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Cosy in the camper

Why you’ll love winter camping

Summer holiday? It’s what everyone does. Flying on holiday? For wimps. Be a bit different and try winter camping. Winter in the campervan is the stuff adventures are made of. Regardless of whether it’s winter camping on the slopes or by the lakeside – try it out for yourself and you’ll see that camping isn’t just for the warmer months.

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Cosiness level 100 for winter camping

Cosily reading a book, wearing soft socks, sipping a hot chocolate with snow outside – that is the “hygge” feeling. The Danes invented the concept and they’re not one of the happiest countries in the world for nothing. And that’s not despite the cold winter but because of it. Because where does “Hygge” become more apparent than in a cosily warm place, with the snow quietly falling outside? “Hygge” is not just a feeling of cosiness, it is also a way to slow down your life, which is far too stressful anyway. Or hop on the snowboard and surf on frozen waves. Your roadsurfer will warm you up again after an exciting day in the snow.

New Year’s Eve with the campervan

Don’t worry, our camper models come equipped with tyres for all seasons. You don’t need to worry about sliding all over the place. But if you really don’t feel like the New Year’s Eve festivities this year, just escape the noise. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the camper in the relaxed atmosphere of a campsite is certainly something special. Many of the campsites are also open during the festive holidays and set up snow bars or offer New Year’s activities. Winter camping at its best!

The benefits of winter camping

Winter camping has an added advantage: Hardcore camper fans meet up on campsites out of season and there is a family, cosy atmosphere, you know each other and help each other out. It’s never been so easy to get to know people, as with winter camping and a mug of mulled wine or two, the ice is quickly broken. Winter camping with little ones is also a great idea, as the children make new friends in no time at all and only tend to return to the campervan when it turns dark outside. What’s more, you’ll also benefit from cheaper low season prices.

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roadsurfer models for camping in winter

Silver like the perpetual ice, but cosily warm inside – our Road House (Westfalia Columbus 540D) with air heater and hot water shower is your ideal camper if you are a tough nut who can’t be harmed by a bit of snow, but still crave a hot shower at heart. With our Dog Suite (VW T6 California Ocean), you can take any dog along with you, from sled dogs to chihuahuas, as thanks to the air heater, your four-legged friends don’t need to feel the cold. Cooking goes hand in hand with the cosy factor. And the cold winter air certainly gives you a healthy appetite. Treat yourself to some home cooking in our Camper Cabin (Ford Nugget with pop-top roof) rear kitchen. You don’t have to get chilly fingers here when chopping vegetables.

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Tips for cosy camping even in winter:

  • The most important part first of all: Don’t forget your snow chains!
  • Regularly remove snow and ice from your camper’s roof and awning.
  • Rush airing prevents moisture and eradicates bad odours in your campervan.
  • Open the storage compartments in your heated campervan daily to let the heat in.
  • If you leave the air heater running, don’t forget to call by the petrol station in time.
  • An awning for ski equipment keeps the snow where it belongs – that is outside.
  • A shoe tub for wet shoes keeps your toes dry and your camper clean.
  • If ice is thawing, it doesn’t do any harm to put wooden pallets underneath your campervan so it doesn’t sink. You don’t want to have to wade through the mud.
  • Headlamps and flashlights light your way when it gets dark early.
  • Cosy blankets or sheepskins provide the authentic “Hygge” feeling.

Don’t forget: Find a comfortable campsite for your winter camping adventure, you’ll appreciate a hot shower. If you don’t know where to go with your camper ride, take a look at our tips for the best winter campsites.

So even if the temperatures outside are sub-zero: The campervan won’t melt and is made for outdoors – even in winter. Just like you. And it will warm you up again after a fun day on the piste or winter hiking. Thanks to the air heater, the campervan reaches a comfortable temperature in a flash. So nothing stands in the way of a gripping book and a hot cup of tea even during winter camping. Be quick, as winter camping is becoming increasingly popular. Hire your camper now and set off on a winter adventure. And if you still shiver despite all this cosiness, then just head to where the sun is shining. Our campervans are also available at more southern roadsurfer locations for year-round sun worshipers. Simply Hire a camper in Spain or Discover Portugal with the camper.

Try out winter camping.

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