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Where to go in November for Sun in Europe

November is a month where not much is happening in the way of excitement and travel. Days become shorter and greyer, and people head back indoors. However, we like to say- It’s the perfect time to let a little sunshine into your heart! Wondering where to go in November for sun that is easily accessible with a campervan? Then check out our list of the best winter sun destinations in Europe and enjoy your van life with a warm fuzzy camping feeling. Even if the weather is getting chillier, you’ll be on holiday relaxing!

Author: Anna Ulbricht

Photo: Jannik Obenhoff

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Why travel in Europe in November?

You don’t have to pack all your camping gear away come Autumn, only to pull it out months later when spring rolls back around. Europe has many warm destinations to offer in winter. Here are some reasons to take your campervan on holiday in November:

  • Winter blues adieu: Leave the gloomy November at home and enjoy the sun, beaches, and the sea in Europe’s warmest destinations!
  • Avoid the tourists: Less crowded cities and sights await you, allowing you to really get to know the country, people, and culture better.
  • Milder weather: While the summer months can get unbearably hot, in November you can enjoy city stops and sightseeing outdoors without having to constantly seek shade.
  • Available campsites and pitches: You don’t have to book all campsites in advance but can be more spontaneous on your trip.
  • Wild camping is tolerated in some places: If you’re travelling in the off-season, you’ll have fewer problems with wild camping.
  • Save money: Travelling in the off-season means not only fewer people, and less stress but also lower costs.

Can't reach your winter sun destinations?

Worried about cancelled flights or any other issues interfering with your travel plans in the Autumn and winter? That’s understandable, after all, we all experienced it over the last years. So that you can react flexibly to any restrictions, we offer an 48 hours cancellation option.

Our top 6 Winter Sun Destinations

You don’t have to jet off across the globe to escape the winter blues. Europe offers many beautiful destinations that still tempt you with temperatures around 20 degrees in November. Enjoy your cuppa coffee early in the morning under a cloudless sky while basking in the sunshine. There are our best travel destinations for November.

where to go in november for sun

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Peloponnese - Your November holiday in Greece

  • Temperatures in November: 16°C – 20°C
  • Average daytime temperature: 20.5°C
  • Average night temperature: 10°C
  • Water temperature: 20°C
  • Sunshine hours: 5 hours
  • Rainy days: 9

Camping weather: You can expect pleasantly mild temperatures on the Greek peninsula in November and even in December, even though it rains more often than in the summer and autumn months. It’s no wonder long-term campers choose Greece as their winter home.

What you can experience: With sunny weather and water temperatures around 20°C, you can still enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in November. Beautiful beaches lure you to the Peloponnese. Visit Voidokilia beach, Foneas beach, Simos beach, or Valtaki beach and enjoy almost deserted bays in November. Visiting ancient cultural sites like Epidauros or Byzantine, cities like Monemvasia, and romantic port cities like Nafplio is a must and especially pleasant during the mild winter months. The Greek peninsula is also ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure: Whether wreck diving, climbing, hiking, or river rafting – everything is possible in Peloponnese!

What you should watch out for: Many tourism businesses such as restaurants are closed during the winter months. That’s because some regions live exclusively off tourism. But with the campervan, you are fortunately self-sufficient and can prepare your own food. It is best to find out in advance which campsites are still open.

Andalusia - N°1 destination for wintering in Spain

  • Temperatures in November: 10°C – 20°C
  • Average day temperature: 19°C
  • Average night temperature: 10°C
  • Water temperature: 17 – 20°C (in the east the water temperature is a bit higher)
  • Sunshine hours: 6 hours
  • Rainy days: 5

Camping weather: Southern Spain offers you the ideal camping weather in November. The further east (towards Alméria) you are, the warmer it is. Around the “El Cabo de Gata” National Park there is a desert-like climate, which is unique in Europe.

What you can experience: In Andalusia, it doesn’t matter if it is summer, winter, autumn, or spring. You can experience 1001 attractions in every season and there is something for everyone: Long beaches on the Costa del Sol, snow in the Sierra Nevada or the green mountains in the countless Sierras and National Parks. Discover the pristine beaches of “El Gabo de Gata” National Park and the flora and fauna of “Doñana Natural Park” on a hike. Whether sightseeing in historical cities like Granada with a visit to the Alhambra, Cordoba, Sevilla, or Malaga, a side trip to the route of the Pueblos Blancos, or to the surfer metropolis Tarifa! You have so many options for exploration here, and there are also endless highlights for children. From water sports activities, amusement, and theme parks to aquariums and boat trips for whale watching, it’s all here.

What you should watch out for: Many winter travellers like to visit Spain so there may be more tourists than you might expect. In the south of Spain, it makes sense to check in advance if your favourite campsite has any available spots during this travel period.

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Algarve - Mild temperatures and pine scent at the Atlantic Ocean

  • Weather in November: good camping weather
  • Temperatures in November: 11°C – 19°C
  • Average day temperature: 19°C
  • Average night temperature: 11°C
  • Water temperature: 16°C
  • Sunshine hours: 6 hours
  • Rainy days: 7

Camping weather: Despite more rain coming from the Atlantic, it remains pleasantly mild at the southern tip of Portugal, even in November. Basically, the following applies to the Algarve: The more westerly, the windier. The climate is roughest on the unspoiled, rocky west coast that stretches along Cabo de São Vicente.

