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You want to rent a motor home? Start your dream holiday!

Traveling with a motor home is back again on top of trendy things

Renting a motor home or a caravan gives you freedom. You and your loved ones will enjoy this perfect holiday with a perfect ride. There is a reason, that the number of motor home owners and campers increases each year. Unfortunately, most are quite expensive and many prefer to rent rather than buy. Our Roadsurfer tip: rent a motor home, whether big or small, and reap the benefits of a vacation in a mobile home.

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The VW BUS – the most iconic motor home in forever!

Small but nice! That is the philosophy of this model. This is what describes our VW T6 California model at Roadsurfer with its four beds, indoor kitchen with a lot of space, outdoor shower, camping toilet and all the amenities that a VW motor home can offer. Additionally, it is small and to be driven like a usual car for the less experienced campers.

VW California mieten

Which RV is the right one for you?

After all, it is a matter of taste. Nevertheless, there are some important things to think about when you consider renting an RV. Here you will find a complete overview on the models including its equipment and everything on offer. After reading through the page, you will be sure which is the right model for you. Finding the right rental for your RV is the next step, which you will not worry about for now.

Whether you prefer large, spacious, luxurious or small, compact and practical, there are models of RVs for everyone for your European road trip. Any motor home can become your hotel suite for a few days or weeks. They promise independence and freedom. It does not matter if you are planning to travel Germany, whether you prefer to visit Scandinavia by hopping on the next ferry with your maneuverable VW camper van or take a break in the narrow roads of Tuscany, Italy. You are the boss! You decide!

What is a motor home anyway? It is really easy to explain. It is basically a vehicle with an interior that is also suitable for a living. Anyone who has ever stopped at a camp site or a camper van rental knows that there is an endless number of different types of RVs. We bring light into the darkness and clarify personally, what kinds of models there are and the advantages. We make it clear whether you should rent a small, sleek, maneuverable, or space-saving camper like one of our Roadsurfer camper vans or a classic motor home.

The world of motor homes – the main types and models

You want to rent a motor home? You did your research? You are completely overwhelmed by the choices? We are summarizing the most important information for you and will introduce the five most common models there are.

RV Type One – The Alcove

Whoever has visited the Netherlands has most certainly seen this type of camper van already. The alcove is the model that has a small compartment above the driver’s cab. Whether you need this extra space is up to you. See for yourself and decide whether you are the type that wants to rent an alcove camper.

The advantages of this mobile home become obvious. The space above the cab creates more space, which makes the model particularly suitable for groups of up to six people. Above the driver’s cabin, two to three people have space for a good night’s sleep on the folded seats. If you travel in pairs, the alcove is especially practical, because you do not have to fold the seats to sleep comfortably.

With everything, this model has a down side as well. Although the compartment provides additional protection from the sun while driving and more space, it results in the particular height of this motor home. Therefore, special care is required and you might not be able to enter any parking space, ferry etc. Often you have to pay higher fees to enter any highway or vehicles for transport because of its height. Parking in a car park is not possible and you might get into some trouble trying to navigate through the small streets in the southern European regions.

Also, its architecture demands more fuel because of its height. This will drive up your bill and slows you down on your journey.

If you are planning on renting an alcove and visit foreign countries and areas where you are uncertain about the surroundings keep in mind the superstructure of the camper. The compartment above the cab can reduce the reception of any digital system like the navigational devices.

The advantages in summary:

  • Four to six beds available
  • No conversion necessary if two people travel
  • Elevated sun screen inside the cab

The disadvantages in summary:

  • Height of the motor home
  • Increased resistance from wind while driving
  • Reduced reception of digital tools such as navigational systems

RV Type Two – The Semi-Integrated Model

If you are planning to rent a semi-integrated motor home, you get the similar equipment that an alcove offers as well. The only difference is that the upper compartment is missing. The cab is kept in its original architecture and the sleeping area remains behind the cab. Thus, there is space for fewer people and the protection from the sun is eliminated.

This model can be compared to a caravan. The only advantage of this type is that it is not attached to a car, but represents a coherent construct. The roof is still relatively high, which can limit the experience of smooth driving and be expensive if you enter the ferry.

The advantages in summary:

  • Lower resistance to wind
  • Lower height, still bigger than a usual car

The disadvantages in summary:

  • Less space in the living area
  • Sun protection is almost zero

RV Type Three – The Fully Integrated Model

You like comfort? Then you might want to rent a fully integrated motor home. This model has the cab connected to the living and sleeping area, creating a nice space. The extra large windscreen also contributes to a wider seeming area.

This type is more luxurious than others, which is also reflected in the price. Apart from the high prices, this vehicle is also great in height in order to give you this much space. Although this model is smaller than the alcove, it is still 1.99 meters in height and therefore bigger than a van. This might be more difficult to drive and confusing at times. You must decide whether you are willing to lower the joy of driving.

