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Camping with a baby?

What you have to bring!

You want to make use of your parental leave and make a longer journey with your baby? Why not rent a VW camper as a family base and explore Europe?! We’ll tell you why camping with a baby is definitely worth it!

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Campen mit Baby

Camping holiday with a baby

Shaping your everyday holiday routine

First of all: Breastfeeding, changing diapers or walking with the baby carriage at lunchtime do not require any extra effort during a camping holiday! After all, your camping bus offers plenty of space to retreat and on the back seat you can breast-feed just as well as at home. The same goes for outdoors! Babies love the movement of leaves and trees and are better distracted here than on the changing table at home. Take a picnic blanket and a changing mat with you, and then it’s no problem to change outside when the weather is fine! And that’s not all: A camping site in beautiful nature is ideal for a walk with the baby carriage as well as for a relaxed baby nap.

Okay, washing up in the shared kitchen on the campsite is of course not very comfortable when camping with a baby since you therefore need both hands. But in the end, that’s what you need when vacuuming at home, too! So it’s the same: Either take advantage of the baby’s sleeping times, bring a baby carrier OR let daddy do the dishes! At least you have a good reason now!

Camping offers all you need for the little ones

The simplest way to bath your baby is in an inflatable mini paddling pool – This easily fits into your luggage and can be cleaned quickly. The sanitary facilities at the campsites usually have at least one shower cubicle with hot running water – and at higher temperatures an open-air bath is guaranteed to be even more fun and offers a new experience for you and your baby. Some campsites even offer family washrooms with all the facilities and space you need. There are even fixed baby bathtubs with a flexible shower head to shower the little ones.

Besides, a campsite works according to the principle of neighborly help. The neighbor will surely be happy to keep an eye on your offspring, if you, for example, need to go to the toilet quickly. Some campsites even offer babysitting services – The best way to find out is to ask the ADAC as they list especially family-friendly campsites.

What you have to consider

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when camping with a baby. Long trips, for example, often stress small children – but long flights in return as well. Many breaks, frequent airing, the right clothes and of course sufficient sun protection are indispensable in summer but also quickly provide the right feel-good atmosphere for the little ones.

Camping with a baby: What do we need?

If your baby suitcases are sufficiently packed, nothing stands in the way of a camping holiday with a baby. You should have the following things with you:

  • A warm baby sleeping bag
  • Baby bathtub or mini paddling pool
  • Baby travel bed or pop-up tent
  • Diaper bag and changing mat
  • Picnic blanket
  • Travel high chair (can be helpful)
  • Electric kettle
  • Thermos flask
  • Pot
  • Buggy
  • Baby seat or sling
  • Play blanket
  • Torch
  • CD’s and books for children
  • Your baby’s favorite toy
  • Your baby’s favorite cuddly toy
  • Sun cream and mosquito repellent (Also for babies under one year!)

Camping with a baby – A beautiful experience!

A camping holiday with a baby is definitely a lot of fun! With this type of holiday you are forced to take some things easier. No matter if food falls on the ground, no matter if your little one eats sand or earth! This will sharpen your senses and is guaranteed not to harm your baby. This holiday will pull you out of your daily routine, make recurring things exciting again and make you an improvisational artist. It’s great for your baby to be in the fresh air, in the middle of nature and maybe even without a diaper. We say: Camping with a baby? Of course!

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