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Camping with a dog

Tips and tricks

Attention to all dog owners and camping fans: Whoever plans his vacation with roadsurfer does not have to leave the beloved dog at home. Especially for camping, dogs are great travel companions and mostly welcome guests. Renting a VW T6 and camping with your dog is no problem with roadsurfer as well. Read what you can expect from us, how to plan your trip and where it will be a real experience not only for you but also for your four-legged friend.

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Camping with a dog

Camping with a dog

Checklist for camping with a dog

Your planning will extend if you travel with an animal: To make sure you don’t forget anything, we put together some points you should think about in advance for your camping trip with a dog.

Creating a sense of security

Dogs prefer to stay in their familiar environment. Even if your dog is an uncomplicated partner, you'll need a little more patience when travelling with your four-legged friend - That's the first thing you should consider. The beloved cuddly blanket or the favorite toy always belongs in the suitcase – Thereby you carry a bit of home for your fur nose.

Take it slowly

You should plan a little more time for the journey because not only you need a toilet break every now and then, also your dog wants to go for a walk regularly. So a small stop quickly turns into a longer stay at a service area or on the side of the road - in-between walks included. In summer, the morning and evening hours are best for longer trips since it's not that hot.

Wrap up treats

Your holiday destination may not always has the food your darling likes. That's why you should always pack enough of its favorite food - This also creates a familiar environment for the woof-woof and reduces its stress level. But even more important than the food is to take enough water. Also remember the water bowl - Especially in summer, your dog needs enough liquid.

Sleep comfortably

A dog bed is necessary, too – Ideally, you take your dog’s usual basket from home. If that's not possible, you should start getting your dog used to the new bed at home or in the dog camper the latest. You'll see, there will be no problem at night: you can be happy about quiet nights under the folding roof!

How does my dog react?

Dogs react very differently to car journeys. So before you plan long journeys, it should be clarified that your four-legged friend tolerates driving or even likes it in the best case. In addition, you should be clear whether you need a dog box or not. No matter where the dog gets his place: It must be secured sufficiently. Boxes are suitable for small dogs, a harness is useful for larger dogs. Before every longer trip: Check your dog’s health by the doctor and refresh its vaccinations. And finally make sure that your dog does not get any direct draughts as this often causes eye infections or colds.

Camping with dogs: The best campsites

Renting a camper with your dog and off into the nature – That should be the maxim in any case. But remember the following: Firstly, it is easier for you to find the right campsite in nature-rich landscapes – urban campsites are often not designed for pets. And secondly, it’s much easier for you to make your dog’s day on the campsite a pleasant one.

Whether you prefer to go to the beach or to the mountains, there are almost everywhere many dog-friendly campsites. Little away from the hustle and bustle is the best thing for everyone involved.

Inform yourself about dog regulations in advance

If you want to stay in Germany, you will find great holiday destinations with your dog by the sea, for example in the Mecklenburg Lake District, Rügen or in West and North Friesland. If you love the mountains, you should look around the Allgäu or at Lake Constance for suitable places.

For your holidays abroad you should inform yourself in advance about dog regulations at the campsites as well as necessary vaccinations. In some countries there are even import bans for some dog breeds.

Well organized camping holiday with a dog

Campsites that allow dogs or are even specially designed for animal lovers mention this in their description. It is therefore not advisable to drive spontaneously to a campsite. In the best case you even reserve a place in advance. A short check by telephone at the campsite is worthwhile, because sometimes the regulations change at short notice.

Campsite rules

No matter how much the campsite is designed for dogs, you always have to observe the house rules. It is best to have a look at them before you arrive. In addition, there are unwritten rules that should be known for a stress-free camping holiday with your dog:

  1. Exemplary behavior towards other guests – Whether dog owner or not.
  2. Your dog only pees outside the camping place. Sometimes there are special dog toilets. Dog poo has to be put in a bag and afterwards into the garbage.
  3. Your dog is supervised – Walk your dog on a leash except on dog meadows.
  4. A good schooling is everything: Shaking out water in front of other bathers and other four- or two-legged people is simply not appropriate.

Renting a camper makes both dog and owner happy

You should definitely include the following highlights in your camping holiday with a dog.

Fluffy green

Hard gravel floors aren’t comfortable for your dog. Although they are robust and therefore often advertised as pitches, they do hurt your dog’s paws –After all, he doesn’t wear shoes. Soft grass soils are best suited for your dog.

Meadow and beach to romp on

Camping places with dog meadows or even a dog beach are especially beautiful for your camping holiday with a dog. On the one hand, you can offer your four-legged friend enough exercise and are undisturbed by moaning non-dog owners, on the other hand, your darling also meets other animals.

Do you want to cool off?

If you’re not camping with your dog by the sea or a lake, it’s especially nice for your Bello if there’s an extra swimming pool for dogs. This is absolutely not a standard and only the case with real dog-loving campsites.

Learning on holiday

Real dog fans can’t get enough of their fur noses. Some dog-friendly campsites offer a dog school or at least a dog place with all kinds of play equipment for your four-legged friends.

Experience something together

In order to combine the daily walk with a special experience, many organizations or even the campsites offer guided hiking tours for dog owners. Therefore, it is worth asking the campsite. Often there is a forest area in the immediate vicinity where dogs are allowed to run freely.

Dog surcharges

Many campsites charge a surcharge if you arrive with a dog. This initially discourages but can be extremely justified. Although camping site operators often write in their description “Camping – Dogs allowed” they have not really thought about it. In most cases, a surcharge stands for a good concept – A prior examination is therefore meaningful in this case.

Separate areas

At some places, it is common to spatially separate dog owners from non-dogs owners. This can be great if the appropriate area is well equipped. But campers with dogs are also often moved to the dirt corner of the site.

Nearby veterinarian

Campsites that are extremely well prepared for dog owners and their four-legged friends usually have a veterinarian nearby. This is not a must but incredibly practical – as mentioned, dogs find it much harder to switch to unknown environments than humans.

Rent a roadsurfer: A camper for dog and owner

Renting a camper with a dog and enjoying a great camping adventure with your four-legged friend is no witchcraft but it requires a little more planning and some sensitivity for your fur nose. But if you stick to the rules and have your dog camping checklist in mind, you will definitely enjoy the road trip with your four-legged friend more than without him!

The following rules apply for renting a roadsurfer dog bus

  • It is essential that blankets, towels or bed sheets are spread out on the seating and sleeping areas if the dog is going to settle in comfortably.
  • In any case, the dog owner must avoid that the interior of the camper is scratched or bitten by the four-legged friend. For damages at the car, master and mistress will have to stand straight. Just as parents for their children. We think this is only fair.
  • Pay attention to proportionality. That means: Going on a holiday with a camper and living in the tightest of spaces also means space restrictions. We don’t think it makes sense to go on holiday with big dogs or even several with a VW bus. Please think twice whether two big Labradors are suitable for this kind of vacation. We believe: Absolutely not!

If you stick to these rules, nothing will stand in the way of your holiday with the roadsurfer DOG BUS Dropout PLUS.

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