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Experience the magic of nature …

…with your road trip through Norway

A road trip in Norway is a truly mystical experience. Enjoy the wide fjords and the stunning nature, feel free and experience the country in its most original form! We’ll tell you all about camping in Norway, which route will make your holiday a highlight and of course which campsites Norway has to offer.

Roadtrip Norwegen Panorama

Roadtrip nach Norwegen

Travelling in Norway

Roadtrip Norway Panorama lake

Norway is often underestimated due to its numerous fjords and general length. If you want to complete this route, you should have more than a week. If you have less time in one of the most beautiful countries of the north, you simply choose a part of our route.

To make the traveling a bit faster, our route also includes domestic ferry connections. After all, the ferry is the taxi of the north. Depending on the travel time and route, you don’t have to buy ferry tickets in advance. The ferries run several times a day and even if you miss one, the next one will follow soon after.

The prices of the ferries depend on the number of people and the length of the car – in your case the roadsurfer camper can be counted as a car (2 meters wide and 5 meters or 5.40 meters long). You will pay between 67 NOK and 165 NOK, what is about 8 to 20€.

Endless horizons

From Kristiansand you start your Norwegian adventure towards Bergen and already have your first domestic ferry connection – one of many! From Jondal, the ferry takes you to Tørvikbygd, where you continue the journey with your camper.

From Bergen we go via Vossevangen to Flåm and on to the next ferry connection Mannheller-Fodnes. From here you drive around the fjords at Utvik, Innvik, Olden, Leon and Stryn. Afterwards it goes on to Hellesylt to take the next ferry to Liabygda in the city of Stranda.

From Sjøholt you drive to Vestnes, where the next ferry to Molde departs. Now it goes to Batnfjordsøra and Gjemnes. From there, bridges connect the fjords on your way to Kristiansund.

Your next stage to Trondheim is very short with about four hours. Your way leads you quickly to the next ferry connection Halsa-Kanestraum, from where you can drive through to Trondheim.

The far North

Now it’s up to you whether you want to go further north. If your answer is yes, you will continue in the direction of Tromsø – a really long stretch of about 1,100 kilometers between beautiful fjords and the Swedish border. You will need to drive all the way to Bognes as there are no ferry connections. In Bignes, you take the ferry to Skaberget and then drive along the fjords to Tromsø.

Your further, likewise long route to Kirkenes will take you through Finland and another ferry connection: Olderdalen-Lyngseidet.

Through the woods to the big city

On your way home you will again spend a long time in the car. You drive back via Alta, Tromsø and Trondheim and then take the route towards Oslo from where the ferry will take you back to Denmark.

You will soon see that Norway is a really long country, with many small roads and numerous fjords and ferry connections. If you want to venture this great adventure, you should plan a lot of time. If you don’t have it, you’d better choose smaller stages.

The mysticism of nature and infinite hospitality

Those who travel to Norway will experience relaxation in harmony with nature. You will also love the country and its people for their hospitality and openness. It is not without reason that Norwegians are the happiest Europeans in many studies. Between the south and the northernmost tip is a lot of culture to discover. Already at your first station Kristiansand are many beaches and leisure activities. Odderøya Live, Palmesus and Kristiansand Dyrepark, an animal and leisure park, make the city a popular holiday destination.

Between National Park and civilization

The way to Bergen takes you past the Hardangervidda National Park, which is the largest national park in the country. You can go hiking, climbing, fishing and even cross-country skiing.

roadsurfer tip: The park is home to numerous arctic animals and plants as well as the world’s largest mountain reindeer herds!

At Hardangerfjords lies the village of Norheimsund, where you can admire the famous Steinsdalsfossen waterfall. As part of the river Fosselva it has a height of 50 meters. On a small path between the water and the rock face, you get behind the waterfall.

