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Can I make changes to a confirmed booking?

Once a booking has been paid for and confirmed via email, the booking is official and cannot be changed. If you wish to shorten or extend a booking or stay at a different spot, you will need to cancel your current booking and create a new one.

If your stay begins in 7 days or more

If your stay is more than 7 days away, our cancelation policy applies.

  • 1. Initiate a cancelation, to receive a refund (excluding roadsurfer spot fees)
  • 2. Re-book with your updated information and notify the roadsurfer spots support team. Once the new booking is confirmed, we will refund you for the service fee that was previously paid. Please note that the service fee will not be refunded if you do not have a new booking confirmation.

If your stay begins in less than 7 days

Cancelations are not possible for stays occurring within 7 days. We recommend contacting your host to arrange any potential refunds.

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