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About us

Our Founders

Roadsurfer Team

We are campers, we are fans of the “Bulli”, we are friends, combined we have six children, we like to go on vacation, we are reliable, we work hard, we are highly motivated, we love fun, we are creative, we love different countries, we love harmony, we are somehow casual, we are mainly young and still pretty. We are five. We are roadsurfer.


Our Team

roadsurfer Team Mitarbeiter

This is our team! In addition to our booking and fleet management, we offer a location manager at each rental station as your contact person, who is mainly responsible for the smooth running process as well as pick-ups and drop-offs. These managers are your contact person while on the road and there whenever any problem occurs. We are supported by many numerous helpful, friendly and committed young people who are willing to help you and explain the detail out of every model we offer.

Lust for life

The roadsurfer philosophy is simple: rent a camper van, enjoy the sun, be happy! With unlimited miles included in every booking the camper van will take you as far as your heart will carry you. Additionally, it will carry you in the most comfortable camper vans.

The excitement will start once you have finalized your booking. Our online booking system is safe and convenient. If you still have any further questions, call our hotline, because we like to convince you personally and no question is unwelcome. Happy renters are our ultimate goal so do not hesitate.

We also take climate protection and sustainability as central aspects of our work: we pay a CO2 compensation for every kilometer that you are driving for each of the camper vans. We take responsibility, so you just enjoy the ride.

On our personal roadsurfer blog you will find many FAQs, reports and information about camping with the “Bulli” and interesting recommendations, camping tricks and suggestions for spectacular destinations.

Free equipment is included within any booking such as our hand picked kitchen sets as well as camping tables and chairs, power cables, water tanks, sinks and much more. Furthermore, we provide you with a detailed instruction for every vehicle and personal assistance in any case especially regarding the pick-up and drop-off.

roadsurfer – your knowledgeable and stylish camper rental!

Our mission is your freedom

  • Feel excitement once you have booked your camper van
  • Carry your zest for life within your luggage
  • Enjoy a sunrise in the morning and wild camping at night
  • Look forward to many exciting destination and every morning you wake up in your camper van
  • Let your van carry you as far as possible

roadsurfer Mitarbeiter Team

You want to become part of our team?

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