The gate to the fjords

Bergen is not called the gateway to the fjords for nothing. From here the coast is so rugged that it is difficult to distinguish between land and water. By Norwegian standards, Bergen is a large city, the second largest in the country after Oslo, to be exact. However, it has retained its small-town charm. As a student city, life pulsates here in a youthful atmosphere.

roadsurfer tip: Fish cakes wrapped in bread are Bergen’s version of a burger. In Strandkaien, probably Bergen’s most important fish shop, you get the most delicious fish in town.

The most famous and worth seeing fjords in the country are Geiranger, Sognefjord, Nærøyfjord, Hardangerfjord, Lysefjord and Nordfjord. Whether rafting, cable car, boat or glacier tours, you can experience special adventures in each of these places, spread all over the country.

Between Bergen and Trondheim

Norway is not only the land of fjords, with almost 300 mountain peaks over 2,000 meters high and all kinds of challenges it is also a wonderful place to hike and climb. On your way to Trondheim, for example, is the Rondane National Park, a mountain area between the valleys of Gudbrandsdalen and Atndalen. A total of nine Rondane peaks are over 2,000 meters high. An extensive network of marked hiking trails invites you to spend an active holiday – from a relaxing day trip to a trekking tour lasting several days.

roadsurfer tip: Do you love to climb the peaks of the world? Then you should definitely pack your climbing equipment. In addition to the Rondane National Park, there is also Sunnmørsalpane, Jotunheimen National Park and Hardangervidda which invite you to go hiking.

In Ålesund, fairy tales come true – the Art Nouveau town is not far from the bird sanctuary “Runde” and the Sunnmør Alps. Fishing and skiing, hiking and mountaineering – no problem in Ålesund. The city itself stretches across several islands into the Atlantic Ocean. It is the cultural center of the region and blessed with numerous events: The Ålesund Theatre Festival, the New Norwegian Literature Festival, the Norwegian Gourmet Festival and various art and music events such as the Youth Festival and the Trandal Farmer’s Festival.

The gateway to the Arctic

The arctic adventure can already begin in Tromsø! Nature and culture are inseparably linked in the city by the Arctic Ocean. Here you will find the northernmost botanical garden in the world, a huge aquarium and many other museums worth seeing – not to mention the fantastic places for observing the northern lights.

From the end of May to the end of July, this area is pulsating, it is the time of the midnight sun, which opens people and doors for numerous activities around the clock! Here, for example, the International Film Festival and the Northern Lights Festival take place. Kayaking, dog sledding, hiking and fishing – the city is so close to nature that these activities also attract many tourists.

More than 100 nationalities live in Tromsø – you’ll notice that, too. In addition to the traditional Arctic specialties, international dishes are also served here so you don’t need to miss your steak or pizza.

roadsurfer tip: Between Trondheim and Tromsø, a trip by post boat to the Lofoten archipelago is worthwhile. The ship departs from Bodø and you are allowed to go with your car. Thanks to the relatively mild winter climate and the Aurora Oval, the northern lights can be observed particularly well from the archipelago.

Put on warm clothes – You can’t go any further north

You made it, you’ve really arrived in the far north of Norway! Kirkenes and the eastern Finnmark are places for hard-nosed people. Between the bird cliffs in Hornøya, a hotel made of snow and a witch monument in Vardø, you have to put on warm clothes.

Kirkenes is also called the Gateway to the East. Why? It is only a stone’s throw away from Russia and Finland. Here you can stay overnight in a snow hotel or go on boat trips – but you can also go hiking, diving, fishing, climbing and even hunting. Besides, it’s a great destination for ornithologists as well: Varanger is home to a variety of rare bird species and Hornøya is one of Norway’s largest nesting areas.

In winter you can go sledging! Dog sledding and snowmobile trips, ice fishing and king crab safaris – If you don’t do it here, where else?

roadsurfer tip: In Vardø is an unusual memorial to the 91 people who were burned at the stake during the witch hunt in the 17th century.

Back in civilization: Oslo – a metropolis with heart

Oslo is the capital and largest metropolis of Norway. But despite the pulsating hustle and bustle, you can still feel the country’s natural mysticism here. In addition to first-class museums and art galleries such as the Norwegian Opera, the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Holmenkollen Ski Museum with a ski jump, the Norwegian Open Air Museum, the Edward Munch Museum and the Nobel Peace Centre, you can also experience pure nature.

