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roadsurfer and sustainability

#roadsurfing means adventures, freedom, and joy within nature! It also means being careful, sustainable, and respectful towards nature. Camping equals the great outdoors, enjoying the view and jumping into the clear water. Intact nature is the basis of all great experiences. That is why we want to give something back.

Travelling by camper is not only safe but also one of the most sustainable ways of travel. In contrast to planes and cruise ships, with #roadsurfing, you emit less CO2. You also need less water and – here we are counting on you – you generate less garbage. But it is still not green enough for us! That’s why we support great sustainable and climate-friendly projects. Nevertheless, we can only act environmentally friendly together. We need your help to make sure that roadsurfing stays green and sustainable.

roadsurfer acts

We not only want to make the road more colourful with our campers but Earth a greener place to live!

Eco Camping

Eco camping is a great alternative for environmentally conscious campers in countries where wild or nature camping is not allowed. Not sure where to start? Many of our unique roadsurfer spots are suitable for eco camping and we have lots of great

Coopération entre roadsurfer & Lavazza

Partnership with Lavazza

Each ecological contribution counts, no matter how small. It will grow. That is why we donate, together with our partner Lavazza and the Hans-Neumann-Stiftung, one coffee plant for each booking made in Germany and Austria. Each booking equals two new trees.

roadsurfer actions

We wouldn´t be true roadsurfers if we didn´t do the work ourselves. That is why we always have a cool project going on. Being a true roadsurfer means being “brutal hands on” 💪

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What can you do?

Simply participate! Share the roadsurfer spirit and become a sustainability-heroe. How? Here are some tips:

1. Sustainable camping

Forget the routine and step into relaxation? Of course, but with some sense! Travelling in a sustainable way starts with how we pack our luggage and plan our trip.


Travelling alone is not the most sustainable of actions - therefore, take your family or friends with you!

The right parking spot

Park only where you cannot damage nature.

Packaging waste

Avoid plastic waste and plastic packaging as well as one-way products.

Rethink I

Aluminium foil has gained fans in the past years when grilling season comes around but it is an ecological no-go!

Rethink II

Use glass- or stainless-steel bottles that you can always refill. And, no, that does not only count for beer - it works for soft drinks too! :)

Back to Basic

Ask yourself if you really need all those creams and lotions or if it would be enough to just pack some ecological soap.

We admit that Zero Waste is not always easy but it isn´t a challenge to hide from, either.
The most important thing remains: take your waste with you and leave the spot how you found it. You must dispose of the waste in the correct way and not simply leave it laying around – not even in empty places.
The next campers and nature will thank you for it!

2. Start your own clean-up journey

… because we are stronger together! It doesn´t always have to a big, organized event – small, daily actions make a big difference and inspire others to do better as well. At home, the park, the woods, the beach or in the mountains – together, we are fighting the pollution of the environment!

Simply post a picture with our hashtag #surfingthegreenwave and for each post we will donate one Euro to a sustainable project*. The more people participate and help dispose of the waste correctly, the better!

Here you have some tips:

Strong shoes

should definetely be part of your basic attire!

Strong gloves

will help you avoid sharp objects like glass!

Don´t forget waste bags, tongs and first-aid-kits!

Is it enough?

Yes and no. We can all do much, much more! But every step counts. Saying “no” is not an option!

3. Ideas are like green gold!

If you have any questions or comments about our projects, simply send us a message at
We are looking forward to your message.

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