say “bye bye” to everyday life

Let’s assume you have decided to spend a weekend in Bochum, your camper is already rented, you have spent the day absorbing a huge amount of culture and now it’s time to forget the daily grind and kick off the night-time’s proceedings with a cool beer – no problem at all in Bochum! The Bermuda3eck is known for the best parties in town, and the beer is delicious. You can also get that archetypical Bochum flavour here, as cool restaurants offer a Currywurst on fleek! After a beer or two at the Brinkhoffs, you can move on to the Trompete. Indie and alternative sounds are here and waiting for you to get your dancing shoes on. If you are here in July of all months, you’ll be lucky enough to see the four-day Bochum Total, a colourful street music festival.

Wild partying in Bochum

Forget Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne: Bochum is the new heartland for party people! In the Matrix, one of the biggest night clubs in Bochum, your night will be off the hook. There is music for every taste across four floors. Everything is here, from hip hop to electro to rock. The Prater Nachterlebnispark offers the right atmosphere if you love big hits, while techno lovers can get their pounding bass in the Projekt-x. The line-up here is varied, but the beats are always fast and energetic. Those who prefer things a little quieter can take a seat in the rustic Postkutsche. This traditional pub with a large beer bar is the place to be seen for young and old.

Camping in Bochum

Have you decided to explore Bochum with your camper and are looking for an idyllic spot for your van? You will certainly find what you are looking for at the “An der Kost” camping site. Located directly on the Ruhr, the site is the perfect place to recharge your batteries after a sightseeing marathon. You can enjoy modern German cuisine in the “An der Kost” guesthouse and enjoy your holiday in the beautiful Rhineland. If you have planned a road trip through Germany, you should check out our blog. We have selected the 10 most beautiful campsites in Germany.

Explore the great surroundings

Fancy an excursion to other cities in the Ruhr region? With your camper, you can be in Duisburg, Dortmund or Wuppertal within an hour. Visit football club stadiums in Western Germany and spend your time at amusement parks, spas or zoos. Families with children can dive into the world of SeaLife Oberhausen and go on safari in the zoos at Duisburg or Dortmund.

In Oberhausen, it’s also worth visiting the 117-metre-high Gasometer, a former gas storage facility. Experts have since named it the “Cathedral of Industry”.  For film enthusiasts, we recommend paying a visit to Moviepark Germany. Even on the most wonderful holidays, the weather can take a turn for the worse, but in leisure pools and thermal baths you can’t put a dampener on things. During the summer holidays you will find a cool swimming pool at the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

roadsurfer tip: Climb and dive in a disused ironworks against a breath-taking backdrop at Landschaftspark Duisburg (country park)

Roadtrip from Bochum to Dortmund

Granted, the route from Bochum to Dortmund can’t really be called a road trip, as the two cities are only 22 kilometres apart. But it’s definitely a good idea to make a side trip to Dortmund during your Bochum weekend. The Ruhr region’s largest city is not only known for the BVB football club, it has a number of other incredible places to offer too. For nature lovers, a walk around Lake Phoenix is a must. The best thing is to hike up the Kaiserberg and admire the view of the water at sunset. But you should also definitely see the Dortmunder U, the historical city centre or Bodelschwingh Castle, a moated Renaissance-style castle! For BVB fans there is only one place that matters: Signal Iduna Park!

From Bochum to Amsterdam

The city in the heart of the Ruhr region can be your perfect starting point for a trip to Amsterdam. You can get from Bochum to the capital of the Netherlands in about 3 hours in the camper, and experience the real Amsterdam for yourself. Once there, a wide range of great sights awaits you. Whether you’re in the mood for culture and want to go to the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum, or want to enjoy city life in the Vondelpark – the choice here is endless.

From Bochum to the port city of Antwerp

After your short holiday in Bochum you might as well carry on to Belgium. You can be in Antwerp from here in about 3 hours in your roadsurfer, and it’s really a feel-good place. The Belgian port city is very popular with tourists and is filled with historical sights. The Cathedral of Our Lady and the 14th -century Grote Markt (Great Market Square) are the particular highlights that you must see! Along the way you can get yourself some Belgian waffles and a local Bolleke beer to experience the Antwerp spirit at first hand.

