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Making Dreams Come True with Heldencamper

We are delighted to be working together with Project Heldencamper to give young cancer patients a chance to get away from their stressful everyday lives and provide them with the opportunity and access to 100 free rental days in our roadsurfer campers.

Break out of the Daily Routine

The life of a cancer patient is characterised by living through many doctor’s appointments, battling the unknown, and, above all, not giving up hope and being strong! The project Heldencamper (Hero Campers) was created to enable patients to escape their everyday life with cancer and give them encouragement. The idea is simple: young cancer patients should gather their loved ones and set off together on a journey with a camper, and have a great time.

The Beginning of an Adventure

Founder Andrea Voß herself was diagnosed with cancer twice. During her chemotherapy, she was overcome by a longing for the sea to escape the vicious circle of illness and recharge her batteries. At the time, she lacked the necessary funds and noticed that there was no support and offers for people like her, so she founded “Wir können Helden sein e.V.” (We can be heroes). Thanks to a passionate team and a great deal of compassion and support, the Heldencamper project came to life.

The vision

With the lovingly designed camper “Hope” and the cute trailer “Harriert” many heroes with cancer have been able to go on tour and leave their everyday worries behind. Heldencamper’s vision is to expand the fleet in the next few years and offer even more heroes the opportunity to set off for their dream destination and leave their worries behind. Work is already underway on a new model in Stuttgart, and new locations are planned for Munich and Leipzig.

We are looking forward to welcoming many heroes to the roadsurfer family soon with our 100 rental days for free and are very proud to partner with the Heldencamper crew!

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