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From Denmark to Sweden with a VW Campervan

Our top 10 campsites

If you are a true nature lover, Scandinavia is the perfect destination for a camping roadtrip. That’s why we’ve put together a route from Denmark to Sweden. Besides lots of sightseeing and activity suggestions in Sweden, we have also put together a list of the top 10 campsites in Sweden and Denmark – all along the route, of course.

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Road trip denmark sweden

Roadtrip to Denmark and Sweden

Your road trip to Sweden: From rapeseed fields to the northern lights

Driving with a camping bus to Sweden: Flensburg is the last city in Germany you drive through on your way to Scandinavia. From here you cross the border to Denmark. At Kolding, take the E20 to the Danish island of Fyn and continue on the opposite to the town of Nyborg. This is the best place to take your first breather and treat yourself a night by the sea.

On the next day, we continue our roadtrip to the island of Sjælland up to Copenhagen and from there directly over the Øresund Bridge to Sweden. From Malmö you drive west via Kristianstad and Karlskrona to Kalmar, where you make a detour to the island of Öland. Your route goes inland to Jönköping on Lake Vättern. Via Nörrköping you finally approach the capital of Sweden: Stockholm.

Now it goes via Uppsala to the north. If you like, you can go all the way to Kiruna or you stay in the area around Öresund. On your way back you will stay inland near the Norwegian border. You drive to Karlstad, Gothenburg and finally take the ferry back to Denmark in Helsingborg.

Mythical land: Where moose and salmons say good night to each other

Scandinavia – a truly mystical region. Especially around Sweden there are many legends and histories. Forest spirits, trolls and fairies are only a few of the numerous creatures that are said to be up to their nastiness here. This country is really worthwhile for nature lovers and a trip with a VW camper!

First stop – Nyborg

There is already a lot to discover at your first stop in Denmark: Nyborg Castle, for example, houses furniture from various manor houses that bring the country’s historical charm to life. Each of the three banquet halls brings you closer to a critical era of the country.

Further south you can go on a seal safari – really impressive when hundreds of friendly animals sunbathe on the rocks at the same time.

Bye for nu Denmark

Before you leave Denmark, you will of course make a stop in Copenhagen. In addition to numerous churches such as the Church of our Lady, the Church of the Redeemer (Vor Frelsers Kirke), St. Nicholas Church or Trinity Church, there are various parks and gardens to relax in the city. The Haveselskabs Have, the Tivoli theme park and the special stamps with their sweet bridges and benches provide a relaxing break.

Furthermore, Denmark’s capital offers a Workers’ Museum which presents the history of the Danish working class, as well as a Medical Museum which – only for cool heads! – tells the history of medicine. Only the circus museum in Hvidovre offers even more action.

Welcome to Sweden

When you arrive in Sweden your first stop is Malmö. Park your camper and explore the city with a small boat. While sailing along the canals, you can admire the monuments and sights from the water. You can also do this by walking. The half-timbered houses of the old town, the Malmöhus – an old castle and only remnant of the former fortification – and the castle windmill should definitely be part of it.

Near Kalmar you can visit the glass factory in Målerå and learn a lot about traditional craftsmanship in a workshop run by experienced master glassblowers. Next, a stop to Öland is something very special: The Island is home to numerous bird species and is famous for its huge number of windmills. It is thereby completely different from the mainland of Sweden. You can visit the Solliden Castle, the summer paradise of the Swedish royal family. The Långe Erik lighthouse is also a great place to visit. It is located on the northernmost cape of the island and offers an outstanding view over the sea.

At Pippi Longstockings home

On your way through Småland to Jönköping you can make children’s eyes glow. “Astrid Lindgrens Värld” is a large leisure and adventure park on the outskirts of Vimmerby. Whether Pippi Longstocking’s Villa Kunterbunt, Michels Katthulthof or Ronjas Räuberburg – Astrid Lindgren’s heroes were brought to life here with great attention to detail.

In general, it is worth keeping your eyes open in the province of Småland. With over 5,000 lakes, numerous national parks and many great outdoor activities, the area offers a lot for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers at every turn.

Near Stockholm the Viking town Birka on the small island Björkö is recommended as an excursion destination. Here you can take a guided tour and admire a faithful 8th century city.

