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You are an absolute camping beginner? Go for it!

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If you’ve never been camping before, you can change that immediately! You might have questions on what to expect and what to look out for? No problem: We’ll tell you how to make your campervan trip to the countryside a real success. Let’s go!

Camping for beginners: Carefree camping holidays

What are your worries? Full campsites, a chaotic schedule or the travel documents at home? All this can be easily avoided: Just make a rough schedule for your roadtrip. Think about where your trip will take you and also how to get there. In principle, it’s good to have a rough idea of your camping holiday in advance.

Camping beginner? A little bit of preparation and everything runs by itself

A good thing is to be informed about toll fees or country-specific regulations for campers in advance. Also: If something does happen quite differently, keep in mind that this is exactly the freedom you’re looking for. You are the decision-maker and adapt your plan to the conditions (such as the weather) and decide if you drive on or just stop.

We already took care of the equipment ;-)

You wonder what you, as a camping beginner, have to bring? Then we have the best news: We will take care of the big picture. Every roadsurfer has camping equipment – from kitchen utensils, cookers or gas bottles to drive-up wedges. You will not miss anything. Of course, you can also order various things on request – such as a bicycle rack or a camping toilet.

Utilise washing during your trip and pack lighter!


All you have to do is to think of proper clothes for your travel destination. After all, you have your moving wardrobe with you. A well-meant advice: Most of us camping beginners bring far too many clothes. So, while you’re packing, just weigh up if you really need this or that or whether you might just use the washing machine on a camping site for a longer trip.

You now feel well prepared for your camping holiday? Wait a minute, because the best news is yet to come. If you have forgotten something or have any problems: Campers help each other – you can count on the neighbor on the left to help you with the salt and the neighbor on the right to know how to repair a bicycle tire!

From a camping beginner to a camping professional? As you can see, this can happen very quickly. Now all you need is the right campervan and off you go!