The city lies between the Oslofjord and hundreds of square kilometers of wooded hills. You can explore the city center by foot or bike and be surprised by live music on every corner. In Oslo, street musicians give international superstars a hand at concerts and festivals. A family-friendly atmosphere paired with an exciting nightlife – that’s Oslo!

Camping holidays in Norway – Our Top 10 campsites

Actually, you don’t need any camping sites for your road trip through Norway because the country represents the freedom to roam (Norwegian: allemannsretten). This Norwegian law allows everyone to move freely in the nature of the country. This means you can pitch your tent anywhere in the countryside, forests and mountains except in cultivated fields and parking lots. So it’s time for wild camping! Nevertheless, we have selected a few campsites for you.

Top 1: Kristiansand Feriesenter Dvergsnestangen (5 stars)

Situated right next to Kristiansand, this Norwegian campsite is a great place to have a good time. It has its own beach, various ball sports fields, two children’s playgrounds and a boat rental. Finally, you can also dive here. Website:

Top 2: Sølvgarden Hotell & Feriesenter (5 stars)

In Rysstad, halfway between Kristiansand and Bergen is this 5-star holiday center. It has a silversmith which is maintained in the family business. Swimming, fishing and paddling are just some of the activities you can do here. Ice climbing is offered in winter. Website:

Top 3: Lone Camping

To the east of Bergen, this campsite offers a lot of fun especially for the little ones: The own zoo invites you to cuddle with animals and the playgrounds offer a lot of fun: Let off steam! Situated directly on the water, you can swim in the cool water and also experience canoe tours. Website:

Top 4: Grande Hytteutleige

Halfway between Bergen and Trondheim you can stop here. Motor boating and kayaking are just two of the many activities that are possible in this picturesque place. Pure nature is the order of the day here. Website:

Top 5: Øysand Camping

This campsite invites you to the area around Trondheim. Here you can relax and have fun outdoors all year round. Whether at a picnic on the shore or barbecuing with friends. At the mouth of the river is the Øysand Nature House – a popular birdwatching vantage point. On windy days, kiters and surfers often visit you here. Website:

Top 6: Tromsø Camping

Whether dog sledding or reindeer rides, in Tromsø you can experience everything that makes up the wild north of Norway. After ice-fishing, a sauna warms you up again. And with the snowmobile you can make the paths unsafe – of course you can also see the northern lights here and every now and you might also see a whale in the sea. Website:

Top 7: Ungdomssenteret V.J. Camping

Really in the far north of Norway, you can pitch your tent here. Fishing, birdwatching and simply enjoying nature – that’s all you need in this wonderful place. The campsite is located in Finnmark, north of Kirkenes. Website:

Top 8: Alm Olestølen

Øystre Slidre municipality is situated just north of Lillehammer on your route from the north to Oslo idyllically on the banks of the Olevatnet. Olestølen offers traditional food and preserves the old customs of the country. Before the family business starts every year, the creatures and spirits are driven out of the hut. This place is a paradise for nature and animal lovers.

Top 9: Hallingdal Holiday Park (5 stars)

Shortly before Oslo is the village Ål. Here you can push your responsibility away at the 5-star camping. The adventure and activity park makes the heart of young and old rise. The Quick-Jump-Line at a height of 12 meters is something for strong nerves, the Zipline rope slide on the other hand, is easy to overcome even for the most scared and is rewarded with a great view of the surroundings. Website:

Top 10: Camping Fjordgløtt

In Rødberg near Oslo you can really work off. The Langedrag Nature Park with reindeers, wolves, lynxes, mountain foxes, fjord horses and wild boars is 25 kilometers away. In Dagali, about 40 kilometers north of the campsite, you can practice rafting. Of course you can also fish in a relaxed manner or go on a boat trip – but skiing, mountain biking and hiking can also be part of your program. Website:

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