The Venice of the North: Capital Feeling in Stockholm

Gamla stan is the name of the old town on the island of Stadsholmen in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. In addition to the numerous historical buildings, you should also visit the castle built by the younger Nicodemus Tessin and the two churches Storkyrkan (Nikolaikirche) and Tyska kyrkan (Deutsche Kirche). In the Venice of the North, as Stockholm is also called, the small café inside a greenhouse on the grounds of Rosendals Trädgård invites you for a delicious snack. Also interesting is the Vasa Museum on the island of Djurgården. It shows the world’s only remaining ship from the 17th century.

North of Stockholm lies the town of Gävle where the world-famous coffee brand Gevalia, which means coffee roaster, originates. It can still be visited and maybe you’ll take a pack of the delicious beans with you for your long journey to the north.

The Arctic Circle: Sensational natural spectacle

The long trip to Norrland is worthwhile for those who are especially brave and those who are not afraid of a cold night in the camping bus. Here you can hike in the mountains of the Arctic Circle when the midnight sun illuminates the summer night. At the Torne River, salmons jump in a wild game and nothing stands in the way of a fishing day.

Treriksröset is the point, where Finland, Sweden and Norway meet. If you have ever made the long journey, you should definitely stop by. You will be rewarded with a view of the northern lights.

Further south but still in the depths of northern Europe are the cities of Östersund and Åre which are the next stop on your roadtrip with a VW camper. Here is the large alpine center of the country. So if you are a ski slope fan: This is the right place for it. It’s a good thing that all road surfers have a parking heater! The landscape Höga Kusten in the district Västernorrland is part of the UNESCO world heritage list and offers a nature experience for strong nerves. 

Midsummer – The summer solstice in Dalarna

A great tip for all nature lovers and survivalists is the Silverhill Stable near the town of Mora. For a few hours or even several days you can explore the forests of the Dalarna region on the back of a northern Swedish horse. On the tracks of moose and other wild animals you will get closer to nature than ever before.

The Dalarna region also celebrates the summer solstice in a very traditional way. It is therefore worth staying in this area in June and visiting the small villages and towns at their festivities.

Then your journey continues to Karlstad, where you will make a stop to one of Sweden’s six major opera houses, the Värmland Opera, and end the day with some culture. It is located in an old spinning mill and therefore worth a visit.

The Stora Torget (the big square) is located right in the center of the town and was built after the destructive fire of 1865. Its purpose is to prevent future fires. The restaurant Freden (Frieden) is historically relevant as it is located in the house where the union between Norway and Sweden was peacefully dissolved in 1905.

Almost home again: Experience Gothenburg

Gothenburg is one of the last destinations on your route through Sweden. The city consists of numerous islands, which are connected by small ferries or bridges. In the Universum Adventure Museum, you can also see funny animals such as sloths, tricky experiments and the space from a whole new perspective – a great experience, especially for children.

Another attraction for kids is the Liseberg amusement park. It is the largest amusement park in Northern Europe with numerous rides for the extra adrenaline rush and hundreds of thousands of flowers for the soul. Before you leave Gothenburg for Helsingborg from where the ferry will take you back to Denmark, you’ll be sure to strengthen yourself with a classic shrimp sandwich in an open-air Gothenburg restaurant. They are the best here!

Top 10 campsites in Sweden and Denmark

You will face long distances on your journey from Germany via Denmark to Sweden why you have to be rested well. Therefore, we have put together our top 10 campsites in Denmark and Sweden. They are all easy to reach on your route.

Top 1: Bøsøre Strand Feriepark – Denmark

Before you go into the beautiful natural areas of Scandinavia, you have to enjoy pure luxury once again. So your first stop on your Denmark-Sweden route could be this 5-star campsite. Enjoy bathing fun with a slide paradise and a waterfall or a quiet excursion on the sandy stone beach by the sea. When you’re really hungry, go to the suckling pig party which takes place every Monday. It’s also a great place for water sports, anglers and boat lovers.