What you can experience: The Atlantic is a bit cooler and stormier than the Mediterranean, even in the summer months. Whether it’s August or November, the water temperature doesn’t differ much. You can swim at calm beaches even in November and the spots in Portugal are always worth surfing. There are plenty of beautiful, natural bays in Portugal such as the Praia da Amoreira bay, the west coast of Costa Vicentina, or the Praias around Salema. November is the best time to enjoy an almost tourist-free Algarve and do outdoor activities. Spend the day surfing or kayaking or exploring the famous hiking routes: the Portuguese Way of St. James, the Rota Vicentina coastal path to the Algarve, and the Via Algarviana overlooking the coast. At the westernmost point in Europe (Cabo Sao Vicente), you can hike the beautiful cliffs and grab the famous “Last Bratwurst Before America.”

What you should watch out for: Many tourist attractions are limited or not open at all in winter. However, because of the many surfers who spend the winter in Portugal, there are plenty of campsites that are open all year round. It’s best to find out in advance which campsite in your region is open at this time.

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Sardinia - Pizza, Pasta and Bella Italia in November

  • Temperatures in November: 12 to 19°C
  • Average daytime temperature: 18°C
  • Average night temperature: 9°C
  • Water temperature: 18°C
  • Sunshine hours: 5 hours
  • Rainy days: 7

Camping weather: Sardinia is definitely one of the best destinations to visit in Europe in November. If you’ve been there once, you’ll be a repeat visitor, even during this holiday season. It is warmer on the southwest coast around the Costa del Sud and the offshore islands of San Pietro and Sant’Antioco. It’s always a bit colder in the high mountainous areas inland where snow can even fall in winter.

What you can experience: Sardinia offers you turquoise waters with meter-wide views and beautiful bays framed by rocks. The island is ideal for a road trip from north to south or south to north and is the perfect destination for an active vacation in late autumn or winter. The most beautiful beaches in Europe are almost all to yourself in November. Whether at Cala Spinosa beach on the small peninsula of Capo Testa, Cala Goloritze bay, or La Pelosa beach – swimming is still possible in November when the sun is shining, and kiters and surfers get their money’s worth at places like Porto Pollo. The many rocks and mountains in the hinterland of Sardinia also offer long hikes, climbing, or bouldering sessions. For example, challenge the peaks of the Gennargentu Mountains on a climbing or hiking trip or by mountain bike! One of the most beautiful attractions in Sardinia is the cape “Capo Caccia” with its Neptune grotto. You can hike the labyrinth cape well even in November.

What you should pay attention to: There are no large vacation parks, winter hotel complexes, or apartments on Sardinia. The island hibernates during the winter months, but small accommodations or campsites are still open. However, you should research this beforehand. Also, be sure to wear windproof clothing, as it can be stormy in November.

Sicily - Soak up the sun at the tip of Italy's toes

  • Temperatures in November: 12°C – 21°C
  • Average daytime temperature: 18°C
  • Average night temperature: 13°C
  • Water temperature: 20°C
  • Sunshine hours: 5 hours
  • Rainy days: 11

Camping weather: Sicily has the longest bathing season in Italy with water temperatures up to 20 degrees, you can even go swimming in November. You can expect warm weather throughout November and mild evenings as the temperature doesn’t usually drop below 13°C at night.

What you can experience: Sicily is the perfect island for nature lovers, amateur geologists, Italy lovers, and history buffs. Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Normans shaped the island in the south and left their mark. Famous sights like the archaeological sites of Agrigento, the historical city of Syracuse, or the necropolis of Pantalica bear witness to this. In the low season, the island is ideal for long walks and hikes. You can get close to the largest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, and explore the Lipari Islands with their black beaches and the Stromboli volcano. In November, the island is less crowded and surrenders to its relaxed daily life. Beautiful cities like Taormina and the old town of Palermo should not be missed on your road trip through Sicily.

What to watch out for: It doesn’t matter if you are in the south or the north of the island, because the temperatures are the same everywhere. It is advisable to bring warm clothes in November. As soon as the sun goes down or it gets windy, you’ll want something to layer up in.

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Malta - Sunny break on the latitudes of Tunisia

  • Temperatures in November: 15°C to 21°C
  • Average daytime temperature: 20°C
  • Average night temperature: 15°C
  • Water temperature: 21°C
  • Sunshine hours: 6 hours
  • Rainy days: 10

Camping weather: You can really soak up the sun in November in Malta. Even in winter, Malta often hits the 20-degree mark and it is seldom cooler than 15 degrees during the day. Although there is also significantly more rain in November than in summer, the temperatures remain mild and enjoyable.

What you can experience: You will notice that North Africa isn’t far away – and not just in terms of the weather. The island nation is diverse, the language is influenced by Arabic and the history of the European island is alive. You can walk in the footsteps of the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French or British at this warm November destination. Stroll through the charming, winding streets of the island’s capital, Valletta, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or explore Malta’s ancient capital, Medina. You can get to the “sister islands” of Gozo and Comino by boat and experience a true water sports paradise: Activities like diving, kayaking, snorkelling, or swimming are possible.

What you should pay attention to: Malta has left-hand traffic!

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