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Warm European Holiday Destinations in January

Want to escape the winter blues? While some hardcore travellers remain on the road in winter with their campervans, many campers prefer to escape to warmer destinations and often choose the sunnier routes. Fortunately, one doesn’t have to go so far away for that! If you don’t have the time or money to fly to the southern hemisphere for a warm winter getaway, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll share with you the destinations for a warm holiday in Europe in January and how to easily get there with a roadsurfer.

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Holiday Destinations in January

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Camping in January – Warm destinations in Europe

What’s so great about these locations in January? They are often deserted, especially in winter, and offer exciting travel opportunities to their visitors! Luckily, our campervans are well-equipped, so you don’t have to rely on hotels or even restaurants, as they often close during the off-season. This way, you can not only be self-sufficient on the road, but you can get to know the country in a relaxed and authentic way.

Costa Cálida – Spain

One of Europe’s best destinations in January is the Canary Islands. However, if you plan a winter road trip through Spain with your campervan, then it will be a bit difficult to get to Lanzarote & Co. Fortunately, in January, you can still soak up the sun on the Spanish mainland. This is most enjoyable either in Andalusia or in Costa Cálida. This includes almost 250 km of coastline in the south of the country and it is not called the “Hot Coast” for nothing, as the temperatures here often climb above 20 degrees even during the winter months. To get there, it’s best to hire a campervan at our roadsurfer location in Valencia. From there it is only a 2.5 hour drive to the city of Murcia, an exciting metropolis with Moorish origins. The countryside offers numerous regional parks to go hiking, while the coast has deserted beaches and lonely bays. This area is still a traveller’s hidden gem, especially in the wintertime!

Divers will be pleasantly surprised as the water is crystal clear and besides a lot of fauna and flora, there are some shipwrecks too. If you prefer to learn about the underwater world instead of  getting wet, visit the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Cartagena. If it’s too cold for winter water sports, at least experience submerging yourself in some good sea mud in Manga del Mar Menor. The mud is famous for its therapeutic properties and there are many spas where you can truly pamper yourself. A warm, muddy experience is guaranteed!

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Algarve – Portugal

Portugal is also a grand destination in January and is considered one of the sunniest countries of all. The climate in Maderia is enjoyable all year round, although travelling there with a campervan is not the most ideal.

Instead, head for our stastion location in Faro and explore the wonderful Algarve. You can expect  15 °C in January and there is a total of 3000 hours of sunshine a year in the Algarve as well as very little rain.

Start with a stroll through the interesting old town of Faro. The capital of the Algarve has a lot to offer and you are avoiding long queues by visiting in the winter months. The Algarve is loved by sun worshippers because of its picturesque beaches. There is km of stunning coastline. And you can do it on foot, on a bike or with your roadsurfer – the Via Algarviana and Rota Vicentina are beautiful coastal roads that are perfect for a road trip in Portugal.

Additionally, golfers and gourmets can also enjoy the Algarve. There are almost 40 excellent golf courses in this part of Portugal, and they are even playable in January, unlike many in the UK. And if you’re not in the mood for campervan cuisine, you’ll find plenty of great restaurants here. Many of them are Michelin star ranked and are so good that there is often a long wait list – unless you come in January, of course!

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Sicily – Italy

The farther south you go, the warmer it will continue to get. Italy is absolutely on the list of ideal holiday destinations in January as the temperatures are still quite pleasant. The best place to hire your roadsurfer is our station in Rome. Afterwards, you can drive to the south of Italy. The boot region Apulia and the island of Sicily are beloved for their average temperature of more than 10 °C. Even in January, Sicilian temperatures can quickly rise to 15 °C.

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The water temperatures may not mean an entire day lounging by the beach, but Sicily is still considered one of the warmest regions during this time of year. This “underrated” time to travel is only going to benefit you: fewer tourists, fewer crowds and cheaper prices.

From Reggio di Calabria in Calabria (the tip of the boot, so to speak) you can arrive in Tresmestieri, Sicily in just 30 minutes by car ferry across the Strait of Messina. Once there, you can follow in the footsteps of Goethe in the capital city of Palermo before heading out to explore Sicily’s exciting national parks. Fortunately, the island has a lot more to offer than just beautiful beaches. There are 70 national parks, the famous volcanoes Etna and Stromboli, and the beautiful offshore Lipari Islands. Sicily is a great place for hiking where you can enjoy the Mediterranean landscape all to yourself!

To top it all off, history buffs will get their money’s worth, because the ancient Greeks left traces all over Sicily and are still exciting archaeologists today. In Agrigento you will find the “Valley of the Temples”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most famous temples of the ancient Greek. On the east coast lies Syracuse, another highlight of Magna Graecia.

And while our roadsurfer campervans are equipped with heating, promising you a comfortable drive and cosy sleep in January, you should definitely stock up on wine in Marsala. This authentic wine will help keep you warm and cosy on your great adventure!

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