The park is located directly on your route, south of Nyborg on the island of Fyn in Denmark, more precisely in the town of Hesselager between the Baltic Sea and a shady, cool forest. Website:

Top 2: Tykarpsgrottans Camping – Sweden

At this beautiful campsite in Sweden, you can live in harmony with nature and dare a spectacular visit to the caves where bats of various species live. The surroundings themselves are also pure recreation: You can cycle or walk across meadows and pastures and discover cute little farms typical of the area.

The campsite is located in Hässleholm, northwest of Kristianstad and is an independent site with plenty of space for tents and mobile homes. Freedom is a top priority here. Website:

Top 3: Ödevata FiskeCamp – Sweden

At Ödevata FiskeCamp you are closer to nature than ever! You can also leave your camper for the night and exchange it for a floating barrel sauna. The sauna is located on a natural lake with a cozy wood-fired stove right in front of the door. Sauna, fishing, swimming, hiking, paddling and a barbecue hut make your stay a real nature experience.

Ödevata FiskeCamp is located in eastern Småland, not far from the Baltic Sea coast, Öland and Kalmar. Website:

Top 4: Målsånna Farm Resort – Sweden

The campsite is an oasis of well-being but also something for nature and sports lovers. There are spa treatments as well as lots of outdoor activities. Målsånna is a lovely, family-owned farm. In addition to the guests in holiday houses, campers are also welcome.

Målsånna Farm Resort is located near Jönköping. From your camper you have a wonderful view of Lake Anebysee. Website:

Top 5: Ånnaboda Camping – Sweden

Pure action in Garphyttan near Örebro. At this campsite, you can explore the woods by mountain bike, get your bearings in the wilderness with a GPS device or prove yourself by building bridges. This campsite is not only for families, but also for large groups or companies because with its numerous team-building offers it provides fun and a special way to get to know each other. You can even rent an entire ski slope here.

The site is located near Örebro in Garphyttan. Website:

Top 6: Eriksö Camping – Sweden

Green meadows, small hiking trails and in close distance the sea with a huge sandy beach. Mini golf and a playground invite the little ones to romp around. For the grown-ups, water sports, swimming and fishing are good activities.

The campsite is located in Vaxholm near the capital Stockholm. Website:

Top 7: Camp Adventure – Sweden

For this overnight stay it is best to leave your camper and move into one of the sweet cabins of Camp Adventure. You are in Kiruna in the far north of Sweden close to the Arctic Circle. It wouldn’t be too cold for a night in a camper, but the cabins are a great experience.

This stay really becomes an absolute adventure because with husky and snowmobile tours, ice fishing, moose safari and of course the northern light hike you can experience a lot in such a small place like this. Website:

Top 8: Ristafallet Camping & Restaurant – Sweden

This campsite is situated directly on one of Sweden’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls east of Östersund. The Rista in western Jämtland is 50 meters wide and falls 14 meters down from huge boulders.

The campsite is run by a small family and the feeling on the site is the same: Loving and with a certain sense of detail. In summer you can hike, spot moose, fish and paddle across the water. In winter you can climb in the frozen waterfall or do a ski tour. Website:

Top 9: Åmåsängsgårdens Camping – Sweden

The village of Åmåsängsgården is near Mora. It is a picturesque and very quiet area on Siljan beach. The beach is only 150 meters long but a real family beach – Great for relaxing and unwinding. The place is very close to the sights of the surroundings and is therefore a great place to put your legs up after a sightseeing tour.

In winter, you can personally say hello to Santa Claus in Tomteland and celebrate with elves, fairies and trolls. At Gammelgården you can see how Swedish farmers lived before industrialization and at the Björnenpark, Northern Europe’s largest bear park, you can see tigers, leopards, wolves, lynxes, eagle owls, red foxes and of course bears in the wild. Website:

Top 10: Björsbo Forest & Lake Hideaway Camping – Sweden

Back in Småland. A little southwest of Gothenburg you will get to know the wild side of this campsite. The campsite is surrounded by nature and also respects it. The wood-fired sauna invites you to relax, the lake for swimming is right in front of the camper door and you can make new contacts at the campfire.

There is also a courtyard near the campsite with an old mill whose old stone foundations are still preserved today. It is worth visiting them and discover the history of the farmers and the tragic end of the farmer Sven von Sonakull.

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