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Camping is “hip” again – 5 reasons why!

Many statistics prove that camping is trendy again. We believe in this trend and tell you five good reasons why camping is so popular at the moment. Our guarantee: After this trend barometer, you will become a camping fan, too!

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Camping im Trend

5 reasons for the trend!

“We have more and more campers every year. This is a clear long-term trend. Since 2006, the camping industry in Germany has been growing continuously by 2.5 percent,” says Martin Zöllner, who heads the Tourist Services Camping department at ADAC (Source: WELT).

The German Tourism Association already counts over 26 million camping overnight stays in 2013, and the trend is rising. But why is camping trendy? Roadsurfer has the answer. Here are our 5 reasons why camping is hip and why you shouldn’t miss a camping holiday!

Reason 1: Nostalgically beautiful

Most people have spent at least one night in their lives in a tent. Hardly anyone from today’s generation of parents between 25 and 55 years would want to miss a camping experience from their own childhood. Understandably, we now dream of campfire romanticism and a starry sky. Today, we warm up and live on childhood dreams with our own family!

Camping is hip – not least for this reason. After all, a holiday in the immediate vicinity of nature offers your children a very special experience, too – fresh, free and simple. No child should miss this experience: So dear parents, off to nature!

Reason 2: Perfect freedom

“Today, this self-determined form of outdoor holiday is particularly hip among people who earn a lot and are closely involved in their working lives as well as among the so-called ’empty nesters’, whose children have left home since long and who have a lot of free time,” Martin Zöllner told WELT.

What the ADAC employee suggests is nothing other than an escape from everyday life. Camping is the trend because nothing has to but everything can be done on your camping holiday. It’s your way and you determine the direction by yourself. No ticking alarm clock rings you out of bed at 7 a.m. for a hotel breakfast. You are free to do whatever and wherever you want. If a place isn’t nice, you have annoying tent neighbors or the weather changes – you can simply paint the sails and continue your journey.

A camper as such is helpful, comfortable and pragmatic. You help out, quickly get into conversation and your children make friends with the offspring of the neighboring pitch. But this is one case, if you don’t want contact, you can also do your own thing such as wild camping! Today, camping no longer means caravans in a row on Italy’s Adriatic coast à la “Lido” permanent camping.

Reason 3: No renunciation

Just as wellness vacations and all-inclusive trips had a boom some time ago, camping is now the trend. Last but not least, there is a reason for this: Camping holidays do not mean that you have to forego. A temporary mobile home is simpler, but you will not really miss anything in a camping bus.

The VW campers offered by roadsurfer are generously equipped. You have everything you need to live and thanks to the variety of sleeping accommodations the whole family finds its space.

The campsites also follow the trend. Outdated sanitary facilities and electricity connections that are miles away have long been a thing of the past. Most campsites now offer modern facilities and a high level of leisure activities.

A large number of campsites even have real luxury: “Glamping” is the name given to the phenomenon composed of “glamourous” and “camping”. Here, the freedom of typical camping is paired with the star service of luxury hotels. The excuse of having to spend the night on the hard, stuck floor on a sleeping mat doesn’t exist in today’s world of luxury camping anymore.

Reason 4: Cheap alternative

In the post-war period, camping was regarded as the cheapest form of holiday; many people couldn’t afford anything else. Even today, camping is hip because financially it beats the all-inclusive holidays. But due to today’s high economy the prices rise. Nevertheless, a camping holiday still pays off.

In 2013, the European average price per night on a campsite was 32.96 Euros. This is much cheaper than a night in a hotel!

Reason 5: The Robinson Crusoe phenomenon

“The washing machine is broken! Honey, call the craftsman!” – In today’s world characterized by deadline pressure, stress and primarily mental work in the professional world, such a sentence has certainly been heard in some form by everyone. Although the do-it-yourself mentality is increasingly gaining new momentum, it is usually not possible to direct the outflow on one’s own in everyday life.

On a camping holiday, tribute is paid to this human urge. In the midst of a fireplace, tent construction, swarm of mosquitoes and a starry sky is said: “Honey, I have set up the tent, a home for the whole family!” At a campsite, you can reinvent yourself, get to know each other and face new challenges. Once the herrings are sunk into the hard parcel floor, the noodles are on the gas stove and you have “saved” your child from an attack by a frightening butterfly, you will feel what you are made of. Yes, you can do it all and on a camping holiday you finally have the time and the freedom to unfold without any worries!

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