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To the Bulli Festival with the roadsurfer

What a fun!

Authors: Martina & Sascha

It was Martina and Saschas first time on the road with a Bulli. And this trip got the lot – They went even twice to a VW Bulli festival with a roadsurfer camper. Imitation is strongly recommended.

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bulli festival old new

Bulli Festival

Off to the north: Fehmarn at the Midsummer Bulli Festival is lovely

We drove directly to a Bulli Festival on the Baltic Sea island Fehmarn on our first trip with a VW bus. We were very curious to see what comfort would await us in our hotel room on wheels, but as a precaution, we had kept our expectations to a minimum. But it quickly turned out that these concerns were completely unfounded. We booked the roadsurfer beginner and had everything on board which should make our festival stay more than comfortable. We started after a short briefing from the friendly roadsurfer team.

Hurray for the unlimited kilometers!

Bulli Festival parade

Thanks to the packing list which we already received in advance and another list of the equipment in the kitchen box, we were well prepared for our trip. We quickly stowed our stuff in the T6 camper and set off on our journey across Germany. Thanks to the unlimited kilometers at roadsurfer.

Of course our roadsurfer had a name: Franzi’s free time. Arrived at the Midsummer Bulli Festival, we looked for a shady place with a view of the marina. By the way, our camper was a very popular photo motive with the other Bulli drivers and festival visitors. Not least because of our friendly neighbor, who had almost the same paintwork as our “Franzi” – Only as T1. Old and new fraternally united!

Of course we also visited the roadsurfer booth

It was a matter of absolute honor for us to visit the festival booth of roadsurfer. We took a close look at the person who dropped out and let us explain the equipment. Many thanks for the nice advice at this point. By now at the latest, we were in Bulli fever.

Right again: Renting a roadsurfer camper and go to the Bulli Festival

bulli festival Bulli Parade

On the way back to Munich we spontaneously decided to visit another festival. So we returned one of the busses (Which was totally uncomplicated, by the way) and booked the next Bulli weekend on the same day, this time at roadsurfer’s drop-out. The anticipation was huge since we knew that an extremely comfortable T6 Ocean was waiting for us. Besides, we drove to the home of the Bullis: The Bulli Summer Festival in Wolfsburg.

Of course we also got a briefing from the roadsurfer team this time. Quite practical: Many functions are explained in videos on the roadsurfer homepage and so we were able to familiarize ourselves with a lot of manual operations in advance. A great idea for inexperienced campers. By the way, it also increases the anticipation…

The drink holders from roadsurfer were the best

In Wolfsburg we met again innumerable Bulli drivers with their treasures that were near the end of their service lives. Again, we met the roadsurfers at their booth. Besides the exhibited drop-out, this time the original roadsurfer drink coolers were the big hit. With more than 35 degrees, they kept many beers cool. At the end of the festival, we showed Bulli his “hometown”. We could get a starting place for the big Bulli convoy and took part with 100 other Bullis in a round trip. We drove across the festival area, past the VW-Arena, the “Autostadt” and the impressive VW factory and through VW city, always passing cheerfully waving people at the roadside. A perfect finish before we drove back to Munich.

Our tip: If you are ever on the road in Wolfsburg, make sure you check out the Autostadt. Here you can spend a whole day under the sign of the VW family, it offers a large off-road course and on weekdays you can even make a work tour through the holy halls at Volkswagen. A visit to the Volkswagen AutoMuseum is also worthwhile.

Roadtrip Portugal alte Bullis

Alte Bullis unterwegs

And now a few very personal words to the roadsurfer team

Dear road surfers, thanks for the great weekends in your campers. They are in perfect condition and offer a super functional equipment that makes every camper’s heart beat faster. You haven’t just thought about such important things as power cables with adapters, gas and fly screens, but also about useful extras like hand brushes, tea towels and drink coolers. Awesome! If we don’t book with you again in the future, it’s probably simply because we bought our own Bulli…

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