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What happens if the host cancels my confirmed booking?

Although it’s uncommon, there may be instances where a host needs to cancel a booking. The host can cancel from their end if the cancelation occurs more than 72 hours before your check-in date. However, for last-minute bookings, the host needs to contact roadsurfer spots support for assistance with the cancelation.

Refunds for host cancelations

Successful cancelations before the check-out date: If your host successfully cancels your booking before your check-out date, you will automatically receive a 100% refund, which includes the roadsurfer spots service fees. Upon cancelation, you will receive confirmation along with the refund details.

Host hasn’t canceled the booking and the check-out date has passed: If your host hasn’t canceled your booking and your check-out date has passed, the payout for the booking has already been sent to the host. To process a refund for the roadsurfer fees, please submit your refund request through the contact form and include your booking number and IBAN.

If you are the one who initiated the cancelation, the amount of the refund will be based on the guest cancelation policy. Please check the guest cancelation faqs for more details.

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