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8 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Road Trip

Sustainability – a topic that is becoming ever increasingly more important. Good news is, with some of our helpful tips and some planning, you can ensure an environmentally friendly holiday and travel sustainably, which is better for people and the planet. Travelling sustainably also means having everything you need with you. If your camper doesn’t have an integrated toilet, you can easily hire a portable one.

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8 Sustainably Conscious Camper Travel Tips:

1. Use water canisters instead of bottles

The most environmentally friendly thing to do is to refill the water canister we give you. This will not only save you money, but you will also save a lot of waste from plastic bottles. You can then fill up your water bottle here when you go hiking, on a city tour, or relaxing on the beach.

2. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags

When you’re on holiday in your camper, take your reusable bags from home with you! You can easily store the cloth bags in your backpack or in the camper. Then you won’t have any unused bags lying around in your camper and you’ll be doing something good for the environment. The fabric bags don’t tear, can be reused for a long time, and can be washed. Your wallet will be happy about it too.

3. Purchase natural cosmetics without microplastics

Microplastics are harmful to the environment and humans, the small particles accumulate in animals and inside of us, they are harmful to all our health. Cosmetics often contain microplastics. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients when buying cosmetics. This especially applies to sun cream. In the meantime, many cosmetic products bear the label “without microplastics”. There are also some apps that you can use to find out about the ingredients in cosmetics, such as the product scanner Yuka.

4. Try out biodegradable washing-up liquid

Another way you can protect the environment is by using biodegradable cleaning spray and dishwashing liquid. This prevents pollutants from entering the environment. You can buy environmentally friendly washing-up liquid in supermarkets, just look for the label. Before you choose a detergent, check the ingredients again. It won’t make washing up any more fun – but it will clear your conscience.

5. Take your rubbish with you

When you are out in nature with your campervan, you should always leave your campsite as you found it, i.e. free of rubbish. Do your part by separating out recyclables and depositing your waste in the proper bins. Even better would be to produce as little rubbish as possible. So, when you’re out shopping try to buy products with minimal packaging.

6. Plastic-free shopping

Plastic is harmful to the environment, so it is even more important to buy plastic-free. It is best to buy fruit and vegetables that are unpackaged. Or choose the alternative and opt for a product in a reusable glass container. Take your water bottle with you on holiday, so you don’t have to buy plastic ones. For hot drinks like tea and coffee, simply take your thermos with you. Meanwhile, there are more and more shops that don’t use any packaging at all and sell unpacked food. Don’t forget your cloth bag on your way to the shop!

7. Use a parking heater in a more environmentally friendly way

Our campers are equipped with a parking heater, this means you can relax and sleep comfortably even when it’s chilly outside. For the sake of the environment, you should only switch on the parking heater when it is really cold. If there is only a slight breeze, a hot cup of tea, a hot water bottle and some warm blankets could do the trick.

8. Drive slowly

Driving slower means emitting less CO2. You can reduce your CO2 footprint on holiday simply by driving slower in your camper. Preferably around 60 mph (100 km/h) on motorways. While on holiday, you have all the time in the world, so not need to rush.

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