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The Top Destinations for Your September Holidays

Late summer campervan adventures in Europe

High summer will soon be over and for many of us it can feel like time to say goodbye to summer and all the travelling that takes place during that time! But it doesn’t have to be that way, because there are plenty of top notch destinations to visit for your September holidays. Besides the fact that you can extend your summer by a few weeks, you benefit from many other advantages: not getting caught in traffic jams for hours, avoiding painful sunburns, significantly fewer tourists and cheaper off-season prices.

The best Travel Destinations For Your September Holidays

Even though the sunshine hours and temperatures in the UK are decreasing, now is the perfect time of year to travel to Europe’s southern countries by campervan. The good thing is that in many destinations schools are back in session, so there are fewer tourists and in the second half of September prices usually drop significantly. So even on a budget you can explore popular resorts that are often crowded and prohibitively expensive in the high season.

If you’re looking for a beach holiday, late summer and early fall are the time to go, because there are several warm destinations in September where the weather is still lovely enough to go swimming or surfing. Unlike spring, the sea is usually warmed up from the long sunny months. If you prefer hiking or city trips, the often milder climate is more suitable and the queues at tourist attractions are shorter.

Fancy catching some September sun? Then hire a roadsurfer and read through our recommendations and travel tips for the best locations and set off on your adventure!

September Holidays European Destinations


Catalonia and the south of Spain are two of the best holiday destinations in September, especially for a beach trip. A light breeze keeps the air fresh while sightseeing in Barcelona, and if you drive along the Costa Cálida, from there you can easily expect temperatures around 27 °C – don’t forget sunscreen!

When the leaves start to change colour, it’s celebrated all over the country. This is the start of the grape harvest in famous areas like Jerez and Rioja. In Catalonia, you can join in celebrating the big national holiday on 11th September.

Photo: Mareike Markheiser

The popular island of Mallorca is another destination that you should not visit until after the high season at the end of September. At this time of year there is space available again on the beautiful beaches and the small, traditional towns invite you to stroll. The mountains and coast of Mallorca are just the right place for those who want to do some sports.

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Looking for exceptional places to stay? Find individual campsites with roadsurfer spots. Whether it’s the nice hosts, the gardens or being directly on the beach that attracts you – you will find the best pitches in the great outdoors.

Spots by the Sea

Spots in the Mountains

Spots in the Forest


No list of the best destinations in September would be complete without Italy! Plan your trip for the end of the month when you’ll still have bathing weather, but the cities will be emptier, so you won’t be overrun by other visitors while enjoying gelato.

Depending on the region, temperatures range from 17 °C to 27 °C. Sardinia is a good choice for a beach getaway as the dream island quickly becomes too crowded in the summer. The climate is also great in Tuscany and in popular cities like Venice and Rome, where you can go sightseeing and, of course, eat lots of pasta.

The annual Fashion Week takes place in Milan in September which can be very exciting for those interested in fashion. However you should keep in mind that the whole city is quite crowded then, and the prices will certainly increase again

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Not in the mood for crowded campsites? Find your individual dream spot in Italy, in the vineyards or by the sea! You can easily book your camping spot online, in advance or on the go.

Spots by the Sea

Spots in the Mountains


The best spot for sports enthusiasts in September is Portugal. Our roadsurfer campervans have space for your equipment, no matter if you want to take a few surfboards or golf bags with. You can expect great conditions at various locations, both in the water and on the gold courses. The Algarve, one of the most popular regions for golf in Europe, has attractively low prices from the second half of September. They are often so good that you should definitely book in advance, both golf courses and campsites!

Nature lovers should cross from the mainland to Madeira, a great island for climbing and hiking. In addition, the Azores still have good weather for diving and the water is relatively warm after many months of sunshine. In addition, here, but also in the Douro Valley, the grape harvest slowly begins.

Wine connoisseurs should hire a motorhome in Porto and follow the river inland from there. On the way, you can expect vineyards in full autumnal splendour and one or two delicious glasses of wine for tasting.

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Like camping in the wild, but completely legal: find exceptional sites in the middle of nature at roadsurfer spots. You can spend the night here not only with your roadsurfer, but also with a tent or your self-built camper.

Spots by the Sea

Spots in the Mountains


Croatia is becoming more and more popular with Game of Thrones fans, island hoppers and everyone who has a soft spot for romantic, historical places. It’s no wonder that the summer months are usually so busy here and it gets very crowded, especially on the coast. It’s better to come in September, because the sea is still nice and warm, but the crowds are slowly disappearing.

Thanks to good ferry connections you can also take your roadsurfer to some of the most popular islands and then camp on site. During the day you can laze on the beach, even as the temperatures are mild enough to see the attractions of Dubrovnik, Split or Hvar without melting.

Croatia is one of the most beautiful destinations through the end of September. Later in the year, you have to expect that some campsites, restaurants and tourist highlights are already closed. However, there are of course also places in Croatia that are open all year round.

Tips for music lovers: In autumn, the popular music festivals Dimensions and Hideout take place.

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Looking for a campsite directly on the beach? With roadsurfer spots you’ll find plenty of great pitches with local hosts which you can book conveniently online, in advance or on the road.

Spots by the Sea

Spots in the Forest


If you are looking for cheap travel destinations in September, you should not overlook Montenegro. Temperatures still climb up to 27 °C, but the whole country is a lot more relaxed than in the summer months, which also affects the prices.

A trip to one of the five national parks is worthwhile, especially in the Autumn, because after all, Montenegro is so popular thanks to its nature and was even declared an ecological state. The Skadar Lake wetland and the Tara Canyon are both among the country’s natural highlights. Bird watching, hiking up to the peaks of the “sea of stones” and then cooling your feet in one of the numerous rivers to relax is especially fun at this time of year.

If you want to learn more about art, culture and traditions in the country, you should go to Nikšić, where a festival celebrates Autumn with many events related to music, theatre, literature and food.


Ready for the island life? Then head to Malta – the smallest country in the EU and the tenth smallest country in the world! Malta also includes the islands of Gozo and Comino, which are among the best destinations in September, when the greatest summer heat is over. Malta’s landscape is characterised by its cacti and rocky terrain, yet boasts a beautiful coastline that’s a cosy 27 °C in September.

In the capital, Valletta, you can learn about the turbulent history of the country, which has always played an important strategic role in Europe thanks to its location in the Mediterranean near the African coast. In St. Julian, on the other hand, partying is on the agenda, often until the early hours of the morning. Those traveling with family and children will look forward to activities in Popeye Village or head to one of the small, quiet bays in Camino for a swim.

Gozo is a special highlight for divers thanks to the famous Blue Hole. If you come in September, you should stay a few days longer, because that’s also when the Qala International Folk Festival takes place..

If you can’t wait to experience tons of adventures and want to go on holiday earlier, here are our insider tips for the best destinations in August-September.

Or if you can wait until later to take a road trip? Some European countries are still warm enough in October, so you can enjoy a late summer, while it’s already autumn at home.

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