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Roadsurfer makes your roadtrip a hit!


Camping is hip – more and more people don’t feel after all-inclusive holidays or boring hang outs at the hotel pool. Renting a camping bus and getting off on the road – That’s what more and more people do every year. If you dream of it too, we have a pretty good idea: Rent a VW T6 California and start your roadtrip. There are plenty of good reasons to do it.

Rent a VW Camper and always have your holiday home with you

Once you’re sitting in your camper, you’re the lord of the road. No one can tell you where to go next. And the best of all is you always have your mobile holiday home with you. Furthermore, you will quickly experience that nothing can go wrong. Whenever you think your trip is not going according to plan, you will often have the best experiences.

The ride is part of your camping holiday

roadtrip portugal sea pitch

Your campsite is overcrowded and on a busy road? Don’t worry, the perfect match is just 5 kilometers away. When your children ask “When do we finally arrive?” – you simply drive to the next parking lot, make coffee, cocoa for the children and sit in the sun on your camping chairs.

Rent a VW T6 California and experience unforgettable moments

You want to leave everyday life behind right from the start of your holiday? Don’t mess with the same old people at the hotel buffet! Your time out begins directly at the wheel of your camper van as soon as you leave – because you know: The way is the goal and that’s a good thing! Wherever you stop in between is your decision – this can be directly on a lake shore or a beach. And when you open the sliding door of your VW T6 in the morning, you will know why you rented a camper. In the end, you will experience unforgettable moments only campers will have! Do you still wonder why camping is THE holiday trend?

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