The advantages in summary:

  • More space in the vehicle
  • Slightly lower height
  • Nice sense of space

The disadvantages in summary:

  • High prices
  • Confusion while driving at certain moments
  • More work to keep noise and cold temperatures outside, due to the combined cab and living space

If you feel up to the challenge of driving this vehicle, if you value space and spaciousness and if you want to enjoy the panoramic view through the large windscreen, go for it and get this model.

RV Type Four – The Residential Camper

This model is often referred to as a coach, because it is very popular with artists, musicians and athletes and often is used as a kind of “Tourbus”. As its name “Bus” suggests, this motor home has a huge projectile that is difficult to handle and requires a well experienced driver. On the other hand, these vehicles are really comfortable and the size is suddenly a minor factor.

Most often its energy supply is regulated by a solar system on the roof. Plenty of space ensures a pleasant journey with this bus. The cost of such a vehicle are enormous compared to smaller vehicles. Not only purchasing this car needs loads of income, also the rental price is quite high. Maintaining this model contributes to the high bill as well.

The advantages in summary:

  • Loads of space for you and your luggage
  • Luxurious quality standard

The disadvantages in summary:

  • Extremely high costs
  • Complicated in driving especially without experience
  • High costs of maintenance

Well, if you are part of a band and you are touring for a few week, this is the perfect model for you. If not, you might want to think of something smaller. Roadsurfer has many perfect examples available for you.

RV Type Five – The Panel Van

How about renting a small motor home and confine something regarding the space? Get yourself a van as an example. This is build after transporters. Only difference, this model is upgraded into a perfectly fine motor home. In contrast to other RV models, vans proof to be less of a challenge to drive and even during bad weather conditions it is still not difficult such as other types of vehicles. Narrow lanes and small cities become less of a problem. Maintenance costs are lower, and costs for fuel are quite low compared to other vans as well.

Unfortunately, a smaller vehicle offers less space. Some models offer an additional pitch-top roof which increases the space but provides additional sleeping space. The equipment usually competes well with larger motor homes, the only difference is that it is packed into a smaller space. Interior like a kitchen, a refrigerator, sink, gas stove, storage space, beds, table and chairs are standard equipment you will find. Many rentals offer an outdoor shower and a camping toilet. If you want to rent this model, you will get away cheaper as well and can spend that money on different things on your road trip.

The disadvantages in summary:

  • Small interior
  • Lower capacity for storage and water tanks

Now, what do you think? Which one would you choose? Should it be a large motor home with plenty of space, where you might experience some difficulties while driving? Do you prefer a small, compact and handy one?

Well. We have some other idea. You want to travel in style? With space? Easy driving experience? Choose something good and special for the best holiday. How long have you already been thinking about renting the iconic VW camper van? Then, do it now. Come and be one of Roadsurfer and rent your VW now.

VW California or VW Camper van – Our VW bus camper van

Basically, the iconic motor home brings everything with it that you are going to need: toilet, shower, dining table, kitchen, beds. And the best part is that everything is included. Driving with it though is more difficult than handling a usual car. The fuel might add to your bill because you need a bigger amount and driving through narrow roads might make your eyes water because you will not be able to fit through.

All the advantages and the equipment of a regular motor home are included in a van like the iconic VW camper van. The VW Camper Bus ranks among the motor home types of the panel van. The VW T6 California Ocean is a small vehicle. Especially great for couples and for families with young children. This is the best way to travel and we can only recommend it.

The VW T6 California Ocean holds four sleeping spaces and the VW T6 campers each hold two and you can keep them both as fully fledged camper vans. These are also easy to drive. Inside you will find sleeping spaces for up to four people including slatted frames. Also there is a kitchen and an outdoor shower to keep yourself fresh. This shower is even offering warm water from its portable can. Do you need a camping toilet? No issue with us. You can additionally book any equipment with us. You do not want to sit the whole time you are traveling? The headroom of 1.99 meters guarantees a lot of space to move around which is also thanks to the electronically hydraulic roof-top of the VW T6 California. With this camper model by roadsurfer you will always have a great holiday. Rent this camper van and enjoy many tasty meals in or out of the van.

What is it then, that makes this VW camper van from roadsurfer special? The iconic status the “Bulli” has is unique. No other car offers something like that. With a lot of attention to its details, your holiday home is equipped quite well and very pretty at the same time. Renting this VW bus classic means deciding for a particular lifestyle.

Now it is your turn! We wish you a camptastic holiday in any case and hope you will find the perfect motor home for your vacation.

And now it’s your turn! We wish you in any case a campastic holiday and have fun renting a motor home!

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