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Dreaming of your own campervan? – Coming soon to your country!


Did you fall in love with your van? You can also buy it ! roadsurfer offers you a wide variety of young campervans at top condition. As campervan experts, we will provide advice and support thanks to our knowledge and personal experience in the field. We will help you select the right campervan and discuss with you from the financing to the registration of your dream campervan.

Tired of waiting? In Germany, you can already buy your camper:

myroadsurfer Germany

Your perks with myroadsufer:

Europe´s biggest selection on young and used campervans

Exclusive purchase advice from experts

TÜV & Service new

Mobility warranty

No EU-imports

The best financing options

A wide variety of colors and foils

Do you want to fulfill your dream?

Then, contact us here and we will be in touch with you shortly: