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The advantages of camping

Be free, spontaneous and experience pure fun!

Farewell huge hotels – bye, bye mass tourism – camping is the way now! But you’re not sure if this trend is for you as well as you’ve been spending your vacations in spacious hotel rooms with great food from the buffet and with one heck of a pool! Just understandable that you ask yourself: Camping yes or no? We show you the advantages of camping and why you should most definitely give it a try. Just rent a camper van and your first vacation on four wheels can kick off!

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Flexibility – It is your decision where and when you want to travel

You are on the road in your camper, no day is like the other, you are free and the decision where you want to wake up the next morning is in your hands. Camping means being flexible and as spontaneous as you could ever imagine: The sun is shining, warm wind is playing with your hair and all of a sudden, you discover a beautiful lake and you long for a cooling – well, let’s go then and jump in! Your camper is parked quickly and a stopover never hurts. Total flexibility is one of the unmitigated advantages of camping as opposed to a package tour. Moreover, you can easily escape from crowded beaches and not even thunderstorms and rain can do you any harm with your camper! Thanks to more than 36 roadsurfer locations, nothing stands in the way of your adventure.

Travel off the beaten track – Discover secret spots

Uh, what do we have here? Perhaps a lonely place in nature, without annoying people whose noise you can’t stand anymore? One of the many advantages of camping is that images of crowded lawns belong to the past. Your friend on four wheels takes you wherever you want, to any insider spot in Europe, far away from annoying masses of people and even further away from tourist eye-catchers – camping is freedom and freedom is balm for the soul! Sleepy villages, picturesque vineyards, deserted coves, fairy-tale meadows and fields – experience places away from the spotlight, enjoy the silence in nature and replace other people’s babbling with happy bird’s twittering and rustling trees and meadows!

Back to nature – This is how you experience campfire romanticism

Have you ever watched a movie in which people sat around a campfire in a balmy summer night, relaxed to the sounds of a guitar and lost themselves in deep conversations? With camping, you can make this romantic dream come true. You just look for an idyllic place in nature (of course, you should be allowed to light a fire there) and the evening at the campfire can begin. Moreover, countless moments of your best buddy or your better half sitting in the passenger seat and together, singing along to the songs on the radio for the whole journey will stay in your memory forever. The mere fact that you sleep in the heart of nature, hear the birds singing, hear the wind blowing and listen to the water splashing makes camping so special. A little advice: When the night comes and the sun is about to set, you and your loved ones should unpack the camping chairs and the camping table, set a bottle of wine and while the light cain is dangling from the awing of your camper, simply enjoy! After a few days you will become one with nature, as you are right in it – this is how we do ”back to nature“!

The advantages of camping: Camping means adventure

Feeling like James Cook for once in your life is only one of the advantages of camping. Travel the world and experience the wildest things that a package holiday-maker would never even have dreamed of. Camping is THE solution for you if you don’t feel like a run-of-the-mine vacation. Imagine, the sun wakes you with its first rays, you are surrounded by the gigantic mountains of the Alps, above you an local eagle is doing its first laps and the water of the mountain lake is splashing gently – well, if that doesn’t sound like music to your adventurous ears! Whether you are an alpinist, water sports enthusiast, outdoor photographer or just a nature lover, camping is the best way to travel for adventure seekers and those who don’t want every day to be like the other and whose desire it is to spend wild and spontaneous times outdoors in nature. Even if the rain is pouring down on the roof of your VW T6 California, from your window you can watch nature drinking and make yourself comfortable in the cozy camper bed with a cup of hot tea. Or maybe you are a real adventurer and you don’t care about the weather – after all, there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes ;)

The environment will thank you!

One of the most outstanding advantages of camping is its environmental friendliness, especially in comparison to other forms of travel. We have good news for all nature-friends: As the CO² balance speaks volumes, traveling by camper is a great alternative to flying or cruises! Of course, it’s best for your ecological footprint to spend your vacation on your balcony, but sometimes your longing drives you a little further away. In order to make your camping vacation as green as possible, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Get off the gas: Less speed means less emissions!
  • Travel light: More weight = more fuel consumption!
  • Nature is not a garbage bin: Take your garbage with you, dispose it accordingly and leave no trace!
  • Enjoy your campfire romance only in designated areas!
  • Use the sink in your camper, nature doesn’t want to be shampooed!
  • Respect the animals: Nature’s inhabitants don’t want to be bothered by the continuous bass from your jukebox!
  • Bikes ahoy! Leave the camper and get on your bike for short distances!

If you choose to travel with the roadsurfer, you travel climate-neutral! Means: We pay money for our camper’s CO²-emissions. Every year, our total emissions are calculated and invoiced. We settle the account by supporting a climate protection project in Brazil, which is concerned with the preservation of our rainforest.

Level up your coolness – camping is the current trend

Have you ever heard someone answer: “Wow, that sounds really cool” when you said: “I booked my package tour yesterday”? Probably not! To change that and significantly increase your coolness level among your friends, you should replace your package tour with your camping trip and it’s a fait accompli! Camping is one of the coolest ways to travel. The idea of being able to go anywhere in the world, being independent, jamming with a guitar in the back of the van and on the side watching surfers catching the best waves is and remains simply  incredibly cool!

Camping or glamping – We have something for everyone

Another advantage of camping is that there is something for everyone: some love the feeling of being on the fresh air and leaving unnecessary luxury behind, others are looking forward to a more glamorous camping experience with wellness and a private bathroom. If you feel like having your own personal toilet and shower, you should our Road House with about everything that glampers need: A private bathroom, a big fridge, lots of storage space, a noble kitchen and hot water! As you can  tell from the name, you’re on the road with a house on four wheels and you are ready to explore the area. But if you are more into the pure and rough natural feeling of camping and want to experience nature up close without weary luxury and usual gadgets from home, you should rent our Surfer Suite. This van means camping in its original form! So it’s time for the gas stove! After all, the question is not whether camping is for you or not, but rather: Which of our campervan models suits you the best!

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