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Our first trip with a campervan

A weekend with roadsurfers at Lake Garda

4 inexperienced campers venture a long weekend with a roadsurfer to Lake Garda. We are two young parents (Well, 33 years old) and two boys (1 and 4 years old) with the mission: 4 days Lake Garda, 4 persons, 1 beautiful and well equipped VW camper, 1 mini adventure…

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Camping trip


After a quite stressful working day, I pick up the bus at the roadsurfer office. That works out well: We have a smooth, fast and uncomplicated handover with a short introduction to the roof-open and roof-close functions and much more. Afterwards, quickly back home. We pack everything into the bus within an hour, which is faster than expected. We immediately notice that the fridge is really practical for the journey. So, the milk for the morning coffee and the bottle for the little one can be taken along. Since we are the first tenants to be allowed to drive the bus, it is clear that we will be the godfather! Since we were not creative, the owners decided that our orange VW camper is called Chris Cool. Hopefully Chris Cool is looking forward to an exciting short trip – just like us.

ARRIVED. The first night.

Arrival shortly after midnight. The campsite between Bardolino and Lazise is already closed, so that nobody can enter anymore… Well, no comment on the friendliness of the campsite staff. VW-Bus-Camping also means: You can (almost) everywhere stay overnight. In any case, however, on the parking lot of a campsite. The bus is ready within a few minutes. Roof up, child 1 is put up, daddy lies down. Child 2 and mummy are downstairs. It is a short but quite restful night. We should only have considered that it is more pleasant if the bus is really straight ;-). With the head down it’s not so much fun, but we know now for the next night!

WAKING UP. The first day.

The early bird… is especially out at camping. We wake up at 7:00 a.m. when the campsite is already open and get a wonderful pitch directly at the lake, including a children’s playground and a restaurant in sight. Can it get any better? No, because the coolest thing is: There are no motorhomes next door on our pitch, so we are all alone under the trees. And again, the T6-Camper is a good companion as it is not too big but has absolutely enough storage space. It actually drives like a car. Our tip: Strap the children’s bicycles and prams onto the bike rack and pack your clothes in boxes to get there easily. And: Take as little as possible with you so you don’t always have to move back and forth!

SETTING UP. We groove in.

We park Chris Cool directly at the lake, set up our throw tent (very practical for stowing) and throw in the car seats. We don’t need them anymore. The awning is extended (If you once know how to do it its very simple!), the built-in table (in the door of the VW T6 – perfectly solved) and the two chairs in the tailgate are wonderful and immediately assembled for breakfast. (Tip: It’s best to bring small folding chairs for the children as they’re not included in the camping bus). Those with animal motifs were very popular with all children on our holiday! Then we first make scrambled eggs and a fresh coffee with the espresso maker. The bus has an espresso pot but we brought the coffee. The gas stove is very fast which makes it a good start! We have yoghurt and fresh rolls for the boys. What more could you ask for? The view is unique, the bus is wonderful and we are proud to have managed the first night so well.

HANGING OUT. The holiday starts.

After a great day at the lake with a walk to Lazise, felt 10 hours on the lake playground and tasty food, we prepare ourselves for the second night. We are a little surprised how fast and well the two boys have already adapted. The big one climbs up by himself and sets up his sleeping cave and the little one waits until we change his bed again. The second night is again well and luckily a bit longer… The fresh air made us tired. The fact that the VW camper can be completely darkened also contributes that we sleep through the sunrise. Nevertheless, there’s no real sleeping late, but we make a nap at noon!

The next day we rent bicycles, ride around the lake, eat pizza and ice cream, go for a stroll and even visit the safari park with Chris Cool. It’s great that we can take the bus with us at any time. Roof in, awning in and off we go! Chris-Cool is ready to go in no time at all and accompanies us faithfully around Lake Garda (only the power cable should not be forgotten). The time in the bus is an intensive family time. No hotel can keep up with that.

The initial worries, whether we like the camper holiday are quickly gone and we have to say: With a super equipped bus, a lot of comfort, some luck with the weather and the willingness to dare something new, you quickly become a camping fan. We will definitely repeat the adventure. Our 4 days were the ideal test phase.

It was great, many thanks to Chris-Cool! And by the way: The bus really stands out, we always were an attraction. It’s worth trying!

Your Chris with I., M. and B.

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