Hire a camper and discover Essen

Camper rental Essen
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex and Ruhr Museum
  • Historical quarter of Kettwig
  • Essen Minster
  • Old Synagogue
  • Aalto Theatre
  • Colosseum Theatre
  • Zeche Carl (Carl mine)
  • Zeche Bonifacius (Bonifacius mine)
  • Margaretenhöhe
  • Grugapark
  • Unperfekthaus
  • Villa Hügel
  • Baldeneysee (Lake Baldeney)
  • Limbecker Platz

Hire a camper and discover the highlights of Essen

The first stop is the Zeche Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in which you gain an insight into how a coal miner worked. Directly next to this is the Ruhr Museum. This is home to splendid exhibitions on geology, archaeology as well as the natural and cultural history of the Ruhr region. The renowned Villa Hügel, which is owned by the Krupp family, is a real iconic landmark of Essen. The Margaretenhöhe is financed by the Krupp foundation. The garden city with its beautifully decorated terraced houses is particularly charming.

roadsurfer tip: For design enthusiasts, the Red Dot Design Museum is an absolute must. Every Friday, there is a Pay-What-You-Want-Day. This means that you can decide how much you pay to enter.

Hire a camper and hit the shops in Essen

All shopaholics will definitively get their money’s worth in Essen. More than 1,000 galleries, shopping arcades and boutiques can be found in Essen’s inner city alone. Everything you need, at least in terms of food and sportswear can be picked up at Limbecker Platz, THE shopping centre in Essen. It’s not called the shopping city for nothing. There’s also plenty of other places to spend your money in the various districts of the city. At the weekend markets, you can purchase a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms. A particular highlight is the evening market on Weberplatz on the first and third Thursday of the month.

Culinary delights in Essen

Cooking in your roadsurfer is great fun and will no doubt be tasty, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to try out one of the many delightful restaurants which the city has to offer while you’re on holiday. You’ll find all sorts to tantalise your taste buds in Essen, from burgers and steaks to vegetarian and vegan dishes. The gastronomy is as culturally diverse as its inhabitants.

roadsurfer tip: For the full mining experience, you can order a burger with coal-black rolls in the “KohleCraftWerk” eatery.

essen limbecker

Trips with children in Essen

To stop the little roadsurfers getting bored, we’ve picked out the best attractions for you:

  • Phänomania Essen – this exhibition is very hands-on and encourages little ones to experiment
  • Nature discovery trail in Essen forest park
  • Model planes from MFSC Dädalus e.V. – the bigger roadsurfers will surely find these exciting too.
  • Domschatzkammer Essen (Cathedral treasury) for all the treasure hunters

Hire a camper in Essen and go from the metropolis into the countryside

Have you had enough of city life? Well you don’t need to venture far. At Lake Baldeney to the south of Essen, you can relax on a lake cruise with the White Fleet or indulge in some water sports. Grugapark is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet after an exhausting shopping trip. It is also worth visiting the Ronald McDonald House there. It was designed by the artist Hundertwasser, as you can guess from the sloping, colourful walls and the onion domes. You’ll get that small town feeling in Essen-Werden, where you can wander along the Ruhr through the historic old town.

Hire a camper in Essen and head west

Now that you have seen the Ruhr region, let’s send you to our neighbours in the Netherlands. From Essen you can be in Amsterdam within two and a half hours. You will feel at home there any time of year. The canals throughout the city make it a really incomparable place. From Amsterdam you can be at the coast in a jiffy. Then follow the coast southwards to The Hague and Rotterdam. For the art enthusiasts among you, The Hague exhibits famous works of art by various artists in the Mauritshuis. Or stop by at Madurodam. There you’ll see Holland on a miniature scale. In Rotterdam, it is worth visiting the unique cube houses designed by Dutch architects.

Brussels isn’t far away either

Belgium shouldn’t be missed. Kick off your road trip from Essen and reach Europe’s capital, Brussels, within three hours. In addition to a visit to the Atomium (a landmark building), a stay in Brussels simply has to include Belgian waffles, beer and chocolate. The Mini-Europe exhibition is definitely worth a visit too. The iconic landmark in Brussels is Manneken Pis. So: Hiring a camper in Essen and then exploring the world is definitely a good idea – have lots of fun on your road trip!

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